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Anthony D White III on a Full Ride to Taking the Music World by Storm

Many musicians have drawn inspiration from other legendary musicians and have gone on to be greats in their own rights. Anthony D White III is no different as he has taken so much from the pop icon Michael Jackson and was even inspired to the point of putting on a show for his family members as a child. 

Music interested Anthony D White III naturally, and the Indianapolis, Indiana-born artist has staked a claim in the industry as a talented independent artist worth watching. As someone who has never limited himself in anything he did, Anthony hopes to connect with as many people as possible and get them to believe enough in themselves to pursue success relentlessly. “I believe strongly in my music traveling far and wide, and at the same time hope people connect with my person. I want my audience to know the real me and draw inspiration from that.

He released his first EP recently titled I’m Over You on all major streaming platforms. He’s also projecting himself to different labels and stakeholders in the music industry and hopes to land a record deal by the spring of 2022. As part of showing his authentic self to his audience and fans, Anthony D White III has a reality TV show on YouTube titled “For The Life of Anthony,” which he just wrapped up filming for its second season.

Anthony D White III is laser-focused on his music goals and the things he wants to achieve in his career. Competition-wise, he sees no one as a competition as he believes his journey is unique to him and for him alone. “I’m my only competition, and when I see there are other greats in the room, I accord everyone the respect they deserve without diminishing myself. I keep my composure and my eyes on the prize,” he said.

He has enjoyed immense support from his family since he started making music. He has credited a great deal of support to his mother, Bridget Rowser, who has motivated him from the start to focus on his music career no matter the opinions of people around him. “She has been my biggest cheerleader who encourages me to fight for what I believe and never let anyone tear me down,” Anthony revealed.

As his career trajectory continues on its current path, Anthony D White III sees himself becoming more prominent and more grown as an artist in the next five years. Anthony hopes to leave a big mark on the world, showcase his talent, and prove to the music industry that he is here to stay. As an artist, Anthony D White has quite an interesting journey worth watching, and he wants everyone to understand his story, dreams, and who he is as an artist. With an album released less than two months and gaining traction on streaming platforms, Anthony D White III is optimistic about what the future holds for him in music.

Learn more about Anthony D White III on his official Instagram page.

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