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Ana Skoumal on Utilizing Social Media to Create Ana Law LLC

While social media initially started to connect people, certain individuals realized that it had the potential to be something more. They took to social to monetize their talents and interests, paving the way for influencers today. In comes Ana Skoumal, who has started a career as an attorney to help online entrepreneurs and digital creators protect their brands.

Long before the influencers of 2021, Ana Skoumal started sharing lifestyle content on her social media profiles. When she saw the potential of making connections on social media, Ana decided to maximize its power by monetizing it. “I was a very early adapter,” she shared, “I always had a knack for creating engaging and relatable content.” Since then, Ana has built a following for over a decade as a social media influencer. She would later shift into using social media to educate entrepreneurs and creators on the law, establishing herself as an award-winning business and trademark lawyer.

With more than ten years of expertise in social media, Ana became one of the only intellectual property attorneys in the world who could help creators and online business owners with both trademarks and social media branding. Her unique experience in the online space gives her an in-depth understanding of intellectual property issues that many online entrepreneurs and digital creators face today. She has managed trademark portfolios globally for the world’s biggest brands, protecting and developing top-level brand strategy through trademark filings, prosecution, and enforcement. Ana has been sought after by the top influencers, YouTubers, and TikTok stars, along with e-commerce business owners and businesses that utilize social media to build their brand. 

After speaking with several influencers while working at her old law firm, the award-winning attorney realized an overwhelming demand for legal services that catered to e-commerce and social media. Many of her influencer friends vented their frustrations about finding an attorney who understood the digital creator and e-commerce business models. Answering their calls, Ana Skoumal recently created her own law firm called ANA LAW LLC. 

With the world shifting towards a digital era, online content creators have become a prominent staple in the economy. However, many, if not most of the legal professionals hired have very limited knowledge of the online business models. ANA LAW offers trademark strategy and many other trademarks, intellectual property, and business services. “My expertise in social media, branding, trademarks, and copyrights allows me to develop the best possible brand protection strategy,” Ana elaborated. “My strategy empowers online entrepreneurs and creators to leverage their brand to protect against infringement and to aid in all negotiations.”

Ana Skoumal offers multiple contact options, so her clients do not need to talk with her over the phone or make unnecessary appointments to come in and see her. “I serve clients nationwide,” she said. Ana strongly believes that all creators and businesses deserve access to an attorney who understands their business on a deeper level and helps them strategically protect their brand. “They should empower themselves to protect their brand and secure their intellectual property rights.” 

In this digital era, Ana foresees ANA LAW becoming the premier law firm serving top talent worldwide. “I hope to build a network of high caliber international attorneys that can help e-commerce business owners, online entrepreneurs, and digital creators build and protect their brands and intellectual property across the globe,” Ana shared.You can get more updates by following Ana Skoumal on Instagram and Twitter.

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