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Amanda Knutson: The Visionary Who Aspires to Go Beyond Borders and Attain the Unattainable

When we were young, we were often faced with questions about what we wanted to be in the future. Many of us would say the most far-reaching occupations, from becoming kings and queens of the world to being a well-loved superhero across the state. As promising as it sounds, countless young individuals go on to chase more realistic professions when they grow up, letting go of their childhood fantasies to set attainable expectations. However, there are exceptional people who transcend limitations, exceed boundaries, and break barriers in order to transform their childhood dreams into reality. It is admittedly a daunting task to fulfill, but people who are willing to go beyond and rise above eventually translate seemingly impossible visions into actions with grace and finesse. One such extraordinary person who has defied odds is Amanda Knutson, a passion-driven individual, and ambitious visionary.

Amanda Knutson is a Senior Airman in the United States Air Force who is looking to become the first of many visionaries who are determined to go to the moon and beyond. Unlike other ambitious go-getters, this power player transcends ordinary bounds by breathing life into her long-held dream of becoming an astronaut, inspiring aspirants to break away from the chains of their own self-limiting beliefs and debilitating doubts and embrace their dreams as they are. As a passion-driven individual, Amanda is bound to reach impressive heights and attain her goal.

Born and raised in the small village of Valders, Wisconsin, Amanda Knutson always dreamt of going beyond. Thus, this determined go-getter made it her mission to shape her abilities in order to fit into the molds of success. Her diligent efforts bred a number of opportunities that by the time she graduated in 2017, Amanda became a Weapons Armament Specialist for the F-35 in the United States Air Force. Today, she is working on completing her bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering to possess the unparalleled ability to finish her projects, such as the Hydroponics Deep-Space Capsule that is designed to support vegetation beyond earth, and the Space Depot – a gas station in space dedicated to helping sustain missions around the orbits of Jupiter and Saturn.

Aside from these revolutionary visions and groundbreaking milestones, this young go-getter was accepted to become part of the Sensoria Organization, which is a group of researchers and innovative individuals who currently perform exploratory missions on the active volcano of Mauna Loa on the island of Hawaii. In partnership with Hi-Seas Facility, she and her original all-female crew aim to transform the world through their scientific discoveries and outstanding breakthroughs about the earth’s most intriguing natural resources. This year, Amanda Knutson will serve on another mission in Poland in August.

With no intentions of slowing down any time soon, Amanda Knutson is set to take the industry by storm with her countless plans of creating a better world. By placing her eyes onto a wide array of opportunities and holding on to the tenacious spirit she has from the get-go, anything is possible for this power player. 

To know more about Amanda Knutson, you may visit her Instagram page.

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