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Aleksandra Baengueva, the Award-Winning UX/UI Designer Helping Small Businesses Thrive

Industries have and will never run out of talented individuals with so much to bring to the table. Armed with an impressive arsenal of skills and commitment to succeed, they will continue to drive sectors forward and be integral in meeting the needs of a demanding and diverse consumer base. In the face of the overwhelming number of visionaries and go-getters that occupy today’s spaces, it could prove challenging for anyone – new entrants and experienced alike – to stand out and rise through the ranks. Despite this daunting problem and amid the competition, Aleksandra Baengueva has managed to do just that, thanks to her undeniable eye for design and a deep-seated passion for helping ventures survive in the current digitized commercial landscape. 

With her unwavering drive,, Aleksandra has already snagged numerous recognitions under her belt and received nods from multiple award-giving bodies, with her work involving the non-profit project “Save Baikal” among her most recognized. She not only won gold from Indigo Awards in the Websites for Social Change 2022 category but also bagged a Platinum from the MUSE Awards. 

Considering the heights she’s reached so far, it could be easy to jump to the conclusion that she has always set her eyes on carving a path toward the summit of the design industry. However, the product designer and photographer initially chose to explore economics, studying the field back when she was an undergrad at the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics. Digital design and photography belonged to a list of hobbies that Aleksandra dabbled in from time to time. Eventually, her interest morphed into what would fuel her career switch to UX/UI designing. 

Soon afterward, Aleksandra enrolled in grad school in New York City, deepening her understanding of web and multimedia design. She then lent her expertise and talent to G/O Media, a publishing company where she would help multiple brands, including Gizmodo, The Onion, The Root, and Jalopnik, provide a premium user experience to their clients. It did not take long for the promising designer to capture the attention of industry peers and authorities. As a testament to her potential, she caught the eye of Webby awards, receiving a nomination for “Best Website and Mobile Site” for her stellar work with The Root magazine. 

Since then, Aleksandra has played a big role in the ability of different ventures to communicate effectively with their customers through aesthetically pleasing, interactive, and friendly interfaces. This year, she is set to continue helping small businesses ensure the functionality of their products and improve customers’ user experience.

Planning to cement her position in the industry even more solidly in the years to come, Aleksandra, who is currently part of the roster of professionals in the world’s largest publicly traded property and casualty insurance company, Chubb, has no intention of slowing down anytime soon or pivoting toward a new field. On top of many other goals, the multi-talented product and UX/UI designer is aiming to see her name in more highly decorated and awarded projects in the future.

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