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AeroFlexx: Giving Consumers What They Want in Packaging

AeroFlexx: Giving Consumers What They Want in Packaging
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When it comes to customer expectations, some things never change. Consumers are looking for something that will save them time and money while still delivering quality, meaning they want products that are easy to use, efficient, functional, and reliable.

Other things, however, do change. In recent years, for instance, consumers have made a significant shift toward sustainability in their purchasing patterns and now expect products to be designed and produced in a way that minimizes the impact on the environment. AeroFlexx, a global leader in sustainable liquid packaging, is meeting that expectation.

AeroFlexx CEO Andrew Meyer recently spoke with New York Weekly about the shift in consumer expectations and the need for brands to take note, saying, “With 43% of US consumers saying that the environmental impact affects their purchasing decisions, it is more important than ever that companies make environmentally sound decisions.”

AeroFlexx gives companies what they need to make those sound decisions and boost their commitment to sustainability. Its innovative AeroFlexx Pak is an entirely new form of liquid packaging that combines the positive attributes of rigid and flexible packaging while eliminating the negatives. Thanks to AeroFlexx, brands no longer need to choose between value, the consumer, or doing good for the environment.

Recently, Meyer spoke with The Los Angeles Tribune and stated, “By adopting the AeroFlexx Pak, companies can accelerate progress toward their environmental, social, and governance goals. For organizations that have fallen behind their targets, our packaging also offers a quick and easy way to get back on track.”

Boosting sustainability with the AeroFlexx Pak

The AeroFlexx Pak was designed to bring unprecedented sustainability benefits to liquid packaging, starting with the manufacturing process. It reduces upfront plastic use by utilizing 50% recycled content and requires 70% less plastic to produce than other liquid packaging. Combined, these design elements eliminate up to 85% of the virgin plastic needed to produce a traditional rigid bottle.

Once produced, the AeroFlexx Pak can also be shipped in a more sustainable way. Its flat design requires only 10% of the shipping space of traditional rigid bottles, and its ISTA 6-Amazon rating allows it to be packaged without additional cushioning. These innovations allow the Pak to be shipped with fewer trucks, which means fewer carbon emissions, empowering brands that adopt them to achieve new levels of sustainability as they scale.

Meyer recently spoke with The San Francisco Post about the shipping benefits the AeroFlexx Pak delivers, saying, “Unfilled, [the] AeroFlexx Pak can be shipped flat so fewer ships and trucks are needed along the supply chain. And, once filled, they don’t break or spill. They don’t even need additional packaging, which saves more space as well as cardboard and those annoying styrofoam peanuts.”

AeroFlexx also makes it easy for consumers to contribute to sustainability efforts by making Paks easy to recycle, as they can be curbside recycled anywhere plastic bottles are accepted. They have also earned Interseroh’s “Made for Recycling” seal, which designates that both the product’s materials and design are optimized for recycling.

As companies and consumers embrace AeroFlexx Paks, they will support a shift that promises to protect the environment by reducing waste and conserving resources. The 2.5 billion products AeroFlexx projects it will produce over the next five years would reduce waste by 980.8 million pounds and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 256.8 million pounds. In addition, the production and distribution of the Paks will save 599.4 million kilowatt-hours of energy and 65.3 million gallons of gas compared to what is needed for an equivalent amount of traditional packages.

Enhancing the consumer experience with the AeroFlexx Pak

When AeroFlexx set out to disrupt the liquids packaging industry, it committed to doing much more than just delivering sustainability — it also set its sights on developing a better overall product for users. The AeroFlexx Pak achieved that goal, providing consumers with a package they love to use.

The AeroFlexx Pak incorporates a one-step easy-tear opening that streamlines access while doing away with plastic waste. Its self-sealing valve allows liquids to be dispensed with precision and ease, requiring only the squeeze of one hand. Between uses, the Pak’s self-sealing valve ensures that liquids stay in the bottle, eliminating waste and the clean-up required after a spill.

​​Meyer recently shared with New York Weekly his thoughts on how convenient the award-winning Pak is for users, saying, “The design of AeroFlexx packaging eliminates consumer frustration. Once consumers tear open the Pak, they just need to grab and squeeze it to dispense, with the unique value design preventing any unwanted excess from escaping.”

The latest studies show that consumers are more committed than ever to supporting sustainability. A recent survey found that 72% of shoppers are actively buying more environmentally-friendly products than they were five years ago, while 81% say they plan to spend even more over the next five years on those products. As consumers look to companies to provide those products, they will find AeroFlexx leading the way.

“We have an unwavering obligation to society and future generations to do our part without compromise,” says Meyer. “Companies that are using AeroFlexx proprietary liquid packaging will achieve or perhaps accelerate their sustainability goals and like us, benefit the most as being the leaders in the industry.”

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