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ACL Injury Prevention: Strength N Honor Training Facility’s Tailored Approach for Female Athletes

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Strength N Honor Training Facility is best known for its customized programming for highly driven athletes. The team at Strength N Honor Training Facility understands the importance of individualized training, and is dedicated to providing each athlete with a tailored program that addresses their specific needs and goals.

The facility’s training philosophies have been built through trial and error on the playing fields, and the team is committed to paying attention to detail and getting the absolute best out of their athletes.  Strength N Honor Training’s ACL assessment and training program is making a huge impact with the female athletes they are working with. The program was developed to help identify risk factors and work to reduce the risk of ACL injuries among female athletes by targeting these risk factors through proper training and education.

The Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) is a critical ligament that supports and stabilizes the knee during physical activity. Keeping the ACL healthy is crucial for athletes, especially for female athletes, who are up to eight times more likely to suffer from an ACL injury compared to male athletes. Unfortunately, ACL injuries among female athletes have seen a dramatic increase over the past 20 years, with a 300% increase in the last two decades and an 800% increase since 1972.

The majority of people believe that ACL injuries only occur from contact involved in sports, but the majority of female ACL injuries happen from non-contact movements such as running, jumping, cutting, and landing. Up to 70% of female ACL injuries occur without any physical contact. This type of injury can be career-ending for female athletes, particularly if not rehabilitated correctly post-surgery.

At Strength n Honor Training Facility, we are developing protocols to eliminate as many risk factors as possible to reduce the chances of such a devastating injury. Some risk factors that can be greatly reduced with proper training include poor ankle mobility, muscle imbalances, dormant or weak glutes, hip to quad ratio, improper movement pattern development, lack of deceleration training, poor landing biomechanics, poor conditioning, inadequate nutrition, and overtraining/recovery.

While there is no such thing as “true injury prevention,” we can identify and attack individual athletes’ weaknesses or risk factors to greatly reduce the chances of an ACL injury. By being proactive and taking a special interest in proper strength training and movement development, we can help female athletes have a long and healthy athletic career.

“We believe that every athlete is unique, and our customized programming reflects that belief,” said Steve Konopka, Founder of Strength N Honor Training Facility. “Our team is dedicated to helping each athlete reach their full potential, and we are confident that our customized approach will do just that.”

In addition to working with highly driven athletes, Strength N Honor Training Facility is also committed to helping everyday citizens become healthier, happier, and more functional through the use of their training methods and philosophies.

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