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A sustainable choice: Goodordering is a premium brand for retro travel bags

Sometimes simple solutions to our day-to-day problems can give way to revolutionary business ideas. This is precisely how the story of Goodordering begins. It all started when Jacqui Ma was working at Puma and used to ride a bicycle to work. It not only saved her a lot of money but also increased her fitness and mental well-being too. She fell in love with cycling and also asked her flatmate to ride a bike to work. One day, she got home from shopping and informed her that she had spent the entire day finding a bag to attach to her cycle, but she was unable to find one. Out of frustration, she said, you should design one. That’s when the penny dropped for Jacqui Ma, and she started sketching without wasting any time. 

Hence in 2012, in a flat on top of a bike shop in Hackney, East London, Goodordering was born. “The inspiration for the business was to create fun, vibrant colored cycling bags with a distinctive look,” shares Jacqui Ma while talking about how it all began. “These bags would appeal to commuter cyclists who are looking for something less sporty and more fashionable as an accessory for people riding their bicycles. Back in 2012, people were only starting to ride bicycles in London. My aim was to improve visibility and hence safety for cyclists as well as providing a bag that is functional but also fashionable,” she adds. 

Founder and designer Jacqui Ma has designed bags for brands like Puma, Virgin Atlantic, Microsoft, and Debenhams. Originally from Australia, she has been residing in London since 2002. After working at the leading trend forecasting company WGSN for almost eight years, she now consults in trends independently and runs Goodordering.

An accessory that you can attach to your bicycle, Goodordering bags can also be used even if you don’t ride a bike. The concept is to encourage people to ride bikes more in order to reduce pollution, traffic, and most importantly, stay fit. However, the best part is that the bags are not overly sporty or serious. The bright, fun colors are all about making cycling more accessible to everyone, even people who would not normally ride a bicycle. 

The majority of people who ride bikes also go out after work for chores or other activities, so rather than having a separate bag for everything, Goodordering bags cater to all types of activities both on and off a bicycle. Rest assured that you will make a statement to people passing by as they are fun and trendy to carry around. Hence, it becomes more useful and convenient for everyone. 

This is not all! These bags have health benefits too. Carrying heavy backpacks can distort the natural curves in the middle and lower backs, causing muscle strain and irritation to the spine joints and the rib cage. This may lead to hunched or rounded shoulders, making a person lean forward and hamper balance. However, Goodordering bags encourage heavy loads to be carried on the bicycle’s pannier rack and takes the load off your back and onto the bicycle. 

Adding to the benefits, Jacqui Ma is also focusing on using recycled material for her products to reduce waste and encourage an eco-friendly environment. Her latest collection is made from upcycled festival tents and tarpaulins. “An estimated 250,000 tents are left at music festivals in the UK each year. The average tent weighs 3.5kgs and is mostly made of plastic, which can take up to 10,000 years to decompose,” informs Jacqui. “We started this range because we wanted to reduce waste created by products made in the UK that could be recycled for reusable purposes. This way, the products are even more sustainable because they are not shipped or transported from overseas,” she elaborates. 

These multi-functional bags were originally inspired by Japanese school bags and 80s retro travel bags, giving them a nostalgic touch. Even though they enjoy the nostalgia, they also understand the importance and love for the technology of today’s users. Hence, each bag is designed with high-tech gadgets and gizmos in mind, with padded compartments and pockets of varying shapes and sizes. At the same time, there is no compromise in quality, and the bags are water-resistant, hard-wearing, and versatile.

In these current times, when climate change and the environment are one of our major concerns, Goodordering bags comes as a fresh breath of air, providing comfort and style as well. The trendy designs, chic colors, sustainable and eco-friendly material and, above all, functionality, Goodordering bags are creating waves in the fashion industry today. What started off as a project for cycling enthusiasts has made its way to people who are environmentally conscious and require sustainable solutions to their commute or travel needs. 

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