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3 Next-Gen Eyewear Brands to Look Out For

The world has come a long way from classifying eyesight glasses as nerdy medical aid to creating them as fashion symbols. These days eyewear has become the trendiest fashion statement that is a must with every outfit. Whether you are trying to funk things up or searching for your signature look, eyewear can surely help you achieve it. 

While the demand for outstanding eyewear has undoubtedly increased, many new brands have come forward with unique and slick designs. Though some of the biggest names, like Ray-Ban, Tom Ford, etc., have helped the eyewear industry advance by producing trendy designs and remarkable quality, you can’t ignore new brands that are rewriting the rules of the game. To help you out, we have prepared a list of such inspiring eyewear brands that are revolutionizing the world of optics with their incredible design, quality, and price. Here are three next-gen eyewear brands that you need to look out for:


For our first pick, let us introduce you to the brand that has taken lens technology to the next level. They have successfully incorporated the ‘Science of Happy’ into their new eyewear collection. They have proven to elevate users’ moods towards happiness with their color and contrast lenses. Their team consists of athletes, eye experts, and artists committed to generating an incredible optical experience for everyone. Their wide range of eyewear includes sunglasses, goggles, and prescription frames. Their Happy Lens technology uses long-wave blue light to its advantage while shielding users from short-wave blue light, which is known to harm the eyes. Independent studies have shown that long-wave blue light rays positively impact a person’s mood and alertness.


Another Next-Gen brand that has taken the world of eyewear by storm is none other than KOEYEWEAR. The revolutionary eyewear brand originated from one of the most fashionable cities in the world, Dubai. They provide premium eyewear and exceptional customer service. Although many businesses state that the needs of their customers come first, KOEYEWEAR makes sure that this is actually the case. They are known for creating their frames from Acetate material. For those unfamiliar with Acetate, it is one of the most durable materials used to develop high-quality plastic frames.

KOEYEWEAR always chooses the number one quality for their clients. Apart from that, the brand offers its customers a wide variety of colors and pattern options. And if you want to feel more luxurious, remember that all their glasses are handcrafted in Italy with passion, skill, and love.

The unique feature of this brand is the names given to each design. Unlike other brands, they have named the frames after famous cities like Paris and Chicago. Their designer exceptionally captures the essence of these cities and portrays them through their lenses and frames. For kids, they have introduced cartoon-based eyewear, keeping them entertained while protecting their sensitive eyes.


The third brand that has made it to our list of Next-Gen eyewear brands is Zungle. It is the first-ever sunglasses brand that comes with built-in speakers. Equipped with bone conduction technology, their eyewear can be connected to your mobile device via Bluetooth. It allows the user to listen to music or make a phone call while being completely aware of their surroundings. Zungle aims to provide lightweight sunglasses with sound features, and its slick designs are a game changer for many of its clients. The brand claims that they have been well-received by its clients all over the US. And that their talented team consists of skateboarders, fixie riders, snowboarders, and sneaker heads. Coming from such a creative background has surely helped them improve and invest in such incredible products.

From traveling to exotic places to just simply going to a mall, eyewear can add that oomph to your overall look. With new and innovative brands like KOEYEWEAR, it is really easy to find the perfect eyewear look, all the while safeguarding them. According to eye experts, a good pair of eyeglasses or contact lenses radiate a sex appeal along with protecting your eyes.


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