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Business Owner, 21-Year-Old, and Entrepreneur — Aslan Rahman

Aslan Rahman is the owner of multiple businesses, including a property management business and multiple coaching businesses. His success at such a young age shows the rewards that hard work can bring.

Aslan grew up in the UK and lived a fairly average life. At 16, he took his first “run” at being an entrepreneur and would sell sandwiches and baguettes to fellow classmates.

Wanting a more stable career with a decent income, Aslan applied to medical school and was accepted. At the same time, however, he was attending multiple business and entrepreneurial events throughout the UK.

He explains: “Throughout 2019, I went to many business events across the UK, meeting countless self-made millionaires in different industries. I was honestly shocked and realized how much opportunity there was in earning an income without needing a degree.”

He was so shocked that he knew he had to try his hand at entrepreneurialism once again. So, he called his university and told them he would take a gap year.

That year, he raised $24,000 from investors and started his own property management company. He would buy leases for large houses and then rent out the rooms. He would also find similar opportunities or deals and sell them to investors.

In just two years, he made $286,000 in revenue with a 28% profit margin of around $80,000. By then, he was also studying at a university to become a medical professional. However, he decided to take a risk and drop out of school to work on his business full-time. After transitioning to working full-time on his business, he started making around $11,000 a month. Then, realizing that he had valuable knowledge to offer and after discovering the online coaching business, he decided to start a coaching business himself.

He focused on teaching others how to start their own property management business. As a result, after just 12 months of starting his coaching business, Aslan made over $164,366 in profit.

He was able to make so much because he learned the key to gaining “high-ticket” clients. Again, realizing that he now has new valuable “know-how” to sell, he plans to expand his coaching business to teaching consultants, coaches, and course creators how they too can land “high-ticket” clients.

Aslan plans to be making seven figures on his coaching business alone by the time he turns 23 years old. One of the keys to his success is all about seeking quality mentors with life experience in the area you want to get into.

He was able to find quality mentors by going to events with other like-minded entrepreneurs. He himself sought out mentors when it came to starting his property management business as well as his coaching business.

In the future, Aslan wants to continue teaching others how they can succeed in business. He explains: “I’ve always had a passion for teaching, originally tutoring teens at A level subjects (college), then teaching fellow property entrepreneurs how to start this property business, and now going into business coaching, helping anyone who wants more clients online.”

Overall, Aslan Rahman’s hard work ethic and determination have resulted in his tremendous success. His willingness to learn from others is also one of the major keys to his success and one that he believes others should take to heart.

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