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Yulia Petrus: Creating a Better World for Your Pet with PETs R US

Yulia Petrus: Creating a Better World for Your Pet with PETs R US
Photo Credited to: Yulia Petrus

In the world of entrepreneurship, there are stories that remind us that with passion and determination, even the most audacious dreams can come to life. Yulia Petrus, a trailblazing entrepreneur of Ukrainian origins, embodies this spirit as she pioneers her business, PETs R US. Ranked among the Top 100 USA Entrepreneurs with Ukrainian Origins, Yulia’s journey is a testament to her unwavering commitment and heart dedicated to making a difference.

Who is Yulia Petrus

A decade ago, Yulia left her home country of Ukraine with nothing but a suitcase to come to the USA. She arrived in the States without her parents or any close friends to help her. Regardless of her humble beginnings in the USA, Yulia focused on her passion and motivations. 

Her love for animals goes far back, as her father was the one who fostered a love for nurturing animals. She took this passion to care for animals and turned it into a full-blown business that helps our furry friends in many ways. 

Yulia Petrus: Creating a Better World for Your Pet with PETs R US

Photo Credited to: Yulia Petrus

Overcoming Challenges and Shining Bright Through It All

Yulia’s journey in establishing her business wasn’t without its share of challenges. With her first venture, she stepped into uncharted territory, armed with passion but lacking prior experience. The fear of failure loomed, but Yulia’s determined spirit prevailed.

Juggling a full-time job while building her business demanded an immense amount of time and effort. Yet, this challenge didn’t deter her; rather, it fueled her motivation. She turned each obstacle into a stepping stone, using her limited free hours to craft her brand.

Yulia’s inspiration to keep persevering, “Nothing motivates you more than a job you don’t like,” resonated deeply. Her unwavering dedication was guided by the sheer joy and fulfillment she derived from working on something she cherished. The belief that her efforts could bring positive changes in the world and create something of value ignited her determination.

The support of her customers, evident through heartwarming reviews, became a wellspring of motivation. Witnessing the impact of her creations on both pets and their owners affirmed her path and spurred her forward.

Her father’s influence, though he wasn’t present to witness her success, remained a guiding force. His early nurturing of her love for animals laid the foundation for her unwavering dedication.

Yulia Petrus: Creating a Better World for Your Pet with PETs R US

Photo Credited to: Yulia Petrus

Achieving Greatness and Beyond; Top 100 USA Entrepreneurs with Ukrainian Origins

Yulia’s path was far from easy, marked by tight budgets, lack of experience, and fierce competition. However, she demonstrated that exhaustion could never overcome enthusiasm if one had passion. 

Then came a wonderful surprise when she was invited to a preliminary interview for a Top 100 project during the spring of this year. This project quickly took hold of a special place in Yulia’s heart as it was dedicated to hardworking people of Ukrainian origin. 

With already 5,000 other applicants, it was hard to envision herself winning a place. Later she would go on to take part in a few more interviews and waited for the analytics team to review her work. 

The Top 100 USA Awards project employed distinct criteria to identify exceptional and inspiring individuals of Ukrainian origin. These businesses should exhibit substantial annual revenues, emphasize a unique founding narrative, and demonstrate qualities that would show a significant impact on the business landscape in the USA.

And after two months of waiting, Yulia received word that she had made the Top 100 list! 

Founding PETs R US

With a deep love for animals cultivated by her parents, Yulia’s journey took a remarkable turn when she adopted a French Bulldog named Gucci. Upon adopting her furry buddy, Yulia’s love for her pet helped her realize there was something missing that our pets needed. Combined with her love for fashion and art, Yulia was inspired to found PETs R US

She created an enterprise that offers cruelty-free, fashion-forward dog clothing. Something that’s hard to find nowadays in a world focused on fast fashion with the cheapest price. But Yulia’s brand doesn’t only focus on creating sustainable fashion for pets, it also offers affordable prices so anyone can give their pet the best. 

Pets R US Today: Who are They and What do They Stand For

In the present day, Pets R US stands as a testament to Yulia Petrus’ dedication and the brand’s unwavering commitment to its core values.

At the heart of PETs R US is a passion for pets, fashion, and ethical practices. Yulia’s brainchild has evolved into a pet brand that offers not just stylish attire but a conscious way of caring for our four-legged companions.

The essence of PETs R US lies in their dedication to cruelty-free, fashion-forward pet products. Each item they offer is a careful blend of aesthetics and ethics.

PETs R US goes beyond aesthetics; it’s a brand with substance. With a portion of their profits directed towards animal charities, they actively contribute to the welfare of animals in need, aligning with their belief that pets should live free from suffering. The brand resonates with dog enthusiasts who seek quality, style, and compassion. PETs R US’ journey is an embodiment of the love shared with pets.

Through open communication with customers, PETs R US has created a community that echoes their values. This relationship-driven approach allows continuous improvement, guided by genuine feedback from their customers or, as the company sees them, extended family.

Exploring the latest offerings from PETs R US means becoming part of a movement—a movement that prioritizes ethical consumption, compassionate choices, and the celebration of the bond between humans and their cherished animal companions.

Yulia’s Plans For the Future

As Yulia Petrus looks to the future she hopes to inspire others around her to persevere and continue maintaining the momentum her business currently holds. She also looks to focus her efforts on helping more animals in need. She wants to do everything she can to give our furry friends a better life. 

What We Can Learn from Yulia’s Story

Through Yulia’s journey, we are reminded that every obstacle can be transformed into an opportunity, and every challenge can be surpassed with the right blend of passion, dedication, and unwavering belief in oneself.


Yulia Petrus’ journey with PETs R US underscores the transformative force of passion and ambition. As a Top 100 USA Entrepreneur with Ukrainian Origins, she embodies the spirit of forging ahead against challenges.

Her love for animals ignited a mission to craft a conscious pet brand where fashion meets ethics. Overcoming obstacles and juggling commitments.

PETs R US stands as a testament to her dedication to fostering a community that celebrates the bond between pets and their owners. Yulia’s story resonates as a beacon of inspiration, proving that with unwavering belief, every journey can lead to a meaningful impact.

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