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Upping The Gaming Experience With Gaimin Gladiators

Gamers account for almost 3.07 billion of the world’s population. It is estimated that this figure will rise to 3.24 billion in 2023. There was a time when esports was just a subset of the gaming industry. However, today it has grown massively, becoming an industry on its own.

In the past year, esports has seen tremendous growth, with more gamers participating each year. Since competitive video games are continuously being integrated in pop culture, global investors, media outlets, brands, and consumers are all impacted by this change.

Keeping up with the trend, created GAIMIN Gladiators in January 2022 as from the Canadian Esports organization,  OCG Esports Club.

The OCG Esports Club was a professional gaming franchise developed by brothers Nick & Alex Cuccovillo, and Shawn Porter. The franchise was created with the aim to conquer games of their choice. Since then, the club achieved immense success, taking the trophy for major events. Not only did it compete in the pro-amateur league in North America, but it also won the Dreamhack Canada for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The Club took part in Warcraft 3 in North America and Europe, competing with exceptionally strong and talented players in prestigious tournaments and leagues. Following the dream to grow more, the Club joined emerging verticals and new leagues. It has also participated in Rainbow Six Siege and was a part of the Challenger’s League for the past two years.

The OCG, set to establish an all-inclusive, distinguished, and respected brand for gamers globally, fully aligns with GAIMIN’S “No Gamer Left Behind philosophy.” Due to this very reason and gaming success, OCG became a part of GAIMIN and has now rebranded as GAIMIN Gladiators.

GAIMIN Gladiators was created with the aim of becoming the top esports organization. The company firmly believes that with its esports teams, GAIMIN’s visibility will engage over 1 million followers. Currently, the GAIMIN Gladiators manages 7 esports gaming teams, focusing on five games – DOTA2, Rocket League, Pokémon Unite, Rainbow 6 Siege, and CounterStrike: GO.

These esports teams have a global following of over 1 million gamers. Each event or tournament participation leads to a global brand reach of over 5 million. GAIMIN Gladiators is set to represent the platform in esports arenas globally, building on its past successes and growing by participating in new and current esports verticals.

General Manager for GAIMIN Gladiators, Joseph Turner, said, “GAIMIN Gladiators are delighted to be entering the various arenas for our target games, which have all built up a large followings and provide significant opportunity for GAIMIN Gladiators to be very successful and promote the GAIMIN brand across the game’s PC user community. We look forward to growing our teams and show the world what they are really about, supporting them throughout the year.”

Martin Speight, CEO of GAIMIN added, “Through these teams GAIMIN will be visible to over 1 million global followers. With the benefits provided from gamers downloading the GAIMIN application, and using their PCs processing power to passively earn GMRX, the GAIMIN business will benefit significantly from these users monetizing their devices.”

A revolutionary platform,, is a brainchild of visionary entrepreneurs that came into existence in 2107. The company connects the world’s largest decentralized processing power supply today, attracting gamers by the value it provides to gamers in terms of gaming experience and monetary value.

The platform allows users to harness the under-utilized processing power found in PC and derive capital from it. GAIMIN’s practice of identifying potential users in the PC gaming industry is a take on generating brand awareness via esports and the gaming community.

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