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The lavish lifestyle of Lauren Sánchez, Jeff Bezos Girlfriend

Lauren Sánchez is Jeff Bezos girlfriend and a model and actress. She has appeared in movies like “The Terminal” (2004) and “Dukes of Hazzard” (2005). In 2017, she launched two fashion blogs about beauty tips with the help of her friend Karla Welch. She also has a lifestyle blog called, where she advises about fashion, beauty, fitness, and food.

She is also a TV host for the online streaming of “yoga and Pilates workouts.” She is also a frequent contributor to magazines like Elle, L’Officiel, Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, and Cosmopolitan. In June 2017, she married tech investor Vincent Klaus in a private ceremony in Mexico. The couple tied the knot at an elegant villa in Tulum, surrounded by friends and family.

It’s hard to imagine a celebrity lifestyle more extravagant than Jeff Bezos, the founder, and CEO of Amazon. Bezos, who is worth over $127 billion, is one of the richest men in the world and also happens to be Lauren Sánchez’s boyfriend. Together, they have created a picture-perfect life for themselves: a mansion in Beverly Hills vineyard in Washington State. They spend their money on private jets, helicopters, a 156 ft. yacht, a 45ft sailing boat, and a collection of luxury cars.

Sánchez is quite a celebrity, famous for being a model, actress, and fashion and lifestyle blogger. She’s a regular on red carpets and award shows, and she even has a reality show.

Inside the super-rich life of Jeff Bezos Girlfriend-Lauren Sánchez

A custom-made necklace worth as much as a house-a 10-carat diamond worth a whopping $9.5 million. The list of luxuries goes on and on for Lauren Sanchez, the girlfriend of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

The two were together at the Golden Globes in January. Along with her celebrity status, the model, actress, and now fashion and lifestyle blogger are also famous for being one of the richest women in the world.

Famous for being a model, actress, and Web designer, Sánchez is also a regular at award shows and red carpets. She had her reality show, “Being La Lauren,” in 2011 before it was cancelled after one season.

She has been the face of Giorgio Armani, Dior, Armani Jeans, and Guess. But she isn’t just about modelling and acting; She is also famous for her 2011 work as an executive producer on the television programme “Boardwalk Empire.”

And the list of luxurious things for her and her 5 is endless: a 156-foot yacht (which reportedly cost nearly $30 million), two luxury properties in Beverly Hills, another home in Aspen, Colorado, and a 45-foot sailboat name Origin. She even bought a vineyard in Washington State.

She’s very famous to own a fleet of high-end vehicles, including three Ferraris, four Mercedes Benzes, and an Audi R8. She’s not one to fuss over cars. She also has a reputation for splurging on private planes and helicopters.

The biggest splurge for the couple, however, is their $23 million mansion in Beverly Hills. This fact is a bit ironic given that Amazon founder Bezos belonged to the Facebook elite, who famously rented a $40,000-a-month home in Seattle while building their business.

Bezos and Sánchez also have close friends in common. Both are reportedly friendly with former President Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle Obama.

An ultra-private US$78 million Hawaiian hideaway-which has a $13 million price tag, is one of their favourite places to spend their time. The couple is well aware of how much money they spend, which was reflected in an April tweet.

Paintings on the walls, paintings everywhere. Even my bed is made from solid gold! Everything in this room is made of gold—including the ceiling. — Jeff Bezos (@JeffBezos) April 12, 2018

When followers asked why the couple didn’t use gold paint, Bezos replied: “The walls are hard wood with Gold Leaf wallpaper.”

Another luxury they love is their $2 roasted-to-order coffee blend from Blue Bottle Coffee, where they meet and gossip about their friends and business partners.

Lavish shopping sprees-

The couple has been known to splurge on luxury shopping sprees, including a $5 million purchase of a diamond-encrusted ring for Bezos and $18,000 earrings for Sánchez.

During the Golden Globes in January this year, they even got into their private jet to head to the event. Just weeks earlier, in February 2018, when they were spotted in Beverly Hills on a shopping spree. They’ve also been known to head to the nearest Louis Vuitton and pick up giant luggage.

Or perhaps it’s a trip for some private time in Paris where Sánchez once purchased a $2,000 Hermes shopping bag and a $1,700 Hermès belt.

Private jets, the best of everything-Bezos, is well-known for his love of private planes and helicopters. He is believed to own three private jets, although he has only been photographed in one of them so far.

Rubbing shoulders with the world’s most powerful people-

-Being the girlfriend of one of the richest men in the world has its perks. Sánchez has been spotted with some of the world’s top celebrities and politicians.

If there’s one thing that she and her boyfriend have in common, it’s a dislike for Donald Trump. She slammed him in an interview with Marie Claire: “I don’t like anything about him. I just think he is scary. I think his actions are scary, and I think that the way he talks about women is scary.”

The couple often shares their travel photos on social media. When she isn’t busy giving advice about beauty tips and exercising for her online streaming radio show, Sánchez spends her time hanging out with her billionaire boyfriend, who happens to be one of the richest men in the world. Her love life-Sánchez was married to real estate developer Andrew Joblon in 2007.

Luxury holidays all over the globe

Bezos and Sánchez are often spotted at red carpet events and award shows. She usually stands beside him, beaming with pride as he gives interviews. The couple also has a common friend, former President Barack Obama, who is married to Michelle Obama.

The couple attended the Golden Globe Awards at the Beverly Hilton in January this year.

They also attended the Vanity Fair Oscar party in February. They were spotted having a good time with their “friends” and former President Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle Obama. But their social media accounts are where it’s really for fans who like to follow their luxurious adventures around the world. The couple seems to be living out their version of a fairytale romance, and everyone wants to know how, when, and where they met.


 Lauren Sánchez is the current girlfriend of one of the richest people in the world, Jeff Bezos. She ranks as the 10th richest woman in America and is a model and an actress. They are believed to have met through mutual friends and have been together since 2015. Some believe they will tie the knot in 2020, but there is no confirmed date pending or announced.

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