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“The Glute Bible” Gives a Sneak Peak into Life-Changing Fitness Tips

Reaching one’s fitness goals faster and becoming healthy has become more complicated. It doesn’t help that the different schools of thought or fitness programs available online add to the confusion and challenge. The truth is that people need to stop wasting time on regimens and diets that don’t work and start understanding how genetics affects your body. Thankfully, “The Glute Bible” is now available

“The Glute Bible” is more than just a practical and no-nonsense book on health and fitness; but also a book that will inspire you to get the best version of yourself. This one-of-a-kind book will teach you how to measure and achieve fitness success correctly. “The Glute Bible” is one of a kind health and fitness book that will inspire you to reach that fabulous shape that you have been longing to have. “The Glute Bible” is a complete resource that will inspire you to get the right mindsets, habits, regimens, and knowledge to achieve the figure you never imagined having. 

Former Prima Ballerina turned Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist Casey Fleysman is a passionate advocate of living a healthier lifestyle and a winning attitude. The nutritionist and writer are passionate about inspiring people to live more by helping them experience the best health by getting fit and eating right. “For the past ten years, I’ve spent learning all I can say about fitness and health and have spent a good chunk of that time sharing all I know with people on social media. Now, over 2 million of my followers have benefitted from my content and teachings,” says the passionate trainer. 

After years of training and coaching people, Casey noticed how so many people are challenged with finding the proper knowledge that will help them get the glutes of their dreams. Sadly, these kinds of people either burn themselves out by reading massive resources or resort to a “quick fix” online that doesn’t guarantee results. On top of writing a book, Casey has managed some of the longest-running influencer marketing campaigns and has been a leader in organizing charity events that continue to grow annually. She also managed Did You Dye, a company that she started to create tie dye socks in my backyard for herself. 

“The Glute Bible” is a one-of-a-kind book in that it focuses specifically on building up the Gluteus Maximus. Also known as the glutes, butt, or bottom, this part of the body is one of the most powerful parts. Great glutes help you move better and live better. “I had so many misconceptions and misinformation filed in my brain and body from the past twenty-three plus years that I had to throw out all the old information and start from scratch,” shares Casey. “So I decided early on in my exciting journey with fitness that I wanted to set goals for myself that would push me to learn and grow,” 

“The Glute Bible” will help you tread your fitness journey with inspiration and excitement. The book includes chapters on managing expectations, adequate diet, how to hydrate, fundamentals of form and technique, the anatomy of Your glutes and the genetics behind your Inheritance. You can visit this website to know more about “The Glute Bible”. 

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