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The Last of Us announce podcast to accompany the show

The Last of Us: Because of the upcoming HBO adaptation of the game, fans of The Last of Us are excited that 2023 is less than a week away.

HBO kept the excitement going by announcing a companion podcast for the show after the release of teaser pictures and an official trailer.

Troy Baker, who provided Joel’s voice in the video game, will make an appearance on the The Last of Us podcast.

Beyond the video game, Baker is involved in other projects.

He also plays a role in the show.

In addition, he’ll also host the podcast that accompanies it.

The show

The Last of Us is a 2013 PlayStation 3 video game that has been adapted into a television series by HBO.

Joel Miller (Pedro Pascal), a carpenter forced to become a smuggler, and Ellie (Bella Ramsey), a 14-year-old girl, will be the main protagonists of the television show.

Ellie is essential to understanding the Apocalypse, hence she plays a key part in both platforms.

The television adaptation of The Last of Us will cover the first game in the series, as well as its downloadable feature, The Last of Us: Left Behind.

Three weeks before the main plot’s events in Left Behind, Riley and Ellie’s relationship is featured.

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Troy Baker, who has been confirmed to play a new character for the show, will host the companion podcast, according to a statement from HBO Max.

The show’s creators, Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann, will go through each episode with Baker, scene by scene.

Although the first episode of the podcast hasn’t yet been released, many believe it will broadcast following the January 15 release of The Last of Us.

The Last of Us is not the first well-known television program to have a companion podcast produced.

In-depth podcasts by the production teams or the series’ stars on currently airing TV shows have become highly popular.

Craig Mazin, the co-creator of The Last of Us, is one of many who saw the value of podcasts.

He had previously made a significant contribution to the podcast that dissected each episode of the HBO miniseries The Chernobyl Podcast.

The Last of Us may have been inspired by the podcasting experience.

How the series varies from the game will likely be discussed on the podcast.

HBO podcasts

One of the big studios to benefit from the launch of a podcast companion to their show is HBO.

HBO also created companion podcasts for Succession and House of the Dragon in addition to Chernobyl.

The first season of the acclaimed show was covered in The Official Game of Thrones Podcast: House of the Dragon, which featured several noteworthy guests, including co-creator Ryan Condal.

Meanwhile, HBO’s Succession Podcast delves deeper into the machinations of the Roy family.

With the aid of journalists, psychologists, and members of the show’s staff, to name a few, the podcast links the content to actual events.

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Other podcasts

The Office and the groundbreaking superhero series Smallville are two more well-known TV programs that have made the transition to podcasts.

Instead of the studios, the stars made the podcasts.

Office Ladies was conceived by Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey, who respectively portrayed Pam Beesly and Angela Martin on the television sitcom The Office.

Producer Greg Daniels, actors Steve Carrell and John Krasinski, and more have appeared as guests on the show.

Tom Welling and Michael Rosenbaum co-host Talk Ville.

In the prequel series Smallville, the two actors played a young Clark Kent/Superman and Lex Luthor.

The Last of Us viewers will probably learn more about the show’s plot, characters, and other changes.

Additionally, once the companion podcast launches, they will discover some intriguing insider information.


Last of Us show getting companion podcast from Joel video game actor

Suga Berlyn: Celebrating Success as Singer and Podcast Host

Suga Berlyn is a powerhouse of a woman, and she is not stopping anytime soon. She is multi-faceted and stays at the top of any career path she chooses. Suga Berlyn is a singer, songwriter, entrepreneur, and podcast host. And she pursues her passions while balancing her time and energy for her family. 

Based in Houston, Texas, Suga Berlyn is a singer and songwriter quickly on the rise. Just like she has diverse interests and passions, her music traverses and combines different genres, and Berlyn navigates the intricacies of each genre with ease and brilliant ability. Whether she makes songs that fall under hip hop, R&B, or pop, Suga Berlyn has an excellent command of her craft and her voice, making her a successful newcomer to the music industry. 

Suga Berlyn is known for her sensual vocals and catchy songs. She also writes her music in a way that makes listeners connect to her songs, and some fans even say how they feel a connection to Suga Berlyn herself. Berlyn released her latest single, “No One,” earlier this month. The singer has this to say about her latest song, “This song will be your perfect spring or summer song. That’s the whole vibe. You can dance to it, it’s very catchy, and you and your friends will definitely have a great time playing this song on repeat and singing along to it.”

Aside from her work in music, this talented artist is also one of the Beauty with Shade podcast hosts alongside Titchy and Aurelia Sky. In this podcast, the three strong and passionate women come together to talk about business, travel, wellness, leisure, and everything that modern women enjoy. The show is all about authenticity and sharing good energy with the audience. While Berlyn’s music is an expression of her creativity, this podcast is where her personality shines through more distinctly. “I am confident in myself, in my achievements and my capabilities. And that confidence really motivates the podcast fans,” Berlyn shared, “The podcast is such a fun way for people, especially women, to connect and learn about real-life topics, business tips, and beauty advice. I and my co-hosts are all entrepreneurs, so there’s a lot we can bring to the table when it comes to helping and empowering other women who want to start their own businesses.”

Alongside her creative pursuits, Suga Berlyn also has a head for business. She invested in real estate and put them up on Airbnb. “I had such a good experience as an Airbnb host, and I recently got a Superhost status. That made me really excited because it shows how much effort I have put in to make my properties an ideal place for my clients,” Berlyn said. She also added, “I’m also proud of the fact that I own real estate now, and through it, I get to pass on wealth to my son. It has given me so much peace of mind that I am in a financially secure position in my life.”No matter what she does, Suga Berlyn gives it her best. The singer, songwriter, entrepreneur, and podcast host makes waves in everything she does. “I have so many goals, and I am achieving them one by one. But there is more to come, no doubt about that.”

InTheir20s, an Insight-Rich Podcast Designed to Guide the Youth to Success

As prevalent as podcast listening currently is, there are still countless beginners to this specific type of audio program. For individuals who are about to dip their toes into the content-rich world of podcasts, it may be confusing and challenging to sort through the saturated space and find one deserving of their time and attention. Distinguishing itself apart from the sea of accessible and available podcasts online, InTheir20 has managed to stand out because of its focus on inspiring the youth and enabling success through bridging the gap between aspirants and established powerhouses.

InTheir20s is a podcast launched by recent college graduates Landon Campbell and Michael Holmes. Within weeks of earning their degrees from DePaul University during a global health crisis, these two go-getters recognized the need to help their peers survive mass unemployment, intense social change, unrest, and overall uncertainty. Their astute observation regarding the gaps caused by the pandemic drove them to create what is now a growing podcast known for serving as a “how-to” guide on becoming successful. 

“InTheir20s is important because every student and young professional deserves access to the best advice and mentorship from the most influential people,” the minds behind this widely-acclaimed podcast share. The astounding number of people who have been following the episode releases of this insightful and success-enabling platform is solid evidence of its reputation within the digital space.

Numerous factors have contributed to the domination of InTheir20s. Since 2020, its hosts have interviewed the most powerful business leaders, celebrities, and all-star athletes, extracting insights about how these household names navigated their own 20s and the strategies they wielded to reach the forefront of their industry. The effort and resources Landon Campbell and Michael Holmes have spent to connect these powerhouses with listeners worldwide rest on the recognition that it is crucial to hear their stories. “To become successful, you need to see success,” adds Landon. 

Cathy Bessant, the Chief Operations and Technology Officer at the Bank of America, recently shared her tale of triumph at InTheir20s. Heralded as the “Most Powerful Woman in Banking” by Forbes and American Banker, she has led the Bank of America’s Global Technology and Operations. Not only has this trailblazing personality guaranteed the delivery of end-to-end technology and operating services through a team of 95,000 people in over 35 countries, but she has also overseen the company’s business continuity and information security efforts. In 2020, After claiming the top spot for three consecutive years, Cathy Bessant was inducted into the “25 Most Powerful Women in Banking” Hall of Fame by American Banker.

Apart from Cathy Bessant, the founders of InTheir20s have also facilitated fruitful conversations with Boka Restaurant Group co-founder Kevin Boehm and five-time NBA All-Star Tim Hardaway Sr. During the 2020 presidential race, the power duo interviewed former presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke, delving into a discussion on the role young people play when it comes to hitting the polls. 

On track to the top of the podcast charts, InTheir20s plans to continue inspiring the youth in the coming years. Through more interviews with esteemed individuals who have achieved success, Landon Campbell and Michael Holmes aim to impact the lives of the current generation.

Learn more about InTheir20s by visiting its website. Their episodes are available to watch on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and YouTube, and make sure to follow them on Instagram and LinkedIn (@intheir20s.)

Leading Podcast “Fresh & Fit” Keeps Men in Shape and Successful

Success comes in various forms and may be found in different aspects of life. From relationships and finances to fitness, the leading podcast Fresh & Fit gives winning tips and secrets to help men become holistically accomplished in all their endeavors. 

The brainchild of influencers Freshprinceceo and Myron Gaines, Fresh & Fit is one of the emerging channels online. By focusing on elevating men to become the best versions of themselves, the podcast has proven instrumental and life-changing for its reach.

Before becoming the powerhouse they are now, Freshprinceceo and Myron Gaines were influential social media personalities amassing a jaw-dropping following on their platforms. As friends, the two would talk often, and it was during one video call where they talked about how they’ve triumphed over hurdles in their lives that the Fresh & Fit podcast took its first breath. 

A riveting presence from its launch last November 2020, the dynamic partners’ podcast is responsible for teaching men what they need to know about fitness, relationships, and finance, connecting them to success with well-founded advice. 

Designed as the leading personal development podcast for men, Fresh & Fit carries a mile-long track record of guiding more than a thousand men to accomplishment. Freshprinceceo and Myron Gaines’ combined knowledge and hard-earned strategies have earned their channel a standing reputation for excellence and delivery.

This reputation has attracted a massive following on the podcast’s social media platforms. At present, Fresh & Fit holds the attention of a whopping over 20,000 followers on Instagram, around 37,500 on TikTok with over three hundred thousand likes, and 22,700 subscribers on their YouTube channel with an awe-inducing 1.5 million views in less than a year.

Although recently established, the podcast has produced twenty-eight groundbreaking episodes and has invited high-profile, influential guests to the show. Guiding men into great investments, better shape, and healthier relationships, Fresh & Fit prides itself on an unprecedented success rate that is shaping its impact in the years to come.

As they raise that coveted rate, Freshprinceceo and Myron Gaines offer a free ebook entitled Unplugging From the Matrix of Fitness and Game. With similar themes to their podcast, the book has been drafted to help men break unhealthy dating and fitness cycles and kick-start their transformation into influential leaders in all aspects of their lives.

Aside from the ebook, Fresh & Fit is also branching out to the coaching and training industry with exclusive coaching programs for listeners who seek a deeper swim into the duo’s broadcasted talks. These programs are available in small group settings or one-on-one for men looking to upgrade their lifestyles and walk in the Freshprinceceo’s and Myron Gaines’ golden footsteps.

Hinting at the unique strategies provided in their coaching programs and the themes promoted by the Fresh & Fit brand, the lauded influencers share, “In this life, the best way to succeed is to add value to other people’s lives. We have been able to achieve this level of success through adding value to our networks and relationships.”

Stay in shape and bask in overwhelming success. Listen to Fresh & Fit’s life-changing podcast or follow them on Instagram, Tiktok, and YouTube for more of their empowering content. 

Kyriaki Chonacas Breaks Barriers Through the Sophisticated Psychos Content

Kyriaki Chonacas, one of the personalities in the emerging group known as The Sophisticated Psychos, is opening the eyes of her audience to real-life situations, including circumstances that affect women. The gifted seasoned artist and comedian, who has been in the industry for two decades, is breaking down barriers that make many people indifferent to the sad plight of many women around the world today. As a woman who has survived harrowing and traumatic experiences in the past, she is speaking boldly today and aims to promote kindness and compassion in the process of doing so. 

Determined to leave a mark in the world, Kyriaki Chonacas – born Katie Elizabeth Chonacas – released her first solo EP last October 20, titled Hypnotic Energy, in collaboration with Subtle Energy. Nicky Scorpio duo in The Sophisticated Psychos mixed and mastered the Hypnotic Energy EP which is now available on all major streaming platforms, the electronic beats used in the EP are encoded with 639 Hz healing frequencies that promote forgiveness and stimulate the higher heart chakra.  

“I not only made beats that inspired me from my childhood roots of growing up in the Detroit electronic underground music scene, but lifted it to support and shape shift myself and other humans that I care for which is not only the people I know personally, not only the people I may meet tomorrow but for all that I have not yet met and especially for all those whom I may never meet in this lifetime,” The Sophisticated Psychos member explains. 

As a Greek DJ from Detroit, Chonacas has been strongly influenced by Motown, having grown up in a family setting that appreciated this kind of legendary soulful music. As a DJ, Kyriaki is best known for her positivity and on-air vibe that inspires and energizes people. Hypnotic Energy EP is a bold step from what she has been used to doing all these years, but she believes it is high time to bombard the airwaves with supportive and phenomenal creations. 

Kyriaki Chonacas has big dreams ahead of her as she envisions a quiet and productive life in Bali, Indonesia, in the near future where she hopes to one day raise a family, raising her future children with the proper morals, ethics and values. When it comes to her career, she sees herself becoming a household name in the next few years, speaking in front of massive audiences, exploring kindness, compassion, and the arts as her language. Chonacas is committed to hone her craft and continue to create content that will have a huge uplifting impact on her audience, those that will unceasingly break barriers, empower people to see and feel the light in a season of darkness, and bring people together in healthy love and harmony. 

Chonacas also sees The Sophisticated Psychos production team continue becoming household names in voiceovers, making and acting in feature films, continuing its web series Couples Therapy full episodes now available on The Sophisticated Psychos Youtube Channel, digital content that is designed to inspire and entertain viewers. Chonacas also aspires to make She’s All Over the Place Podcast one of the country’s leading productions. As Chonacas sets her eyes on making a difference in the lives of countless people who need hope and inspiration to move forward, Chonacas is influencing the next generation of artists and empaths to contribute significantly in making the world a safe and loving place to be in. 

Connect and learn more about Chonacas by visiting her website. Subscribe to The Sophisticated Psychos YouTube channel, subscribe and follow She’s All Over the Place Podcast on Instagram for updates. 

How Matt West Applied Mindful Journaling to Develop His App ‘Boom.’

When people sink into depression, they often feel themselves in an out-of-body state, as if they were floating. Therapists offer different techniques and remedies to counter that feeling. One such method is mindful journaling, a tool that psychologist Matt West has been implementing into his own life and sharing with others.

Matt West was born and raised in Palmdale, California, and was first introduced to psychology during his junior year in high school. His Psychology teacher, Mr. Prince, would end up sparking Matt’s interest in the subject and set up the path he would later walk in life.

On his journey to becoming a psychologist, Matt was a high achiever and often excelled in sports while at school. One night before his soccer tryouts, he felt a pain in his knee but waved it aside. He pushed through the problem, only increasing frustrations that ultimately led him to visit the doctor. Matt would get diagnosed with Osgood-Schlatter diseases (or OSD) and be forced to sit out the remainder of the season. However, every cloud has its silver lining, resulting in Matt finding a new passion, mindfulness.

He would later explore mindfulness as he obtained two masters in Psychology from Pepperdine University and Cal State Northridge. Years later, Matt would find himself married with a child and earning six-figures. However, he discovered that he wasn’t entirely satisfied with his life. 

After a series of unfortunate events, including a failed company, Matt decided that it was time to take care of his emotional, physical, and mental well-being. He created a routine that improved his eating and sleeping habits, along with a fitness routine. Two months into his routine, he was exhausted.

Matt always heard an underlying voice telling him that he should be doing something better, but he would become distracted by the illusion of social media and forget about it. Eventually, Matt found himself back to mindfulness. It was through mindfulness journaling that he noticed shifts in his thoughts and slowly rediscovered himself. 

With a new sense of self-awareness, Matt developed Boom, a digital wellness company that provides its users with mindful journaling training. It is an app that supports millennials with maintaining emotional fitness and helps them conquer stress from burnout. Boom tracks mood, energy, and attention.

Matt’s brand is geared toward novice mindful-journaling millennials and people new to the concept of mindfulness. It empowers them to become more productive and joyful. The app helps people boost their positive energy and attitude and train them to practice healthy thinking patterns. 

The app uses an AI that can personalize specific activities that are just right for the user’s needs to increase their productivity, focus on what matters most, and maintain their emotional well-being.

Matt’s interest in mental wellness and the brain’s management, combined with his interest in technology’s power, has helped him bring his passion for emotional and mental fitness to fruition. He is hopeful that Boost will see a worldwide release to help people build the emotional strength to combat burnout and better understand themselves.

To find out more about Matt West, you may visit his website.

Jack Mcadoo’s Rising Influence as a Motivational Speaker Is Making an Impact Around the World

Podcasts have gone from being a segment of radio broadcasts to independent collectives covering a range of topics, from stories to advice. Among the top podcasts today is Jack McAdoo’s Real Talk Live! an empowerment podcast with listeners worldwide.

The world-renowned podcaster was born in Homestead AFB, Florida. His father, Donnell Wilson McAdoo, was a Chief Master Sergeant in the Air Force and moved around with his family for quite some time, even moving to Germany before returning to the United States in 1971.

Jack grew up in Hawaii, where he began his pursuit in the music industry. He wrote, performed, and recorded before moving on to manage artists and promote concerts in the islands and mainland of the United States. He worked with local artists like Mackey Feary, Kalapana, and more.

Eventually, Jack McAdoo moved to Los Angeles, California. There, he worked in recording studios and on stage with some of the music industry’s biggest names like Michael Jackson, Madonna, and countless more. 

 By 1985, he began to play poker after learning the game from a professional poker player while Jack was hosting the Vincent Lecavalier Celebrity Poker Tournament in Tampa, Florida. Jack created Poker Pod Radio to help others fill the void and became the first podcast to become an event co-sponsor at the World Series of Poker. He also co-created Poker Pro Magazine, where he worked as the vice president.

The launch of Poker Pod Radio brought in success and led Jack to create Real Talk Live! a show that focused on interviews with experts in mindfulness, spirituality, health, and motivation. It has garnered millions of listeners around the globe and is ranked by Alexa in the top 3,000 websites in the country and the top 20,000 worldwide.

After moving away from Poker, Jack hit rock bottom and got more into self-help. He learned to become humble and show compassion to everyone. Jack found that through his trials, he could lift and encourage everyone who comes into his life.

With Real Talk Live, Jack explores the power of belief, and it’s importance for realizing personal potential. He does this by sharing his life’s experience, from his downfalls to his rise to success. The empowerment podcast focuses on uplifting his listeners with conversations covering topics like motivation, spirituality, lifestyle, business, and health.

Jack created Real Talk Live because he knows that there are people who need motivation and encouragement, and people who are on the right track but lack validation to assure them that they are. He wants to inspire people who are still in the process of trying to figure out who they are and what direction they want to go. 

Throughout his illustrious career, Jack McAdoo has spent fifteen years doing podcasts. He discovered that he could empathize and relate well with his listeners. He is confident that he can become the leading motivational speaker in the country as his name recognition is growing.

Jack McAdoo is one of the top rising influencers in the personal development/motivational space. He wants people to know that he can be brought in for coaching, keynote speaking, and motivational events, not just in the United States but also worldwide.

To find out more about Jack McAdoo, you may visit his website and Instagram.

Podcast Squad Is the Solution to Booking Podcast Services in the Business and Entrepreneurship Niche

Every business needs recognition for growth. Business owners and entrepreneurs have taken advantage of the online platform to gain better social media presence through paid advertisements. Collin Castrina and Christopher Cox, the founders of Podcast Squad, have been helping them gain better exposure.

Castrina and Cox have worked in the market with entrepreneurs seeking to gain exposure, either for recognition for their business, building their personal brand, or even for a book launch. There are several ways to build social media presence, such as advertisements on social media sites or YouTube. One of the most popular platforms today is podcasts.

Whether it’s on apps like Spotify or other sites, podcasts are accessible and deliver their messages. However, Castrina and Cox noticed that some podcast booking services would project unrealistic standards paired with unreasonable pricing.

Before partnering with them, one of their clients reached out to all other podcast booking services in the space. While some never responded, one service took over seven months to deliver on their 20 podcast package promise. They were five months overdue.

Castrina and Cox were disgusted that these services claimed to be “the best” and founded Podcast Squad. They wanted to deliver the highest level of results for their clients without worrying about the project being completed on its target date.

Podcast Squad only accepts a limited number of clients. Unlike other podcast services, by having a highly exclusive clientele of established entrepreneurs, Podcast Squad can get their clients on high-quality podcasts and work closely with them to ensure the best delivery of results. 

Having such an exclusive clientele gives them the space they need to make their clients a top priority. It also allows them to book their clients on shows that align with the message and deliver much faster compared to other booking services.

Despite having limited slots for their clients, the prices that Podcast Squad offers is still less expensive than mainstream booking services. They boast better pricing and book clients on a high volume of shows that align with their message and brand. Castrina and Cox have full confidence in their company’s ability to fulfill their services. They also commit a money-back guarantee. 

Podcast Squad helps clients “Monetize Your Words, Image, and Influence.” They have proven to deliver much faster when speed is essential, for example, book launches. If their clients don’t prioritize speed, Castrina and Cox help spread them out over a longer duration.

Their team has built invaluable relationships with some of the entrepreneurship and business niche’s top podcasts, allowing them to service their clients on top tier podcasts. Without a massive social media following or relationships with the hosts, booking a top tier show can be challenging. Podcast Squad works exclusively with established entrepreneurs who may or may not have a social media following.

Podcast Squad is fast becoming an unstoppable force in the business and entrepreneurship niche. Castrina and Cox are targeting to become a household name in the podcast booking space. With their results being second to none, they are confident that their services will be exclusive to top-tier entrepreneurs within a few short years, Podcast Squad continues to grow to its fullest potential.

Know more about Podcast Squad on their website.

Montae Harris Celebrates Stories of Success in His New Podcast

Professional basketball player Montae Harris turns to podcasting to share inspiring and meaningful stories of success. Together with his guests who come from diverse backgrounds, he hopes to provide necessary guidance to the rising generation.

The first thing one notices about Montae Harris is his love for basketball. In an introductory video he recently uploaded on YouTube, he says, “Basketball brings the best about you: the competition, the challenges. Everything about basketball makes you a better person. It gives you that hunger to go out and get what you want in life.”

Montae, who is originally from Memphis, Tennessee, played collegiate basketball for Grace Christian University. After his four years in college, he went on to play his beloved sport professionally for the Basquet Benicario club in Spain. His basketball career was gaining momentum fast. Unfortunately, he got injured the following year.

The sudden interruption in his life gave Montae an opportunity to reevaluate his life. In particular, he reflected deeply on other pursuits he can channel his energy into besides basketball. From an idea that was initially planted in his mind by his mother and a friend, he decided to start his podcast.

What Does It Take? is the name of Montae’s podcast. This striking question also provides the main goal and the direction for the discussions in each episode. With the question “What does it take?” Montae inquires his guests, his audience, and himself about what it takes to be successful and create a platform for oneself. Ultimately, his purpose is to give back and create an avenue through which his guests can share stories of success to inspire those who need it.

His podcast covers a wide range of topics, including sports, politics, activism, music, and many more. Montae hopes for everyone in his podcast to open up and freely share their stories. Montae’s greatest strength as a podcaster is his ability to initiate and maintain real conversations. The discussions on his show are more than interviews; they are, in fact, very organic.  

In the first episode of What Does It Take?, for example, Montae converses naturally with professional coach Scotty Mason. They begin with a discussion on police brutality, systemic racism, and the recent protests. Montae was masterful in navigating such a heavy dialogue with a tone that was more casual and relatable. Regardless of the specific subject of the conversation, he can highlight the universality of the human struggle and experience. Listeners will find the honesty refreshing and engaging. His audience will find hope and inspiration from hearing about the collective goodness of the human family.

Looking back on how he has established his brand, Montae recognizes the lifelong journey that he is on. He shares that he grew up looking for answers on how to be successful. He knows that many can benefit from the guidance that his podcast offers. He sees it as a way to help others avoid the mistakes that he committed.

Listen to more meaningful stories of success by subscribing to Montae’s podcast, What Does It Take?, on Youtube. Learn more about Montae Harris by following him on Instagram.