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How Dr. Parwiz Daud is Helping People Achieve Financial Freedom

It is no secret that business owners worldwide make many financial decisions for their companies. Whether it’s a day-to-day operational budget or hiring a professional to boost sales, they must have a ground-level understanding of their company’s finances. Hence, investing in financial literacy is very crucial to make sound decisions without relying on others’ expertise. Moreover, financial literacy is the first step toward financial freedom. But the question is how C-suite executive can improve their financial literacy. Dr. Parwiz Daud is a visionary leader who has been empowering global communities by offering leadership education and training for quite some time now.

Dr. Daud is on a mission to help people excel in their respective fields. Regarding coaching, he focuses on all aspects of a leader’s performance. He is developing a sense of self-awareness among people globally so they can recognize their unique strengths and values. Dr. Daud shared his inspiration behind training global leaders and helping global communities: “I have traveled to nearly 100 countries and delivered over 1000 lectures, talks and training in different cities worldwide. This possibility of helping people gain financial freedom and living a better life has inspired me the most to devote myself to this industry.”

Regarding network marketing, Dr. Daud believes it is the best and most effective way to expand a business and grow an organization. He stated, “With network marketing, we saw the potential that we can help many people become entrepreneurs and gain financial freedom.” And that is precisely what he is trying to do by carrying his ambitions forward with Validus. It is a network marketing company that empowers national and international communities by providing coaching, educational platforms and access to the global economy with FinTech, blockchain and innovative technologies. 

According to Dr. Daud, financial literacy is the key difference maker and provides a strong foundation for individuals to take control of their personal economy and work towards a better future. This is not all! Dr Daud welcomes ideas for potential charity projects, businesses or educational and training opportunities. Moreover, he has supported many business startups in their various aspects of management, marketing and performance. For his contributions and efforts in empowering people and guiding them to financial freedom, Dr Daud was rewarded with the Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2019 by AIMIC. 

In addition to that, Dr. Daud is passionate about helping others. In fact, he has been traveling to different countries from a very young age, and in many parts of the world, he found that people are struggling to fulfill their basic needs. As a thought leader, he always wanted to help them. He shared his thoughts on the subject: “I strongly believe that there is a purpose to our life. While we are here, we should help one another to become successful in our lives.”

He believes in going out of his way to participating in charitable acts, building hospitals and facilitating better ways to educate the less privileged. Dr. Daud has been working passionately to make this world a better place by contributing to educational centers, helping those affected by natural calamities like earthquakes, flooding etc., youth empowerment programs, and providing free training.

Indeed Dr Daud is a leader with the talent of connecting people and companies across niches and geographical locations, utilizing their skills and resources for the greatest efficiency and impact. One thing is sure people like Dr. Parwiz Daud can transform the world with their visionary approach.

On a parting note, Dr. Daud stressed, “Achieving success in the business world allows you to be happy and content physically and spiritually. Not only will you feel proud of yourself, but the best part is that others will also benefit from that achievement. And there is nothing more satisfying than that!”

How Sean David Clark Impacts Lives and Brings Them Closer to Financial Freedom

Beyond helping people gain wealth, Sean Clark envisions a world where everyone is confident enough to face life fiercely, a society of financially independent individuals capable of reaching the best lifestyles for themselves and their loved ones. With his company, One Percent Credit, Sean is bringing people closer to financial freedom.

Sean Clark is recognized for eclipsing his competitors by delivering quality credit repair faster and more cost-efficient. Separated by his tenacity, Sean has earned the trust of thousands of individuals across the country who want to change their narrative by achieving better finances. His distinct, unparalleled service is backed by the commitment to provide clients with the best experience, making the credit repair journey as worthwhile as possible. 

Besides cleaning clients’ credit reports, Sean Clark and his team at One Percent Credit also excel in acquiring personal and business funding. Whether their clients are looking toward bettering their lifestyle or entrepreneurial careers, Sean ensures that his team will get them the capital they need to operate. “We want to see people succeed, and by getting them or their business funding, it can allow them to invest into new income streams, start, grow, and scale a business, as well as get through tough financial times,” said the founder.

Furthermore, Sean Clark is known for moving his clients’ personal resources over to their businesses and guiding them to achieve six or seven times more in business credit. The expert is driven by his passion for changing people’s lives. “Making lots of money is great, and you can help a lot more people when you make more money, but the ability to help change someone’s life with your own brand is something that makes all the struggles of building a business worthwhile,” Sean shared. 

Sean Clark stops at nothing to bring nothing but the best results for his clients. His ability to spend countless hours studying his field overshadows everyone else in the industry. In turn, Sean’s clients quickly noticed his competitive edge, leaving them with the best possible impression one can have in credit repair. 

Before founding One Percent Credit, Sean Clark worked two jobs, six days a week. He used to be a valet, worked 12 hours a day, and struggled to make ends meet with his minimum salary. Barely getting by, Sean realized that he wanted to achieve so much more. So he researched through books, networking, and invested in mentors. Eventually, Sean found a way to build his brand and turned his life around.

“I was able to build a seven-figure repair and funding business from the ground up starting from no network, knowledge, or handouts, but with pure determination, belief, and the willingness to invest my time into obtaining knowledge I was able to do exactly what I wanted to do,” said Sean Clark. With his current influence, Sean aims to pay his success forward by uplifting others along with him in their financial journey. 

In five years, Sean Clark envisions himself with many other successful business ventures. One Percent Credit is merely the beginning of his entrepreneurial career. 

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Joshua Flanagan: Expert Financial Planner Advocating for Education in Securing Financial Freedom

Financial planning is an integral contributor to people’s future stability. It allows a person not only to create short and long-term goals but also enables them to identify the best ways to fulfill those goals. And in the financial planning and advice industry, Joshua Flanagan has emerged as a well-trusted authority credited for guiding countless individuals toward a more financially secure track.

This 11-year army veteran first started making big waves as a Supervising Agent at American Income Life, who was responsible for the training and development of insurance providers on his team. After three years of excellent performance in this role, he decided to take up the challenge of acting as the Assistant Vice-President at Citizens Investment Services in Newton Centre, Massachusetts.  

In 2019, Joshua Flanagan joined Commonwealth Financial Group, lending his expertise and experience to further establish this financial institution as a go-to firm by serving as its Managing Director. Commonwealth Financial Group, known for its over one hundred and fifty years of service, utilizes a consultative, systematic, and team-based approach to fulfilling its clients’ financial wants. And through an innovative process, its competent team of professionals designs financial blueprints to help clients create the most efficient path to financial confidence. 

As one of the firm’s leaders, Joshua Flanagan recruits, trains, and develops financial experts as they transition or start their practice at CFG and assist in developing and implementing business strategies. More importantly, this respected financial planner delivers impeccable services that are intended to maneuver clients toward financial freedom. 

Standing out among a sea of planners who dedicate their time and resources to selling their products, he focuses on educating clients on every aspect of their financial situation—what puts them at risk, the behaviors they need to adopt in order to achieve their financial objectives, to name a few—and does so in a comprehensive manner. At the core of his services is the genuine desire to see people evolve into well-informed decision-makers who are cognizant of every nitty-gritty of the financial strategy proposed to them. 

Since his rise in this particular field, Joshua Flanagan has received considerable acclaim for facilitating wants-based planning and his religious commitment to providing clients with an elite experience, both of which he manages to accomplish because of his drive to maintain a deep relationship with every person, family, and business that he serves. 

Joshua Flanagan is set to remain a devout advocate of education and empowerment in the coming years, believing that they are essential in securing financial freedom. Furthermore, he looks forward to seeing himself and his company developing a strong online presence in the financial education space as well as providing more high-quality services to a plethora of people. 

Above anything else, Joshua Flanagan aims to cement his reputation as a financial planner who did not come to dominate the field through commissions but by caring about his clients’ capacity to achieve their life goals.

For more information on financial planning with Joshua Flanagan, you may visit this website and their license page. Learn more about Joshua by going to his website, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Connect with him through his calendar, or give him a call at 857-260-0815 or send an email to Joshua Flanagan is a registered representative of and offers securities and investment advisory services through MML Investors Services, LLC, member SIPC ( Supervisory address: (101 Federal St, Suite 800, Boston, MA 02110 617-439-4389). 


Always Liquid Trades Educates and Empowers Traders in Securing Financial Freedom

For investing expert Michael Cerisano, the success he has found through his pursuits in the economic space was heavily dependent on his commitment to securing financial freedom and serving as his own boss and reliant on the dedication with which he approached the world of trading. Today, he is recognized as a power player in the industry and the founder of Always Liquid Trades, a platform that enables success for aspiring traders and investors.

At the core of Always Liquid Trades is the mission of educating individuals on how to achieve financial goals through trading. Since its establishment, it has equipped countless beginners with the knowledge and tools necessary to make lucrative moves. 

Through this well-respected stocks and options group, Michael Cerisano shares proven and tested trading techniques. Additionally, he jumpstarts any beginner’s career by imparting to them the fool-proof system he has mastered after four years of dedicated testing.

Cementing its name in the industry, Always Liquid Trades consistently delivers its promises to students. Not only does this brainchild of Michael Cerisano make it possible to ace the trading game with no unnecessary and costly training to get started, but it also allows those with non-existent experience to enter the commercial realm and see financial results relatively quickly. 

With its impressive roster of experts, Always Liquid Trades has distinguished itself from the rest of its peers in the highly competitive industry by easing the process involved in trading. On its edge, Michael Cerisano shares, “A major factor that separates Always Liquid Trades from other regular trading resources is its exclusive analysis and approach to the market. Our constant focus is on how to make more efficient trades that will maximize rewards and minimize risks. With this, our members get the needed guidance to develop risk management skills and their own type of strategy based on their specific trading behavior.”

On top of providing coaching on risk management, this go-to authority in trading also allows members access to its trading course, which teaches learners the same strategies that master traders and brokers have utilized. In addition, they have the privilege of tapping Michael Cerisano as well as his top traders. 

Members of Always Liquid Trades can expect, as well, to be supported through weekly live calls intended to analyze the different trading positions taken by the student, assess their performance, and delve into how learning insights from their trading decisions can be wielded to evolve into better traders. 

Every week, this trading group that specializes in stock and other major trading markets within the economic realm sends out weekly market results and daily signals from experts so that members can craft well-informed decisions. The provision of these pieces of information is grounded on the belief that data can drive profitable financial maneuvers. 

Hoping to help people secure financial freedom and a more stable future, Michael Cerisano and Always Liquid Trades will continue as reputable resources on the nitty-gritty of trading. In the end, he aims to be behind the success of thousands of members and elevate this purpose-driven group to greater heights. 

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Score Above 700 Educates Clients to Achieve Financial Freedom

Financial experts are very passionate about promoting the importance of financial education and financial management. From savings to budgeting, getting out of debt, and investing. Quite alarmingly, one of the most prominent reasons why many fail in the area of maintaining good credit is that people lack proper financial education. Score Above 700 wants to change this and promote the value of learning the basics of financial management to help individuals achieve financial freedom. 

One of the objectives of every credit repair company such as Score Above 700 is to help clients maintain good credit long-term. However, more than just earning from their excellent financial services, the company cares about its clients above anything else. The company’s expert analysts and financial advisers are all committed to establishing effective and long-term working relationships with their clients by exercising honesty, transparency, and accountability in everything that they do. This is the mark that makes the company stand out from all of its competitors in the country. 

Score Above 700 is well-known for its exceptional services, from credit management to consulting, education, and repair. They are known to be very thorough in the work that they do, making sure that they address every client’s past issues and help them maintain good credit in the present so that they can look forward to a better future. The company also offers charge-off removals, collection removals, inquiry removals, public records removals, late payment removals, student loan removals, and Chexsystems removals.

Company founder Mike Akhlaghi ensures every client’s success in credit repair by working with only the best analysts and financial advisers in the industry. Furthermore, he only employs the most effective approach when it comes to credit repair. Unlike many of its competitors that use disputes to repair their clients’ credit, Score Above 700 uses the most effective strategy – the challenge approach. Compared to the dispute approach, the challenge approach gets results within 24-72 hours from the time the challenge is submitted to major credit bureaus. In contrast, the dispute approach takes months before clients can see concrete and favorable results. 

The main reason why Score Above 700 is able to offer a money-back guarantee confidently is because of their formidable track record of 98% success rate. This is made possible by hard work, proper identification of the client’s financial issues, and the formulation of an effective game plan that will secure a better credit for the client. Mike Akhlaghi and his team never backs down from a challenge. Helping clients achieve peace of mind, and a fresh start is something that they do passionately. 

In the coming years, Mike Akhlaghi envisions Score Above 700 becoming an industry leader and a forerunner when it comes to implementing innovative and excellent strategies to repair credit. Mike and his team are aiming to make the company a household name when it comes to excellent credit repair services. With its impressive track record and high customer satisfaction rate, it is highly likely that the company will set the benchmark when it comes to effective credit management.

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McIntosh Credit Solutions Helps Clients Attain Financial Freedom

There are certain liberties that people can enjoy when they have excellent credit standings. Leveraging one’s credit scores is an important part of attaining full financial freedom. However, it’s undeniable that most Americans don’t even realize the importance of maintaining a good credit score. It’s a good thing that McIntosh Credit Solutions helps its clients in improving their credit, saving more, and paying off debt, allowing them to live life on their own terms.

CEO and Founder of McIntosh Credit Solutions, Matt Mcintosh, utilizes his expertise in credit repair to help over 700 clients get approval on their auto loans, mortgage loans, and business loans. After operating in the industry for two years, his company has eliminated millions in debt off clients’ credit reports.

McIntosh Credit Solutions takes a holistic approach to credit repair. They prioritize educating their clients to ensure long-term results that can be maintained for a lifetime. Matt fully understands the importance of education in improving his clients’ credit standings. His deep appreciation for education stems from knowing its sheer importance in success, and he has made it his mission to empower his clients with innovative solutions and unlimited growth potential.

McIntosh Credit Solutions has fostered an environment of trust in which people can have peace of mind knowing their future is in good hands. The company has a strategic plan for each client. Their tailor-made solutions guarantee success on all fronts. While other companies have this one-size-fits-all solution for all of their clients’ problems, Matt and his team know that each problem is unique and crafts personalized solutions for each and every client.

Every collaboration with McIntosh Credit Solutions is a client-focused one. They don’t only specialize in deleting negative items from their clients’ credit reports, but they also focus on action plans after they complete the job. They want to lead their clients toward financial freedom in the best way they can so that they can help them make better decisions to prevent them from getting bad credit scores thereafter.

The McIntosh Credit Solutions brand was built because of Matt’s love for his family. He wanted to start a family business so he can leave a legacy for his brothers and his kids later in life. Generational wealth has always been the motivation for the establishment of his company, and leaving behind a legacy has always been important for Matt Mcintosh.

In the near future, Matt hopes to better serve thousands of people and help them get whatever they need. Whether it be their dream homes, their dream cars, or business loans, McIntosh Credit Solutions aims to provide what’s best for its clients. It’s the same old mission, but on a far larger scale than ever before.

McIntosh Credit Solutions is the one-stop shop when it comes to anyone’s credit score needs. If the goal is to achieve financial freedom, then Matt and his team are readily available to help anyone in need. For individuals that want to improve their credit scores, Matt and his team do everything in their power to get it where they want it to be, helping them get their auto loans, mortgage loans, and business loans in the process.

Find out more about McIntosh Credit Solutions and everything they do by visiting their official website.