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SOS Anywhere Provides Users an Extra Layer of Personal Safety

With human trafficking on the rise by staggering numbers, the need for safety awareness is more important than ever. Over the last decade human trafficking has tripled. It is estimated that 20.9 million people are trafficked worldwide with 77 percent being women. We live in a technology era where many of our needs can be met at the click of a button. What if we could just as easily stay safe from predators? From the teenage girl leaving the grocery store alone at night to the single mom pumping gas with her child in the car or the senior who goes out for a morning jog and forgets her phone. It is easy to get distracted and often our surroundings are ignored.

SOS Anywhere is a new mobile emergency device that helps give safety, security, and peace of mind to the wearer. Without the need of a phone, SOS offers 24/7 protection everywhere you go. With the click of a button, alert up to 20 people of your exact location using any cell phone tower in the United States as well as in 213 countries. This GPS device is small, lightweight at only .88-ounce, and comfortable to wear with a silicone band. It is shock and waterproof resistant, meaning you can wear it anywhere your adventures take you.

The SOS Anywhere band medical alert system is only $3 a month with a one-time band fee of $97. SOS Anywhere is the most affordable emergency alert band on the market so you do not have to put a hefty price tag on peace of mind.

About SOS Anywhere:

SOS Anywhere’s new emergency alert band provides independence and peace of mind for thousands of seniors and their families in all 50 states. The company has dedicated its whole mission to bringing awareness in these uncertain times. 

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