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Shradha Agarwal Becoming a Leading Entrepreneur in Tech

Tech personality and serial entrepreneur, Shradha Agarwal, is driven by her lifelong passion for building organizations to connect people and information and align profit and purpose, having been introduced to business at the age of nine. She enjoys sharing stories, traveling internationally and exploring new cultures, food and music.

She earned a Diploma in Physics, Maths and Economics from United World College of South East Asia. During her time there, she engaged in such projects as, The Other Side HS Newspaper and Bombay Street Kids. She was also a United Nations Scholar, Interscol photographer and played Touch Rugby.

Shradha attended Northwestern University between 2004-2008, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Journalism, International Studies and Business Minor. During her time as a student, she was a member and took part in  

Northwestern Business Review (NBR), Institute for Student Business Education (ISBE), campusCATALYST, Mirch Masala Dance Troupe, Lotus Beat on WNUR 89.3FM, South Asian Student Alliance (SASA), Northwestern News Network (NNN) and was a Residential assistant (RA). 

Shradha’s full-time entrepreneurship journey began in June 2016 when she co-founded Outcome Health (formerly ContextMedia), a healthcare company that delivers lifestyle education to at least 30 million patients every month. As the president of a fast-growing tech company, Shradha is focused on product innovation, talent development and scaling operations. And as a result of her input over time, the company has doubled its revenue, profitability, and distribution year in year out while being recognized for its customer service, culture, technology-oriented, and purposeful leadership. 

In 2011, Shradha co-founded JumpStart Ventures to fund other inspired entrepreneurs who are executing ambitious solutions in healthcare, education and media communications and has since backed more than 40 companies with over $10 million in venture investments. 

After nearly a decade in the driving seat at Outcome Health and other investment companies, Shradha became a partner at SVP Chicago (Social Venture Partners Chicago) in 2014. SVP is a group taking an investment approach to philanthropy by pooling money, time and expertise to help non-profitable organizations grow and achieve systemic change. 

She also mentors entrepreneurs at Techstars, Impact Engine and Blueprint Health. Still, She is equally invested in the venture philanthropy model for scaling nonprofit solutions through SVP Chicago and Chicago Public Education Fund. Besides, she serves on OneGoal and Chicago Children’s Choir boards and supports youth education, women leadership, and civic engagement. 

Previously, Shradha was a Board Director at HY Connect and Board Member at Northwestern Student Holdings. During 2013-2015 she was also a Chicago Global Shaper at the World Economic Forum. 

Shradha is an active member of the following organizations, Chicago Council on Global Affairs, Impact Sphere, Executives’ Club of Chicago, Global Act, The Economic Club of Chicago, Young Entrepreneur Council. And in recognition of her works over the years, she was the recipient of the “2015 Chicagoness Award” (September 2015) given by the CEC for the deep commitment to developing the city’s ecosystem. She is also a “Champion of Change” by the White House (May 2013). At the Moxie awards in 2013, she won the Tech Woman of the Year 2013 

In December 2016, Shradha married Jayant Premkumar.

Connect with Shradha on Instagram to learn more. 


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