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Shawn Michael Fair Making Sure Independent Contractors Have their Finances Sorted out For Life

Never having to worry about money or finances is everyone’s goal, regardless of what they do. Unfortunately, one category of the labor force that barely has finances figured out is the independent contractor category, primarily because they have to handle everything all by themselves, in contrast to many blue-collar employees or workers in organized employment who often have insurance, pension and other perks. Finance professional and mentor Shawn Fair is committed to ensuring independent contractors that they never have to worry about their financial situations again.

Understanding the challenges of retirement or being out of work, Shawn Michael Fair set out to help as many people as possible fix the financial aspect of their lives to enable them to lead better lives. Being a leadership coach, mentorship expert and finance professional has brought him in close contact with thousands of people and has opened his eyes to their realities. Because of this, he understands what kind of help many people need. In his capacity as an agent with New York Life Insurance Company and a registered representative with NYLIFE Securities LLC (member FINRA/SIPC), a licensed insurance agency, he has achieved immense success since he joined in 2021.

Shawn Michael Fair’s role as a Series 7 and Series 63 license holder positions him to help individuals create financial strategies that work. He believes that people should put their money to work rather than just leave it sitting in the bank. He shows his clients what they can do with their money and recommends financial vehicles he knows will align with their best interests. “I have a strong desire to help people manifest their dreams by discovering their own resourcefulness. I’ve seen too many people use cookie-cutter molds for life, pursuing wealth, thinking that they will find life in wealth. I want to help individuals see that they each desire to live their lives uniquely and that they can create a financial plan and align their resources with the lives they want to live, not the ones that get advertised on popular tv channels and movies,” Shawn explained.

Shawn Fair is well-qualified to help people in the areas he has chosen. He has life and health insurance licenses and is licensed to practice in Michigan and Illinois. He is currently taking an MBA program at Cornerstone University to beef up his other degrees from University Liggett School in Grosse PointeWoods, MI (2014) and Kalamazoo College in Kalamazoo, MI (2019). His goal is to see everyone in business have assurances that their financial future is secure.

With a specific focus on self-employed individuals, business owners, contractors, entrepreneurs and their families, Shawn Michael Fair’s goal for the next few years is to set them on a path that empowers them to live their dream lives. “I want to see them open that bakery, clothing store, private practice, or restaurant that they’ve always dreamed of because if they do what they love, they’ll love what they do, and love makes the world go round,” he said.

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