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Shawn Michael Fair Making Sure Independent Contractors Have their Finances Sorted out For Life

Never having to worry about money or finances is everyone’s goal, regardless of what they do. Unfortunately, one category of the labor force that barely has finances figured out is the independent contractor category, primarily because they have to handle everything all by themselves, in contrast to many blue-collar employees or workers in organized employment who often have insurance, pension and other perks. Finance professional and mentor Shawn Fair is committed to ensuring independent contractors that they never have to worry about their financial situations again.

Understanding the challenges of retirement or being out of work, Shawn Michael Fair set out to help as many people as possible fix the financial aspect of their lives to enable them to lead better lives. Being a leadership coach, mentorship expert and finance professional has brought him in close contact with thousands of people and has opened his eyes to their realities. Because of this, he understands what kind of help many people need. In his capacity as an agent with New York Life Insurance Company and a registered representative with NYLIFE Securities LLC (member FINRA/SIPC), a licensed insurance agency, he has achieved immense success since he joined in 2021.

Shawn Michael Fair’s role as a Series 7 and Series 63 license holder positions him to help individuals create financial strategies that work. He believes that people should put their money to work rather than just leave it sitting in the bank. He shows his clients what they can do with their money and recommends financial vehicles he knows will align with their best interests. “I have a strong desire to help people manifest their dreams by discovering their own resourcefulness. I’ve seen too many people use cookie-cutter molds for life, pursuing wealth, thinking that they will find life in wealth. I want to help individuals see that they each desire to live their lives uniquely and that they can create a financial plan and align their resources with the lives they want to live, not the ones that get advertised on popular tv channels and movies,” Shawn explained.

Shawn Fair is well-qualified to help people in the areas he has chosen. He has life and health insurance licenses and is licensed to practice in Michigan and Illinois. He is currently taking an MBA program at Cornerstone University to beef up his other degrees from University Liggett School in Grosse PointeWoods, MI (2014) and Kalamazoo College in Kalamazoo, MI (2019). His goal is to see everyone in business have assurances that their financial future is secure.

With a specific focus on self-employed individuals, business owners, contractors, entrepreneurs and their families, Shawn Michael Fair’s goal for the next few years is to set them on a path that empowers them to live their dream lives. “I want to see them open that bakery, clothing store, private practice, or restaurant that they’ve always dreamed of because if they do what they love, they’ll love what they do, and love makes the world go round,” he said.

How Jennifer Pinkerton Empowers Individuals to Heal from Their Trauma

Harboring unprocessed emotional trauma can be damaging to any individual’s personal growth and relationships. It can also rob them of the opportunity to become the best version of themselves, have a productive career and have a thriving marriage. For these reasons, psychotherapist, writer, and motivational speaker Jennifer Pinkerton is dedicating her career to helping people suffering from trauma see their experience from the proper perspective so they can begin to heal and thrive.

The owner of Pinkerton Psychotherapy and host of the REDHEADREVEAL™ podcast is a well-known connection expert and emotional health advocate. She helps people reveal and understand their attachment wounds and unresolved emotional trauma that have been keeping them in survival mode for a great part of their lives. Pinkerton understands fully well that these unresolved issues in their lives tend to negatively impact their relationships and sexuality. 

Pinkerton offers online workshops and intensives to help her clients navigate their wounds. She is also best known for her love lessons that have effectively helped her clients develop better relationships and intimate experiences. In her podcast, she addresses the intricacies of developing personal resilience and discusses it with thought leaders who contribute to the topic. 

Her private practice in Houston, Texas, has allowed her to work with children, teens, adults, individuals, couples, and families who wish to elevate their life experiences by letting go of the pain in their past. Pinkerton Psychotherapy is dedicated to providing high-quality, thoughtful, and empowering psychotherapy and coaching services to its clients from all walks of life. The practice’s mission is based on the mindset to meet clients where they are and customize therapy and coaching to each person’s needs to provide the most opportunity for growth, self-awareness, and resolution.

Throughout the course of her productive professional career, Pinkerton has seen adults get stuck in life, unable to move forward due to their traumas in the past. Primarily, they cannot function in relationships and achieve connection, authenticity, and vulnerability. When left unresolved, relationships often become a casualty. 

“If we were taught love under difficult circumstances that dealt with betrayal, inconsistency, intrusiveness, unmet needs, lack of attunement, mental illness, abandonment, abuse or addiction, this shapes our emotional balance, and we seek to repeat the cycle. This inheritance doesn’t have to be accepted. We can create a new narrative of self-actualization and awareness, basically, a new story in your head that doesn’t encompass trauma,” Pinkerton revealed. 

As a professional psychotherapist and coach, Pinkerton believes that healing is not linear. People will repeat what they do not heal. That is why she believes in the value of engaging in an intentional transformation that allows people to create an entirely new narrative without discounting or invalidating the trauma that took place. Thanks to Pinkerton and her personal advocacy, her clients can begin to live more meaningful lives and return to the person they were born to be. 

Former Trump Attorney John Eastman Thrown Under the Bus

In a hearing before Congress, Trump’s conservative attorney John Eastman detailed how he helped the former President overturn the 2020 election. The strategy didn’t go unnoticed though as it only led to more scrutiny.

John Eastman is a former lawyer connected to the Claremont Institute think tank who helped plan Trump’s strategy for retaining power despite his defeat in 2020.

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Despite his association with the former President, Trump says he sees no reason he should defend Eastman, according to Rolling Stone.

Two sources close to the former President shared that Trump was not pleased with the attention focused on his former advisor John Eastman during these public hearings.

He has been distancing himself from his attorney since the hearing.

Eastman wrote a memo detailing a last-ditch plan for Vice President Mike Pence to block eventual president Joe Biden’s certification on January 6th, 2021, during the Congressional proceeding that was interrupted by Capitol riot.

It is interesting to note that despite the piling evidence of contacting Eastman for legal advice, Trump claims he barely knows the attorney.

Three unnamed sources have reportedly told the outlet that Trump’s legal team has advised him not to discuss attorney John Eastman, in order to minimize potential exposure.

Rolling Stone also reported that Trump loyalists are “fine with him being left out on his own, to deal with whatever consequences he may or may not face.”

The commission zeroed in on the attorney’s activities prior to Capitol Riot during the January 6 commission.

Mike Pence’s attorney claimed that Eastman made claims of Pence holding authority to reject the official election count in a White House meeting, two days before the riot. It would have opened the door to allow Trump to remain in the office, but Pence rejected the advice.

The committee got word that Eastman sought a preemptive pardon from President Trump, but he did not get one.

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A List of the Ten Best Restaurants in Portland

The restaurants in Portland are endless, and the residents take great pride in creating some of the city’s best dishes.

Widely renowned for its massive food cart scene, Portland also boasts a significant number of farmer’s markets and urban gardens that color the city.

With a plethora of options, we’ve narrowed down a list of ten of the best restaurants in Portland. 

Listed in no particular order

Can Font

Food lovers will welcome any kind of restaurant in Portland at a national and international level. The Pearl District is home to another international cuisine that features the best of Barcelona’s selections.

Can Font is a restaurant created by Barcelona native Josep Vidal, who introduces Americans to unique dishes that highlight wild fish, local meat, and the best produce of the season.

Among the selections that Can Font offers are the Squid Ink Paella, Saltejat de Bolets amb Pop i Llagostins (Seasonal Mushrooms, Octopus, and Langostinos), and Vieres amb Pop Poelé (Scallops, Octopus, Celery Root Chips, Iberico Ham, Creamy Peas).


  • Monday – Saturday: 5 pm – 10 pm


  • The restaurant is closed on Sundays and holidays


With the rising popularity of Middle Eastern restaurants, more establishments have arrived on the scene.

Tusk is a restaurant in Portland that pays tribute to Mediterranean cuisine, bringing in the freshest seasonal produce in the Pacific Northwest.

The restaurant can be found in Southeast Portland, opening its doors for dinner throughout the week and offering brunch on the weekends.

For brunch, Tusk’s Grain Bowl is a must-try.

The dish consists of argan oil, avocado, dukkah, egg, and sprouted barley.

Although Tusk doesn’t offer much selection for children, it offers biscuits and gravy as an alternative.

Tusk’s hours:

  • Wednesday and Thursday: 5 pm – 9 pm
  • Friday and Saturday: 5 pm – 10 pm
  • Sunday: 5 pm – 9 pm


  • Tusk is a no-cash establishment
  • Reservations are available for parties of seven
  • Tusk removed the voluntary tip line and added a service charge of 20%
  • Tusk no longer requires proof of vaccination
  • Happy hour is offered between 5 pm and 6 pm

Luc Lac

Asian-themed restaurants are nothing new, and Portland is abundant with them. However, Luc Lac is one establishment that manages to stand out.

Situated in downtown Portland, Luc Lac is a Vietnamese restaurant that has earned a strong reputation for offering selections at meager prices.

Despite the prices, the food delivers on quality.

Luc Lac offers a large portion of honey chicken paired with rice and spring rolls, along with chicken curry with vegetables.

The restaurant is best known for its secret family recipe pho, which compliments Luc Lac’s finest beers, cocktails, and wine.

Luc Lac is also a go-to establishment for late-night dining, opening until midnight on weekdays and closing at 4 am on weekends.


  • Lunch: every day, 11 am – 2:30 pm
  • Dinner: every day, 4 pm – 11 pm


  • Limited street parking
  • Luc Lac is a first-come, first-serve establishment
  • Luc Lac only serves parties that are complete. Early patrons will have to wait until the rest of the party arrives


Due to the plethora of restaurants, it can be difficult for some establishments to stand out, especially steakhouses.

However, G-Love is able to navigate the market with its unique model, pioneering the ‘reverse steakhouse’ trend in Portland.

Located in Northwest Portland, the restaurant’s vegetables are harvested at their peak and are served as G-Love’s main dish.

While the menu is predominantly vegetarian, the restaurant doesn’t identify as such, offering meat on the side.

G-Love also has a unique working relationship with Old Moon Farm, helping the restaurant create fresh fall dishes.

Many of the restaurant’s cooks double as workers for the farm, a testimony to the fresh vegetables picked earlier that day.


  • Wednesday and Thursday: 4 pm – 9 pm
  • Friday and Saturday: 4 pm – 10 pm
  • Sunday: 4 pm – 9 pm


Following the trend of Asian restaurants in Portland, Bhuna is an establishment in the city’s Northwest area that offers Indian cuisine.

Bhuna is known for crafting some of the most unique dishes using Pacific Northwest ingredients.

Some of its bestsellers include the Kashmiri Tomato & Eggplant rice bowl, made with Indian eggplant fried and stewed with tomato, Kashmiri spices, and mustard oil.

While Bhuna’s Indian soul food is its main driving force, the restaurant is also renowned for its happy hours.

Offering discounts on beer, rice bowls, and wine, Bhuna’s happy hour lasts from 11 am to 6 pm daily.


  • Wednesday – Saturday: 11 am – 9 pm
  • Sunday: 12 pm – 8 pm


  • Bhuna offers dine-in, take-out, and delivery


Sweets are one of the people’s favorite treats, and Hunnymilk is a restaurant in Portland that delivers them in abundance.

Located in West Portland, Hunnymilk boasts a colorful (and tasty) menu that reflects the chef’s love for sugar.

Selections include almond shortbread, astronaut strawberries, vanilla bean crepe with lemon-orange curd, and whipped ricotta cream, among many other selections, including drinks.

Patrons are also in for a treat as Hunnymilk serves a drink, one savory item, and a sweet item for the flat price of $26.

Hunnymilk serves brunch at the following hours:

  • Wednesday and Thursday: 9 am – 2 pm
  • Friday, Saturday, and Sunday: 8 am – 2 pm


  • Hunnymilk is a first-come, first-serve establishment
  • The restaurant’s maximum group size is six people


Portland is not only filled with restaurants but also food carts, and the Northeast area is home to one of the best carts in the market: Gumba.

Gumba has earned a reputation for delivering fresh food that’s so good that many patrons can’t believe it doesn’t have its own establishment.

While Gumba is only a cart, it offers a menu with extensive selections thanks to the chef’s creativity.

The chef exercises his creativity to produce various dishes, so the menu never retains the same selections.

Hand-cut pasta dishes are the only permanent fixtures on Gumba’s menu.

One of the bestselling pasta dishes is the Tagliatelle Carbonara – a delicacy topped with homemade burrata that combines cheese, breadcrumbs, chili oil, fried candied shallots, and sesame seeds to make a standout dish.


  • Mondays, Thursdays, and Sundays: 4:30 pm – 9:30 pm
  • Fridays and Saturdays: 4:30 pm – 10:00 pm


  • Gumba tends to sell out regularly, so don’t visit too late in the day
  • Open for dine-in or delivery
  • Stay tuned to the Gumba Facebook page for its spontaneous season dishes of the day

Screen Door Restaurant

A city like Portland welcomes all kinds of cuisines on a national and international level.

Screen Door Restaurant is an establishment on the Eastside that delivers on the classic Southern cooking and is renowned as one of the best weekend brunch spots in the city.

The restaurant opens its doors to patrons five nights a week, presenting them with a menu that strikes the right balance between simple and exquisite.

The Southern classic dishes include favorites like the Carolina pulled pork, fried buttermilk-battered chicken, and Low Country shrimp and grits, to name a few.

The menu’s selections include various heavy meals, but Screen Door also offers salads and vegetable dishes.


  • Brunch: every day, 9 am – 2:30 pm
  • Dinner: every day, 5 pm – 9 pm


  • Reservations are required
  • Weekend brunches are typically full

Podnah’s Pit Barbecue

Barbecues are a staple in America, and Podnah’s Pit Barbecue offers some of the best in Portland.

Based in Northeast Portland, Podnah’s Pit is known for its fresh, honest, slow-smoked, Texas-style barbecue.

The restaurant’s secret can be attributed to its use of 100% oak hardwood instead of electricity, gas, or charcoal.

Podnah’s Pit offers a variety of selections, including briskets, prime ribs, pulled pork, and sausages, to name a few.

The restaurant also has unique cocktail creations. One example is the Dr. Salty Pepper, which combines Aria gin, grapefruit, lime juice, Peychaud’s bitters, and a salted rim.

Podnah’s Pit also offers meals with huge portions that are big enough for two.


  • Wednesday – Sunday: 12 pm – 8 pm


  • The restaurant sometimes closes early if sold out
  • Podnah’s Pit offers a daily special and also typically sells out
  • The restaurant is open for a Tex-Mex BBQ brunch every weekend


Quaintrelle is one of the most unique restaurants on this list, giving patrons the option to take their meals outdoors.

Found in Southeast Portland, Quaintrelle offers an expansive lush outdoor patio that complements its exquisite menu, providing a unique ambiance.

The restaurant’s menu changes seasonally, but the locally sourced ingredients remain a permanent fixture.

Chef Riley brings a unique selection to the restaurant’s patrons, mixing global and Pacific Northwest ingredients to turn the season’s best offerings into elegant dishes.

Quaintrelle’s appetizers are renowned for highlighting the current harvest and offering choices like chili honey, smoked pecorino, sweet potato, and broccoli tempura.


  • Wednesday – Sunday: 5 pm – 10 pm


  • Reservation needed
  • Proof of vaccination required
  • Face masks are optional


Best Restaurants in Portland

A Second Attack Was Planned Following the Independence Day Shooting in Highland Park

The country is mourning after a gunman opened fire during an independence parade, killing seven and injuring many more.

Robert Crimo Jr., the father of suspect Rober Crimo III, told the New York Post that he hopes his son will serve a long sentence.

“I want a long sentence,” he said. “That’s life. You know you have consequences for actions. He made a choice. He didn’t have to do that.”

According to Lake County District Attorney Eric Rinehart, Crimo is charged with murder and those he injured.

“It’s vital to the healing of this community that every single victim receives justice,” said Rinehart.

Second planned attack, police say

It was revealed that after the Highland Park incident, Crimo traveled to Madison, Wisconsin, and contemplated a gunfight before deciding not to go. Highland Park residents paid tribute in the following days, and hundreds of people gathered for a candlelit vigil Wednesday night, carrying orange ribbons to signal gun violence awareness. While a gun was recovered near the crime scene, Crimo had an extra gun with 60 rounds in the car.

The FBI alerted the Madison Police Department on Monday afternoon, warning that Crimo was on the loose and could be in the area.

After Crimo’s arrest, officials said he went into detail about what he had done and admitted to his crimes in voluntary statements during interrogation.

First encounters with the police

Information has emerged showing that Crimo was able to purchase firearms in Illinois, despite two meetings with police in 2019. In April 2019, police received a complaint that Crimo had attempted suicide. They talked about him with him and his family and left the matter to mental health professionals.

Later, in September 2019, Crimo allegedly threatened family members and said he would “kill everyone.” The police seized 16 knives, a dagger and a sword from his collection.

The knives were just a collection, Crimo said. They were returned the same day. Since then, Crimo had legally purchased five firearms, including shotguns, pistols and possibly a shotgun, with a license granted to him by his father when he was 19. Crimo passed four background checks for its purchase.

Meta to Part With ABM Industries, Leaving Hundreds of Custodial Employees without Work

Meta recently terminated a contract with custodial staff at Facebook’s Silicon Valley headquarters, resulting in hundreds of job cuts in the coming weeks.

In mid-June, the company notified facilities management provider ABM Industries of its intent to terminate the contract effective July 25.

An ABM human resources manager wrote a July 1 letter to the department explaining that the decision will affect 368 ABM employees at 1 Hacker Way in Menlo Park, California, including kitchen cleaners, night cleaners, recycling sorters, cafe support as well as ten supervisors and seven managers.

“While the subsequent custodial vendor Meta has hired to perform these services may retain some or all of the ABM employees at this account, ABM has no independent knowledge of that vendor’s hiring plans,” the letter wrote.

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The decision to lay off employees comes as Facebook’s online advertising business has slowed due to several factors, including rising inflation, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and privacy changes from Facebook caused by Apple’s iOS.

Last May, Meta said it was slowing the pace of hiring after forecasting a possible year-over-year sales decline in the second quarter. However, the letter did not contain any grounds for termination.

A Facebook representative said the company plans to replace the provider with another company but did not say how many employees would be part of the deal.

ABM is a publicly-traded company that employs over 100,000 people. During its December conference call, the company listed Facebook, Google and Adobe among its customers. They also said that the companies mentioned were among those that expanded their presence in the office.

Inside Facebook facilities

Since the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, things have gotten much quieter on Facebook’s facilities. However, while the company planned to return to the office, employees had the option to work remotely permanently.

In May 2021, the company reopened its Bay Area offices to some employees.

Last week, CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that Meta would cut plans to hire engineers by 30% this year. Additionally, reports began circulating on Monday that Meta’s head of engineering had urged employees to identify and report “underperformers” because they were slowing the company’s performance.

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Amazon Labor Union to Extend Their Victory by Assisting Two Other Warehouses

In April, a group of Amazon workers in Staten Island, New York, successfully voted for a union, becoming the first US union at the company. They have since shown their support for other campaigns, most recently at two other warehouses.

The worker-led Amazon Labor Union has reached agreements to help workers organize and workers trying to organize in camps in Albany, New York, and Campbellsville, Kentucky, both of which are official branches of the union to provide financial support, according to ALU President Chris Smalls.

Recent developments show just how on the rise worker-led union campaigns are on the rise, which experts say raises the possibility that the ALU victory could boost union organizing in other camps.

However, they warn that the size of Amazon’s warehouses and Amazon’s well-funded union busting efforts will continue to be a major impediment to many labor campaigns.

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“This shows workers are coming together,” said ALU co-founder Jordan Flowers. “These workers want to see a union now, and they’re choosing ALU.”

ALU collaborations were first reported by More Perfect Union. Meanwhile, workers in Garner, North Carolina are currently in talks with them as their third location, according to Ryan Brown, an Amazon warehouse worker.

“We’re going to assist them 100%,” said Chris Smalls. “Whatever they need: resources, money, going out there.”

Amazon continues to voice its opposition to union campaigns, with spokeswoman Kelly Nantel sharing a statement.

“Our employees have the choice of whether or not to join a union. They always have,” said Nantel. “As a company, we don’t think unions are the best answers for our employees. Our focus remains on working directly to continue making Amazon a great place to work.”

The ALU was powered by a GoFundMe page that ran a month-long campaign at the Staten Island warehouse of 6,000 employees and recently became one of the biggest victories in the United States.

Although they won their case, Amazon filed an appeal with the National Labor Relations Board to overturn the decision, arguing that NLRB officials were biased towards workers and union leaders who bribed co-workers to obtain their support. The ALU denied the claims as the NLRB hearings continue today.

In May, the ALU lost a second union election at another Staten Island warehouse. The partnerships with Albany and Campbellsville are the first union campaigns after the Staten Island union.

Warehouse worker Matt Littrell said employees wanted Amazon to adjust to the busy work pace and uncomfortable heat in the building.

“The same issues come up time and time again, and they have for many years, yet the management is very apathetic towards those,” said Littrell. “We wanted to go with a union made up of workers and people who understand our unique environment.”

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One Out of Three People Took to Gardening during the COVID-19 Pandemic, Study Finds

Photo: Getty Images

Research from the University of Georgia revealed that the green industry—gardening and establishing plant nurseries—has seen massive growth during the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite this, the study’s proponents say that the boom may not persist after coronavirus restrictions are lifted.

With 4,200 participants, the study found that one out of three people started gardening in 2020 because they had to stay at home more. Others also installed new grass lawns and plant beds and started landscaping.

“You had low interest rates, so you had a lot of people refinancing, which gave them money to invest in their homes,” said Benjamin Campbell, lead author of the study and an associate professor in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. “You had people at home looking for something to do, whether by themselves or with their kids. That led to a huge demand for plants.”

But less than half of the participants also said that they don’t plan to continue gardening. At the same time, one out of 10 who began gardening in 2020 said that they intend to continue gardening, including 11% of Gen Xers and 13% of millennials and younger.

“We saw a lot of younger consumers come into the market because of the pandemic and because they were having to stay home,” Campbell said. “Plants have been shown to help with a lot of different things related to people’s psyche. Gardening not only gave people something to do, but it also gave them a little bit more happiness.”

A number of participants also cited food as their reason for gardening.

About 14% of respondents said they aimed to continue gardening in the future, especially with supply chain issues and worker shortages causing food shortages. In addition, there is a growing concern that supermarkets may not return to full capacity as they were before the pandemic.

Moreover, food costs are also going up, partly because of inflation. But, the cost of fertilizers and plants is also increasing for the same reason.

“Plants are not really a necessity, but if I’m thinking about building a bunker in the backyard, I’m buying seeds,” Campbell said. “If I go and buy a tomato plant, I have to keep it alive. If I have a seed, I just leave it in the bag until I need it.”

The study was co-authored by David San Fratello, a master’s of agribusiness graduate from the University of Georgia; William Secor, assistant professor in the Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics; and Julie Campbell, assistant research scientist in the Department of Horticulture. It was published by the American Society for Horticultural Science.

Four Benefits to Cycling

Over time, the road has seen more people trade their cars for bicycles, and while the environment can appreciate the switch, the body has also gained a couple of benefits. Cycling has become a bigger trend in recent years, and it comes as no surprise as exercise provides a lot of healthy benefits. 

While the physical aspect has been the main takeaway for interested bikers, cycling also presents mental health benefits. It can broaden one’s social circle, meeting new people on the road and at stops.

Cycling is beginner-friendly

With most exercises, it takes some time before you get the gist, but with cycling, it’s straightforward. Beginners can start riding at a low intensity and switch to high intensity when they want to feel the air. 

Cycling helps shed weight

While running has been most typically connected to losing weight, cycling can do the same. Riding at a high intensity has been one of the (not so) secret ways to get rid of the weight taking a toll on your confidence. In addition, it can help lower body fat, especially when switching the intensity of the sprint.

Cycling increases brain power

Sitting around the house can open the door to many negative feelings, and exercises are among the remedies to counter them. However, nothing beats the feeling of stepping out into the fresh air. Once on the road, your focus turns to the road and surroundings, leaving little to no room for the depression and anxiety to catch up.

Cycling prevents health concerns

Regular exercise prevents health concerns, and cycling is no exception. Research has suggested that regular cycling can manage and even prevent type 2 diabetes. It also lowers the mortality rates for people who have it by 24%. If cycling becomes a habit for at least five years, the mortality rate can decrease by 35%.

Cycling improves balance

When cycling, you have no choice but to keep the bike upright, leading to balance improvement. As we grow older and become more inactive, we lose some of our balance. Cycling can prevent that problem and often improve it as a result.

While the prospect of cycling is exhilarating, it’s important to remember to stay aware of your surroundings and wear the proper gear. In addition, you have to follow the traffic laws and stay cautious in intersections and busy areas. Commuters will also need to bring a change of clothes, especially if the office is some distance away.