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Serial Entrepreneur Edwin Carrion Making an Impact in People’s Lives by Leading Them to Success

Only a truly successful person recognizes the path to success and can help other people toe that path. Edwin Carrion has done it all from building a company from scratch, scaling the company, replicating the same with other companies and becoming a trusted authority figure in the real estate development business.

Edwin Carrion has built a name in the business world as a successful and respected businessman, and for over 20 years, he has left a trail of successful companies in his wake. His business journey started with E&D Development in 2002 after his military career in the United States Marines. The company developed and sold more than $30 million in real estate. After the real estate meltdown, and going bankrupt, he proceeded to establish Countrywide Gold Buyers, turned it into a franchise, and sold it. Right after that, his other companies Eco-Modern Custom Homes, MDC Transport, Technical Trading team, and  Upscale Development Group LLC, came to life.

As a well-versed businessman, Edwin’s roles have traversed multiple positions, including Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, President and Vice President of many significant privately owned companies. He’s also a certified expert in the operational management of startups, development, design, financial services, marketing services, capital financing, organization and strategic negotiation with client and vendor partners. These have made him notable in the business world and are evident in four of his most notable companies, which he built from scratch into companies making annual revenues of over $15 million.

Edwin Carrion is not just a successful businessman. His life trajectory has a defined path that got him there with his Bachelor of Science degree in Business and Construction Management from Florida International University (FIU) and his multiple state licenses like Certified General Contractor license, Mortgage Broker license, and Property and Casualty license from the State of Florida. The experience he has garnered over the years has helped him build successful businesses and helped other small businesses get off the ground. As a person passionate about education and mentorship, he’s playing an active role in building the next generation of successful business owners.

The forty-three-year-old entrepreneur spends his time teaching and motivating other entrepreneurs his success secrets and strategies. He wants as many people as possible to achieve financial freedom and live life to the fullest; he has committed his time and resources to help as many people as possible achieve that. His targets include entrepreneurs, people who want to live life to the fullest, and people looking for a second chance in life and want to get their finances right.

Edwin Carrion does not stop his work at mentorship; he also provides funding to budding entrepreneurs to kickstart their ideas. 

“I believe what I teach is real, and if you apply them to your business, there is no option of failure. I transform lives,” he said.

Over the next few years, his goal is to go around the world, speak and motivate thousands of individuals, and teach them how to live life to the fullest.

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