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Saydiburkhon Saydirasulov from Uzbekistan, on a Mission to Contribute to Global Digital Transformation

Saydiburkhon Saydirasulov
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There are a lot of brilliant and creative people working in the tech business, and they’re constantly pushing the envelope of what’s possible. It’s a field where the world’s smartest people join together to brainstorm solutions to pressing global issues and share information about cutting-edge technologies. Therefore, it is also one of the world’s most lucrative industries.

IT specialist and business development professional Saydiburkhon Saydirasulov in Tashkent, Uzbekistan is one of the few contributing to the growth of the global tech industry. 

Saydiburkhon Saydirasulov is serving as a business development executive at, a top rated app development company that helps tech startups and businesses with software development. He is also a member of Harvard Business Review as well as the Forbes Business Development Council. Saydiburkhon specializes in new business development, revenue generation, growth strategy, sales automation and IT startup acceleration. 

At Saydiburkhon Saydirasulov is responsible for planning and overseeing market initiatives. He communicates with businesses wanting to develop or upgrade their software and advises them on the best approach based on their business model. His daily work routine consists of meeting with business owners, managing a team of sales people and working on growth strategies. Furthermore, Mr.Saydirasulov has expertise in automation and has been able to attain a great deal of efficiency for the company by automating a plethora of tasks via AI tools which has also resulted in significant increases in sales. Saydiburkhon Saydirasulov has made a great deal of contribution to making Jafton number one app development company in NYC, Miami and top 3 in the US. He has worked with a number of reputable startups such as SHEIN and Allbirds. Many others have worked with Saydiburkhon on product development, market research, automation and growth strategy. From small businesses to multinational corporations, he serves them all. 

Saydiburkhon Saydirasulov is one of the few in the industry who can accomplish it to this degree. He has already helped numerous companies thrive by presenting them with novel solutions that will continue to pay dividends for years to come. He is certain that the advancements in IT should be put to good use, as they are the single factor most capable of bringing about significant social improvement.

Follow Saydiburkhon Saydirasulov on Linkedin and check out his Forbes Business Development Council page to learn more about his tech career journey.

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