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Santana Rodriguez Helping People Shape Up with New Fitness Show

Health and fitness have been gaining a strong demand as of late. And one show that has been gaining steady momentum is the award winning fitness television series “Shaping Up with Santana” by Santana Rodriguez.

Santana is an actress, TV host, cover print model, and fitness champion who is now putting on a new hat. The Puerto Rican slash Brazilian fitness personality has turned to television production as she launches “Shaping Up with Santana” on ROKU ,Apple and Fire TV. The show is now available for 24/7 streaming on-demand. With Santana’s new show, fitness enthusiasts can work out anytime they want, wherever they want.

The model and fitness coach is the former “Fitness Champion” of the ABA Federation show, “Miss Team USA Modelquest.” As a model, she has appeared in many publications, appearing on the cover of seven various magazines and getting a feature on thirty prints. Santana Rodriguez holds an Associate’s Degree in Fashion Merchandising and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Marketing. She is also a Certified Fitness Trainer.

Growing up, Santana would dream of becoming an influential television personality. When her father got sick and ended up with an amputated leg, she felt motivated to study nutrition and wellness. After bouts of leaving her family, she would later receive the blessing of her loved ones to move from Buffalo, New York to Los Angeles, California, to pursue her dream. Today, Santana has made a reputable name for herself in fashion, showing business and fitness.

The recently launched fitness program by Santana Rodriguez is taking the world by storm as people look for a safer fitness regimen as the COVID-19 crisis rages worldwide. “We are a fun health and fitness show with an emphasis on fitness dance exercise and nutrition tips,” shares Santana. “We cater to all individuals of different shapes and sizes that want to get in shape.”

The show features a live audience who will join the exercises in real-time, while a stream arrives on ROKU, Apple and Fire TV televisions and devices from the comfort of their own homes. The penned agreement with the two major streaming companies makes “Shaping Up with Santana” available to over 14 million subscribers on ROKU and 30 million subscribers on Amazon’s Fire TV. The show presents a very diverse crowd, establishing a robust international influence worldwide.

Also, the fitness show by Santana Rodriguez is free to watch, removing any form of friction for people who want to stay in shape. “Shaping Up with Santana” is available in an extensive collection of nations, including the United States, Argentina, Canada, Chile, Columbia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Brazil, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Japan, and India.

Santana has also acted in multiple plays and theatre productions over the years. In her spare time, she also plays a philanthropic role as a mentor in “Big Brothers, Big Sisters,” a Los Angeles-based non-profit organization that pairs adults up with young children for mentorship and coaching.

Santana hopes to keep giving back to the community. On many levels, she sees her show as advocacy. Through it, she helps people lead healthier lives, which will ultimately lead to happier living.

To learn more about Santana Rodriguez, visit her website as well as follow her on instagram @santanafit. You can also learn more and start joining “Shaping Up With Santana” by checking out the show’s website.

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