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Ronnie Cropper Relaunches Credit Score Education Platform CreditDash as a Mobile App

Having a good credit standing is extremely important in the American economy, but many individuals are still in the dark, not fully understanding what credit scores are or how they can raise them to leverage its many financial perks. Seeing the gap, Ronnie Cropper steps in with CreditDash, a platform that helps Americans with everything they need to know about credit scores and how to improve them.

On a mission to reach more Americans with the innovative solution, CreditDash will be relaunched as an app to make it more compact and accessible. 

“We’re relaunching CreditDash and making it widely available via a mobile app to continue the journey of assisting Americans who struggle to improve their credit scores and also to help make new entrepreneurs by giving them a platform to also assist other people in the US who struggle with obtaining the desired credit score and more importantly educating them on how to keep a credit score,” the CEO said. “Financial literacy is one thing that is overlooked in the middle to lower-income communities, and we want to make it easier to understand and more accessible to everyone by way of our platform,” he added. 

Before making his way into the financial technology industry, Ronnie played basketball and invested his earnings in the real estate market from 2007 to 2008, right before the market crashed. Inevitably, he lost some of his properties and faced some serious credit challenges. In trying to fix his credit scores, Ronnie only lost thousands of dollars on fraudulent credit repair specialists. “It was when a friend helped me actually do it the right way that I realized there was a need in the space, but I wanted to make it affordable for everyone using technology,” he said. Thus, the birth of CreditDash. 

On top of relaunching CreditDash, Ronnie is currently in the middle of creating a mobile fitness app geared to target busy entrepreneurs, especially those with taller than average height. Being an entrepreneur and an especially tall person himself, Ronnie understands how difficult it is to find the balance between a busy schedule and fitness and simultaneously find a program tailored for tall individuals. Ronnie is tackling both problems with his upcoming mobile fitness app.

“These two projects have become my passion for one primary reason–I enjoy helping people,” Ronnie said. Having gone through his fair share of challenges as he was navigating the technology and fitness industries, the entrepreneur realized that having a mentor would have made his journey easier, and he wants to be that mentor today for other aspiring entrepreneurs to improve their quality of life, both financially and physically. “So many people struggle with just the basic necessities because they don’t have the information or know where to get it from, so that’s where my passion comes from,” he said. 

Furthermore, Ronnie recently accomplished winning his division at the North American Championship bodybuilding competition in just his second show, making him an official IFBB professional bodybuilder and one of the few in the game at his height. 


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