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Richard Lynch Illuminates Hope with ‘High Above the Midnight Sky’

Richard Lynch Illuminates Hope with 'High Above the Midnight Sky'
Photo Credit: MTS Records

By: Randall Jones

Reverberating once again across the country music landscape, Richard Lynch hits the airwaves with a warmly comforting new single titled “High Above the Midnight Sky.” This follows his number 1 hit track “Thankful, Grateful, and Blessed,” listed by Cashbox Magazine in their Christian Country category. The new tune, lovingly co-created with James Erb, serves as a heartfelt tribute to the eternal radiance of the celestial array above, zestfully echoing the joys and hopes gained from such a blissful paradise.

Significantly entrenched in the country music scene for more than four decades, Lynch is no novice on the strings. His traditional and unfeigned sound makes his music relatable for lovers of country music. “High Above the Midnight Sky” yet again illuminates his renowned and lauded narrations, along with a display of passionate lyrics, garnished with his trademark soulful vocal pitches.

The song smoothly and absorbingly elucidates peaceful visuals while setting the stage for an immersive listening experience. It paints the night sky with stars depicted as “candle lights,” evoking an awe-inspiring perspective of tranquility and cosmic marvel. Accompanied by the placid strumming of the acoustic guitar, Lynch’s vocals rise smoothly, weaving a serene atmosphere echoing throughout the track. The tune blossoms into a depiction of a heavenly paradise where prayers find hearing ears, and angelic harmonies prevail. More so, it assures listeners of the potent power inherent in faith and the rewarding promises of eternity.

Richard Lynch Illuminates Hope with 'High Above the Midnight Sky'

Photo Credit: MTS Records

“High Above the Midnight Sky” stands as strong evidence to Lynch’s dedication to spreading messages of love and hope through his music, symbolizing his deeply-rooted faith in the divine. With each note and lyric, he eloquently shares his gratitude to God and his devoted fans for the privilege of gifting them his talent.

This latest offering nests comfortably on Lynch’s widely successful album, “Radio Friend,” which boasts tracks that have gloriously graced the UK iTunes Top 5 and notably charted on multiple radio airplay charts. These include heavyweight platforms such as Cashbox, Cross Country USA, PowerSource, and many others.

“High Above the Midnight Sky,” a product of Lynch’s artistic dedication, was recorded with the multi-platinum Beaird Music Group in Nashville. Under the watchful eyes of co-producers Lynch and Beaird, the track flourishes into a timeless piece of heartfelt country music.

Distinguished by his many honors, Richard Lynch’s humble crowns include being a proud member of the Ohio Country Music Hall of Fame, as well as the Independent Country Music Hall of Fame. Furthermore, his love for the country’s roots doesn’t stop at music. As an owner of Keepin’ It Country Farm in Waynesville, OH, and a co-founder of the Love Tattoo Foundation supporting veterans, he has marked his position distinctively both on and off the stage.

Ensuring accessibility for all lovers of soulful country music, “High Above the Midnight Sky” can be streamed and downloaded on all major music platforms. For more information about Richard Lynch and his captivating musical journey, visit his official website at Embark on this celestial journey with Richard Lynch and allow “High Above the Midnight Sky” to guide your heart to a place of peace, hope, and eternal joy, one note at a time.

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