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Rgb Cements His Status as a Fast-rising Versatile Pop Star with Latest Single “Diamond Eyes”

Music is a non-stop endeavor, and regardless of how one decides to look at it, one conclusion we can all agree with is that music is life. Indeed, for both the artist and the listeners, the sound, beat, lyrics, and message of the song go a long way to shape the actions and reactions of the listeners and, in turn, shape the world. And considering how important music is, the environmental factor in the creative process is one aspect one cannot undermine. According to fast-rising LA-based singer and songwriter rgb, there is a need for artists to expose themselves to new cities and culture while at the same time understand that the world is a big place with endless inspiration ready to be found. Therefore, artists should explore these endless possibilities as he did with the sole purpose of finding their unique sounds and creating that hit and timeless song.  

rgb is a singer, songwriter, and performer from the Bay Area, Washington DC, and currently resides in Los Angeles, actively pursuing a music career. Music for rgb began when he was a kid. Like any other Asian American kid, he started with classical piano and slowly transitioned into jazz piano while in high school. Once he had found his footing in music, he dabbled into songwriting. For the next few years, he focused on bettering his skills, culminating in releasing his debut single titled “Game Over” on SoundCloud in 2018 under the moniker Red Green Blue.

Describing his childhood and musical influences, rgb pointed out that being raised in both San Francisco and Washington DC gave him a unique childhood experience. In addition, being exposed to both the East and West coasts of the United States present a broad range of personalities and cultures. This 100% has played a role in the development of rgb as an artist and as a man.

Many of the artists I have met over the years still represent the same town that they grew up in. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this, but it does present a bit of a limitation. Artists need to expose themselves to new cultures and new cities. The world is a big place with endless inspiration to be found; having moved around the United States as a boy, rgb has his personal experience that he displays through his music.

After years of honing his skills as an artist, and since the turn of the new year, rgb has been active on the scene, especially with his transition into electronic pop and pushing for commercial success. In January, he released his first single for the year, titled “Moon Cheese,” and quickly followed that up with the release of his new hit song “Diamond Eyes,” which is a testament to the evolution and growth of the young artist through the years since he burst on the scene.

He released “Diamond Eyes” on July 4, featuring R&B/electronic music artist Kid April from Austin, Texas. Since its release, the single, which has enjoyed massive airplay, could go down in history as rgb’s biggest single of all time because not only does the single feature an established artist, it also showcased another dimension to rgb’s artistry, lyricism, message, and versatility. The song, which has been described as an “absolute banger” in three weeks of release, has become a summer anthem, and daily the stream and airplay continue to increase without pause.

Although rgb is creating music for a global audience, he primarily targets a young demographic of Gen Z because they are the target and foundation of his movement of pioneering a new generation of genre-blending artists and music lovers.

Connect with rgb on Instagram or stream his songs on digital platforms like Apple Music and Spotify.

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