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Powerful Speaker Anthony D. Shannon on Transforming Individuals Into Industry Leaders

Aspiring and established entrepreneurs worldwide believe that burning midnight oil enlightens the path towards success. Anthony D. Shannon disagrees. A sought-after authority in the business industry, among others, the influential speaker is determined to share hard-earned and foolproof techniques towards relevance that will transform anyone into a corporate powerhouse.

Recognized as a thought-provoking leader, Anthony D. Shannon, Sr., holds expertise in several subjects. He is a speaker, an author, a Pastor Prophet, and a mentor who has guided countless individuals into achieving their goals. With a lauded twenty-five years of experience in his career, Anthony is a well-respected figure whose strategies have continuously stood the test of time.

Born in Pontiac, Michigan, as an evangelical Christian, the brilliant leadership expert initially sought to follow his mother into the ministry. He completed a bachelor’s degree at Southern Christian University and a Master of Divinity degree at Southern Christian University. 

Although intending to walk the path of his faith, things turned an exciting turn when Anthony found a robust platform that would allow him to inspire a larger audience – the corporate world. Applying survival and winning techniques he developed over a challenging childhood, Anthony D. Shannon could spur a whopping 3,000 employees into positive action and productivity.

The number only continued to grow throughout the years until Anthony found himself perpetually cast in countless success stories. He developed an unmatched grasp on corporate leadership, casting vision, time, management, consultative business-to-business (B2B) sales, business development, and coaching during his career.

His interest in the latter came about when he realized a chance to inspire beyond his community after more than two successful decades. “When I was having so much success in my corporate assignments and working leaders after I retired, I saw the need was there to train and help leaders. So, I decided that was my purpose, and it was to continue and not die.”

Walking into the motivational speaking and training industry turned out to be one of the best decisions Anthony D. Shannon would ever make. Pouring in years of experience and mixing in his unique ability to be pedagogy and didactic, Anthony engages, encourages, and pushes leaders of all levels to realize their vision. 

As a certified speaker, training, and leadership coach by the John Maxwell Group and the Sam Chad Leadership Academy, Anthony has stood on overwhelming stages across the United States and wowed crowds with his genuine passion and world-class presentations.

However, his dedication did not stop there and began to snake its way out of national borders. To satisfy the growing demand for his services and talks, the award-winning speaker is now in partnership with the leading Fair Consulting Group. The exciting announcement will help Anthony build a larger platform to address his diverse crowd, which runs from corporate teams, sports teams, organizations groups to automotive groups and everything in between.

Sharing a message he often imparts to his audience, he says, “to live is to grow and to grow is to change; change is necessary for sustained success.” 

With fun, lively, and relevant sessions set in the future and new channels to explore through the Fair Consulting Group, Anthony D. Shannon guarantees gold-tipped results for the millions in the United States of America, Canada, and beyond. 

Furthering his cause, he has also written two well-received books and four manuals on “leadership.” Anthony recently released his latest work, “Live Generously,” and is currently climbing the charts as a respected author on Amazon and Kindle. 

Learn more about Anthony D. Shannon, Sr. and his awe-inspiring purpose. Stay updated on his journey with Fair Consulting Group as he fulfills this purpose and transforms dedicated individuals into industry leaders across all platforms. The celebrated motivational speaker is available on his official website

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