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Mukesh Asopa explores experimental ideas and out of the box themes in his movies.

The best films, as is well known, share a few important characteristics: concise storytelling, excellent acting, an innovative concept, and spectacular aesthetics. And similarly the best directors and producers – who have a keen eye and will to combine all these characteristics and bring concepts to life. Mukesh Asopa, a trailblazing filmmaker from Canada is a great example of such an artist, who has gained mass popularity for his unique approach and become a pioneer in the Canadian as well as international market. 

Most of Asopa’s films explore big philosophical concepts which makes him remarkably consistent in his favored themes. One of his most obvious passions is society: how it works, how it becomes corrupted, and how our actions and prior experiences mold and even create what we call “reality.” Two of his films – The Taste of Relation and Depth of Pyaar are the most explicitly interested in the topic reflecting a  great two-shot of a shared moment between two characters that sums up their strange and convoluted relationship. Other works by Asopa include movies like Bloody Romeo which explores the serious subject of suicides, Chambers Gate which addresses the political and system corruption prevalent in today’s day, Zombie Beach, that on a lighter note has a unique concept of multicultural zombies. The upcoming movies announced by Asopa are Postal Code, Sri Dungargarh, Untitled Horror Movie.

A film must be more than technically proficient in order to have meaningful social influence. It must be able to broaden our understanding, shift our perspectives, and motivate us to take action. And for that to happen Asopa incorporates such components that make his films memorable.  But behind these iconic artworks are some surprising approaches and ideas that form the foundational process of bringing these masterpieces to the screens. 

Asopa’s films naturally mix some of the most emotive aspects from different artistic mediums into a spectacular smorgasbord of sight and sound. Through literal or abstract visuals, juxtapositional editing, and innovative use of sound design, he expresses emotions, ideas, concepts, and almost anything else. The degree to which he combines a varied variety of components to evoke or express emotion or philosophy is outstanding, and it is what distinguishes him as one of the industry’s most experimental filmmakers.

“Film is special as a medium because it depicts life in a way that other forms of art, such as painting or photography, cannot. The film is the only medium that can depict time, duration, and motion, bringing it the closest to capturing life itself.” Abiding by this, Asopa has and vows to explore his artistic capabilities and tap into the magnificent power of films – influencing people one movie at a time. 

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