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Motivational Speaker, Actor, Influencer and Business Owner Nick Laureano Shares His Passion and Drive with the World

Nick might only be twenty-six years old. But at a young age, he’s already achieved many feats. As a motivational speaker, actor, influencer and owner of a clothing brand called Only the Motivated, he’s making a mark in the world. 

Nick Laureano was born in Brockton, Massachusetts. While things haven’t always been easy for him growing up, he has always been driven by his pain and past experiences. All his good and bad experiences lead to him becoming a keynote speaker who influences those who want to find their “why” in life. “Everybody has an inspiring story to share, but some don’t realize their script is still being written daily,” says the multitalented influencer. “On the verge of putting myself in positions to continually win and uplift others along the way.” His mission in life is to influence, inspire, motivate and be a beacon of light for those finding their way.

Nick Laureano’s content and image are valuable because of the work and reflection he leaves on humanity, which speak for the influencer and speaker. In his eyes, when a person gains traction or momentum in his journey, others start to notice their moves and are inspired by them.  “Every step I take on my journey, others seem to want to follow my lead as I’m huge and leaving an impact. People resonate with my motivational videos, powerful speaking and energy I give off. You have to be proud of every step you take in life because most of us thought we’d never come back from such extreme measures”, says the passionate motivational speaker.

The content of this dynamic motivational speaker continues to rise, empower, and spark a change in every individual who watches it. Every day he would get messages on how he inspired someone who was feeling stuck or stagnant in life, and that alone is his “why.” “My goal is to be one of the most recognized influencers leaving a mark on humanity in such a positive light while chasing my dream as an actor,” says the multi-talented actor. His target audience is all who feel complacent with the way their life may look in the present moment. 

Anyone who follows his journey and watches his content daily can easily find inspiration in the young influence. Nick Laureano is very known to have a competitive spirit and resilience to not settle for less than what he deserves. He believes that all have a reason for continuing to strive through life, but for him, no matter how good or bad his life is at the moment, he will not get outworked in anything he does. 

In five years, he sees himself as one of the most significant upcoming actors and motivational speakers of this era. Leaving his mark and legacy in humanity, being remembered as the guy who never gave in to the stigma that he had to settle for others wanted him to be but decided to push forward on his own terms. Although Nick Laureano is very competitive, he still sees himself having his own family, owning real estate across the world, and continuing to be a great influence across the world.

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