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Meet J.J. Hebert, the USA Today Bestselling Author Helping Authors Market Books Alongside Celebrities

Authors face many hurdles on their journey to getting published, but it’s arguably even more of a challenge reaching a large audience with a book. New authors or independent authors face the biggest uphill battle in finding a readership because they have to build a brand from scratch. But this doesn’t have to be a long and arduous journey if done right. Enter J.J. Hebert and his agency MindStir Media, providing a solution to not only publish a book faster but promote it to the masses as well through celebrity marketing.

Last year, for instance, J.J. Hebert teamed up with a couple notable celebrities to help promote books. The first one was Mariel Hemingway – actress and granddaughter of Ernest Hemingway – who writes the foreword for select books and films an endorsement video. More specifically, J.J. offers an influencer package through MindStir Media centered on Mariel Hemingway promoting a book on Youtube and also a publishing package that includes every piece of the publishing process along with Mariel’s foreword and video. As an Oscar-nominated actress and bestselling author, Mariel Hemingway is the perfect fit for authors trying to reach a large audience with their fiction or self-help books.

J.J. also partnered with Kevin Harrington, one of the original Sharks on ABC’s Shark Tank. Kevin is known for generating billions of dollars in sales from his products and businesses and he is a USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author to boot. So, like Mariel Hemingway, Kevin helps authors promote books through an influencer package and publishing package of his own. Kevin Harrington is an ideal fit for helping promote business-related books. The Shark Tank connection can be invaluable to an author trying to get noticed in a crowded market.

In 2022, J.J. Hebert established business relationships with Daniel Baldwin and Kate Flannery from The Office to round out his celebrity roster. Both celebrities offer influencer packages through MindStir similar to those by Kevin Harrington and Mariel Hemingway. Baldwin and Flannery use the power of video to promote books on YouTube. They do not write forewords at this time or have a publishing package devoted to them. Daniel Baldwin is, of course, one of the brothers of Alec Baldwin. As noted on the MindStir Media website, Daniel Baldwin is a good match to promote horror, suspense, thriller and other mainstream genres. Kate Flannery, who plays Meredith on The Office, is perfectly aligned with comedy or funny books, including humorous fiction. 

J.J. Hebert and MindStir Media have additionally been praised by Tom Arnold and Gary LeVox from the Rascal Flatts. J.J. founded MindStir in 2009 and has grown the brand into an award-winning book publishing and marketing company. The International Business Times hailed MindStir Media as the best book publisher in Los Angeles and J.J. as the Entrepreneur to Watch in 2021. Authors looking to publish and/or promote their books can contact J.J. Hebert through his Instagram or MindStir Media.

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