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Liram Sustiel and How He Built His Exotic Car Empire

Very few people are lucky enough to discover their passion and purpose at a young age. However, Liram Sustiel’s humble circumstances as a kid and his love for Jordan shoes opened his eyes to his business talents. As children, most of us probably have been told “No” when asking for the latest toy, the trendiest shoes, or the newest gadgets. But, Liram took matters into his own hands and started selling candy to his classmates in elementary school.

By 5th grade, his candy business grew into an empire, and he managed to save up enough money to finally buy himself a pair of Jordan 12 Retro Flu Game sneakers – a challenging feat for a 10-year-old. Throughout high school and college, he also found side hustles like burning and selling CDs and DJing for events and parties. At this point, Liram already knew he had a knack for business, and he enjoyed the challenge and fulfillment of working.

All these experiences led Liram, also known as Lee, to eventually find the business and industry that was most suitable to him. He is currently the owner and CEO of the mph club, a one-stop shop for exotic and luxury cars. They sell, rent, manage, and deliver their curated high-end collection of vehicles to affluent clients in South Florida. Under their fleet, you can find luxury brands such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, Rolls Royce, and many more.

Established initially as a car rental company in 2011, Liram has since expanded into delivery and sale. He further branched out the business to include yacht and jet charters, chauffeur services, and even a membership program for their VIP clients to have exclusive access to their exclusive collection. Truly a visionary businessman, Liram has maintained the quality and service that solidified his position in the business industry in the first place. He is highly detail-oriented and customer-centered in his plans for his business, anticipating any potential demand in the market and presenting a solution with his services offered.

mph club often has early access to brand-new exclusive vehicles. As a result, membership in the club has become highly sought after by world-famous celebrities, artists, athletes, and executives. Liram also attends exhibitions, and car shows to display his drool-worthy collection. This month, the mph club attended Supercar Saturdays Florida and Exotics at Dania Pointe. Talk of his star-studded car collection is at a level where even the mph club showroom is rented out for various types of creative productions. 

Liram’s passion for exotic vehicles, combined with his business talents, led to him creating this progressive business model and turning his interest into a highly profitable venture. In an interview, Lee mentioned that his 5-year plan for the mph club is to branch out to more locations such as Vegas, New York, and Atlanta. Fueled by a spark ignited when he was a young boy, Lee continues to dominate the exotic car industry. He believes that anyone willing to put in the time and work can achieve high levels of success. Backed by drive and passion, such a belief that worked well for him will surely inspire other aspiring entrepreneurs.

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