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Nicki Aycox passes away, Supernatural creator grieves

Nicki Aycox is one of the most underappreciated names in entertainment, having starred in several films and series throughout her career.

She is most associated with Eric Kripke’s CW series, Supernatural, which made her a popular figure among fans.

However, Nicki Aycox passed away last week.

The news

Susan Raab Ceklosky posted the news on Facebook on November 17, revealing Nicki Aycox had passed away.

“My beautiful, smart, fierce, incredibly talented, and loving sister-in-law, Nicki Aycox Raab, passed away yesterday with my brother,” Ceklosky wrote.

“Nicki and Matt had a wonderful life together in California.”

“She was definitely a fighter and everyone who knew her loved her.”

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It was only last year that Nicki Aycox revealed to fans that she had been diagnosed with leukemia.

She wrote the announcement online and said:

“I want everyone to know I’m doing incredibly well and fighting my way thru [sic] chemo.”

Additionally, Aycox shared updates on her treatment with her fans after the diagnosis.

The Supernatural actress often exhibited a determined spirit, strength, and sense of humor to ensure her fans were never downtrodden.

Leukemia took her too early at the age of 47 last week.

Reaction to the news

Supernatural creator Eric Kripke expressed his grief on Twitter.

“Gutted to hear the great #NickiAycox, our first#MegMasters, passed away. Too young,” he wrote.

“She was a delight & delivered lines like honey & venom. I marvel at how she made a simple word like ‘lackluster legendary.”

Meanwhile, Bobby Singer actor Jim Beaver also grieved Nicki Aycox on Twitter by saying:

“My first Supernatural episode was with Nicki. She was a terrific actress and a delightful colleague. Im [sic] so sad to hear of her death. Sleep well, my friend.”

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Memorable works

Nicki Aycox began her career with a role in an episode of the 1996 Weird Science series.

Afterward, she took on several projects.

However, her most notable appearance was in the first season of Supernatural as the demon Meg Masters.

While Aycox has appeared in several projects, she is best known for acting in the horror genre.

Her most well-known works include:

  • Jeepers Creepers 2 (2003)
  • Dead Birds (2004)
  • Perfect Stranger (2007)
  • The X-Files: I Want to Believe (2008)
  • Joy Ride 2: Dead Ahead (2008)
  • The X-Files, “Rush” (1999)
  • Dark Angel, “…. and Jesus Brought a Casserole (2001)
  • The Twilight Zone, “Sanctuary” (2002)


Nicki Aycox, ‘Supernatural’ actress, has died at age 47

Liram Sustiel and How He Built His Exotic Car Empire

Very few people are lucky enough to discover their passion and purpose at a young age. However, Liram Sustiel’s humble circumstances as a kid and his love for Jordan shoes opened his eyes to his business talents. As children, most of us probably have been told “No” when asking for the latest toy, the trendiest shoes, or the newest gadgets. But, Liram took matters into his own hands and started selling candy to his classmates in elementary school.

By 5th grade, his candy business grew into an empire, and he managed to save up enough money to finally buy himself a pair of Jordan 12 Retro Flu Game sneakers – a challenging feat for a 10-year-old. Throughout high school and college, he also found side hustles like burning and selling CDs and DJing for events and parties. At this point, Liram already knew he had a knack for business, and he enjoyed the challenge and fulfillment of working.

All these experiences led Liram, also known as Lee, to eventually find the business and industry that was most suitable to him. He is currently the owner and CEO of the mph club, a one-stop shop for exotic and luxury cars. They sell, rent, manage, and deliver their curated high-end collection of vehicles to affluent clients in South Florida. Under their fleet, you can find luxury brands such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, Rolls Royce, and many more.

Established initially as a car rental company in 2011, Liram has since expanded into delivery and sale. He further branched out the business to include yacht and jet charters, chauffeur services, and even a membership program for their VIP clients to have exclusive access to their exclusive collection. Truly a visionary businessman, Liram has maintained the quality and service that solidified his position in the business industry in the first place. He is highly detail-oriented and customer-centered in his plans for his business, anticipating any potential demand in the market and presenting a solution with his services offered.

mph club often has early access to brand-new exclusive vehicles. As a result, membership in the club has become highly sought after by world-famous celebrities, artists, athletes, and executives. Liram also attends exhibitions, and car shows to display his drool-worthy collection. This month, the mph club attended Supercar Saturdays Florida and Exotics at Dania Pointe. Talk of his star-studded car collection is at a level where even the mph club showroom is rented out for various types of creative productions. 

Liram’s passion for exotic vehicles, combined with his business talents, led to him creating this progressive business model and turning his interest into a highly profitable venture. In an interview, Lee mentioned that his 5-year plan for the mph club is to branch out to more locations such as Vegas, New York, and Atlanta. Fueled by a spark ignited when he was a young boy, Lee continues to dominate the exotic car industry. He believes that anyone willing to put in the time and work can achieve high levels of success. Backed by drive and passion, such a belief that worked well for him will surely inspire other aspiring entrepreneurs.

Scotty Austin to Release Single “Money” on Black Friday 2022

Former Saving Abel frontman Scotty Austin is going solo and will be releasing his single “Money” on Black Friday 2022 through Stryker Records. Scotty worked closely with the best of the best in the music industry to make the single happen. “Money” was produced by multi-platinum Nashville producer Malcolm Springer, who is a well-known arranger, writer, engineer, and sound mixer. It will be distributed by Ingrooves, a company under the Universal Music Group. 

Best known for his exceptional depiction of the rock genre, Scotty Austin is expected to attract a new breed of music fans as he goes solo. His many years spent as the lead singer of Saving Abel have allowed him to mature as he constantly improved his craft to give his audience a new experience each time he goes on stage. Over the past years, Scotty has successfully established himself as a respectable name in the rock genre, and all his hard work resulted in a rare project involving the number one video game soundtrack of the very famous game Dead Rising alongside the band Supernova Syndicate. 

Apart from being a distinct vocalist, Scotty is also an exceptional guitarist who has collaborated with different producers and musicians in Nashville, which eventually led him to become the band leader for Jonathan Singleton, one of the most prominent singer-songwriters in Nashville. Scotty was also able to play lead guitar in the band Full Devil Jacket when it released its second album, Valley of Bones, in 2014.

Interestingly, Scotty’s talents do not confine him to the rock and roll genre alone. He is very versatile and can sing other genres, such as the blues. In the early 2000s, he represented Memphis, Tennessee, in the International Blues Contest and landed the fourth spot. Not long after the International Blues Contest, he worked with Ash Bowers, Jason Aldean’s Broken Bow Records, and Stoney Creek Records. Sometime later, Scotty decided to step out of his comfort zone and established his own rock group that came to be known as Trash the Brand. In just a matter of a few weeks, the band was already playing for packed venues, which quickly attracted the attention of personalities in the music business.

Before Scotty knew it, he was approached and offered to be managed by Jeff Hanson, the former manager of Creed, Paramore, and Sevendust. Eager to take his career to the next level, Scotty asked Hanson to put him on the show with Saving Abel. In one particular concert, Scotty was given the opening role. Impressed by his phenomenal performance, Scotty was later asked to lead Saving Abel. He immediately agreed and did it for eight years. 

Apart from being a gifted and multi-talented artist, Scotty is a committed family man who enjoys spending time with his wife, Courtney and their two children. He draws a lot of inspiration from his family to get his work done, with times becoming tough. Being a full-time dad to his children is something he considers the biggest accomplishment of his life. 


Get To Know the Vibrant People of New York Through Extra Edsta’s Surprise Street Interviews

We usually go about our daily lives without giving the strangers on the street a second glance, much less talking to them. The years of quarantine caused by the pandemic also did not help improve our social skills. Instead, we have become more comfortable keeping our interactions in the digital realm.

Despite this invisible wall, New Yorker Edsta throws caution to the wind, bravely approaches strangers on the streets, and asks them random questions in his online show, Extra Edsta. With his creative questions, his viewers get to see the colorful and interesting people of New York. Furthermore, Edsta having no specific criteria in choosing his interviewees allows the audience to see how similar and different everyone is, ensuring that everyone can find some answers they can relate to while making them think about how they would respond.

Edsta visits popular hangout places all over New York to film his content. He is able to elicit genuine and raw reactions from his unsuspecting respondents, with his questions ranging from funny and light to emotional and personal. Any viewer would have probably been left with a big smile and a full heart after watching his “How Happy Are You” video, where the social media personality asks questions that make the interviewees and viewers acknowledge the things they are grateful for in life. Indeed, hearing other people give out high ratings because of small things we take for granted puts things into perspective for many viewers and respondents.

The video that gave Edsta the most views on his channel was when he asked strangers to rate their appearance on a scale of 1 to 10. This video racked up over nine million views on TikTok, with his other videos reaching millions of views. Expanding his reach to various popular social media platforms, Edsta also releases more bite-sized content on TikTok and reserves his full-length videos for his YouTube channel, both equally engaging and fun to watch. In addition, he regularly uploads new content on his TikTok and YouTube accounts, keeping his YouTube subscribers of almost 7,000 and TikTok followers of 20,000 updated and thoroughly entertained.

Edsta gives credit to content creators all over the world who inspired him to adopt the unexpected crowd-sourcing format. “I was inspired by content creators from abroad and took the initiative to go out on the streets of New York City and interview strangers on my own,” shared Edsta. “Sometimes, I am able to put a smile on people’s faces, and I want the viewers to get a sense of satisfaction from that,” he added. 

Edsta has set a personal goal of reaching 10,000 subscribers by the end of the year. By continuously exploring and trying to keep the questions as random as possible, Edsta will be able to hook more viewers and keep all his followers waiting in anticipation of the next update. Let’s hope that citizens of the Big Apple are also ready to answer the questions when they see the signature Extra Edsta microphone.