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LaDeidra Stokes-Roberts Raises Strong Kids and Families With Mental Health and Education-Focused Coaching Techniques

Entrepreneur, mental health counselor, and kid’s life coach LaDeidra Stokes-Roberts, a visionary in her own right, is taking significant strides in providing innovative and holistic mental health, educational, and life coaching services with her programs, enriching the lives of children and families across the country with RBS Counseling & Educational Services

Championing the need to build engaging and fun activities for children and their families and highlighting the importance of mental health in raising a new generation of individuals, LaDeidra created her programs to fill an apparent lack in her community and give back using her skills and expertise. Among her programs are back-to-school care events, mental health and wellness forums, self-workshops, educational workshops, addressing a broad audience through radio and podcast interviews to amplify mental health advocacy, and many other activities. A part of her efforts is also providing RBS fidget boxes and bags meant to increase productivity and improve the ability to fight distractions among children who struggle with focusing, anxiety, stress, frustration, excitement, restlessness, and impatience. 

RBS Counseling & Educational Services has been instrumental in improving the rate of success among children through educational and life coaching, training, and workshops. LaDeidra has made it her mission to equip the next generation of leaders to become innovative thinkers and independent minds unafraid of challenging the status quo. 

LaDeidra’s impact on her clients is incredibly evident, and some of them now consider her not only as a coach and mentor but as a part of their family, as she had such a massive impact on children.

“Since the pandemic, we have been accepting adults and couples for services. One of the unique attributes of the program is being able to utilize the child’s interests and strengths to enhance the session,” said LaDeidra. “There are a lot of hands-on activities and fun activities completed during each session that connects education and life coaching. The program provides education, life coaching, and trauma-informed care training to educators and human service providers,” she added. 

The RBS Counseling & Educational Services programs are also available in face-to-face, mobile, virtual, and group sessions to provide people with the medium they are most comfortable with. In addition, her innovation is recognized for utilizing the children’s interests and strengths to dictate the flow of the session instead of creating a one-size-fits-all approach for all of them. 

“I wanted to turn my passion, talents, and interests into a business venture to serve others,” LaDeidra said, sharing what drove her to tailor programs that now change countless lives for the better. “I decided to build my own brand when my mother passed away in February 2016. She enjoyed helping others in her community, so I wanted to continue her legacy of helping others,” she explained further.

Seeing her late mother inspire others, even strangers she barely knew, fueled her passion for empowering people too. She wants her story to inspire others and understand that they, too, can turn their passion, talents, and interests into something bigger capable of changing not only their own lives but the lives of many people. 

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