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Jetall Companies Inc. Raises the Bar Higher in Texas’ Real Estate Scene

Residential and commercial real estate are by far some of the most challenging industries to be in. But Jetall Companies Inc. has thrived in the environment for over six decades. The company has played a pivotal role in shaping skylines across major cities, particularly in Texas, and aims to continually serve business owners, families, and individuals through its commitment to excellence. 

Established in 1961, Jetall Companies Inc. is a premier family-owned real estate investment and management company. It first served clients in London, England, but eventually made its way to American soil, expanding its vision and commitment to helping more people through innovative business strategies. Jetall made notable acquisitions in the United States and finally decided to move its headquarters to Houston, Texas, until it grew into the largest private owner of commercial office spaces in the area with nearly 2,000,000 square feet. Besides commercial spaces, Jetall has also developed over 250 high-end homes.

Achieving great milestones in real estate, Jetall Companies also expanded and established itself as a leader in the venture capital industry. The company creates additional value from buying and selling assets, priding itself on the ability to execute and transact faster than any other competitor in the market. To topple others in its field, Jetall developed systems with its uniquely efficient acquisition process, which allows them to streamline how they contract properties. 

In addition, Jetall also invests in various real estate opportunities in terms of property-level equity, debt, and special situations transactions. The company focuses on investment opportunities where it can differentiate insights and relationships where it can add value. 

Jetall is currently led by its CEO, second-generation entrepreneur Ali Choudhri began his entrepreneurial venture as a realtor at the age of 16. Going through various challenges over the years, he has learned the value of innovation in ensuring that a business stays on top of its game. Choudhri has acquired over two decades of experience in real estate, which he leverages to further propel the standing of Jetall in the industry.

“What I like about real estate is this vision not to see things as they are but what they can be,” Choudhri shared. The CEO further expounded on Jetall’s expansion across global and national markets, understanding that knowledge is power in the real estate industry. 

Jetall has succeeded in developing over 30 commercial retail centers. All its developments are vertically integrated, allowing the company to handle all phases of the project and establish them with its signature quality.

“I’m passionate about economic growth and employment through real estate development and value creation. I wish to provide solutions that support the changing needs of businesses in our communities,” shared Choudhri. “I see Jetall as a company that will continue to add value to communities by buying or building assets. If you need A-Class office spaces in Houston, Austin, or other major Texas cities, Jetall Companies will be the best resource. We know our market and have created innovative, vertically integrated systems to take on any construction, leasing, and/or property management project.”

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