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How to Make It in Real Estate, According to Aleksandr Pritsker

Working in real estate opens the doors to many incredible opportunities, but those opportunities don’t typically appear overnight. Instead, professionals must put everything they have into what they’re doing to gain a positive reputation within the industry before climbing the ladder, reaching new goals, and officially making it as a real estate professional.

Even the most knowledgeable professionals will experience their fair share of obstacles while working in the real estate industry, such as Aleksandr Pritsker, who has become a real estate leader as the CEO of Team Blackstar. However, knowing how to overcome those obstacles helps you improve your status, accomplish more incredible things, and become an inspiration to others who’d like to get involved in the industry.

Aleksandr Pritsker has earned numerous awards and received recognition for his excellence over the past seven years. While others have worked in the industry longer than him, he’s managed to surpass expectations for several reasons. “I don’t let any obstacle get in my way. Some people see challenges, and they get nervous or stressed over them. However, I get excited about challenges because I like to think creatively and develop solutions that work. I’m a top producer for my real estate office because of my quick thinking and problem-solving skills,” shared Pritsker. “In addition to working hard to provide solutions and resolve problems, I also believe in the importance of working closely with the clients. Clients expect to be in good hands when they choose to hire you for their real estate needs. I put my clients’ minds at ease and make sure I’m meeting their needs.”

The strategic approach taken by Aleksandr Pritsker has allowed him to experience tremendous success in less than ten years while running his business since 2014. How exactly did his career in real estate get started? While working as a professional tennis player, Aleksandr thought more about what he wanted to do in life. He’d always had a passion for real estate and decided that he wanted to go for it. So he began studying to learn more about the industry, eventually earning a real estate license while working for an established New Jersey brokerage.

His career in real estate blossomed from there. He has had his name displayed on many important lists over the years, including Top 30 Under 30 and Top 10 Ranked NJ Realtor. The ratings and reviews speak volumes for the service he provides to his clients while working with them to handle their real estate needs. “I love what I do, and it shows. My clients leave positive reviews and feedback because they’ve enjoyed the time spent working with me. My goal is to make their lives easier while helping them get through different processes, such as selling a home or buying one,” said Pritsker. “In addition to helping my residential clients, I’m moving forward into the commercial real estate industry. I want to continue to excel within my career.”

Despite his significant success in the real estate industry, Aleksandr Prisker continues to strive for more. He isn’t afraid of taking on challenges within the industry, mainly when those challenges help him reach goals and accomplish new things.

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