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How Brian Hess Is Using Social Media as an Effective Recruitment Tool

It’s been more than a year and a half since the start of the pandemic and businesses across the country are still dealing with challenges relating to employment. What once started as companies having to furlough or lay off employees, due to increased pandemic restrictions, has now flipped, with employers desperately looking for staff to fill their open positions. To put it in perspective, the U.S. Department of Labor reports that more than 4.3 million Americans quit their jobs in August. 

Employees are now showing an increased interest in joining a company that prioritizes employee satisfaction, and in today’s digital age, reading a glowing review of an employer on a job posting isn’t enough. Companies that have cultivated a strong social media presence are attracting higher quality candidates than the aforementioned group, due in part to the level of transparency highlighted on the platforms.

A company doing an excellent job of using social media as an effective recruitment tool is The Pavement Group. The nationwide asphalt and concrete construction company is very active across Facebook and Instagram, with President and CEO Brian Hess consistently spearheading content development.

“Construction is a complex industry and when we started our social platforms, the goal was to provide our customers with a behind-the-scenes look at the work we do. However, we quickly realized that having a presence on social media also impacted the level of interest and engagement amongst current and prospective employees,” says Hess.

Podcast Promotion

The Pavement Group’s content strategy varies and in addition to posting technical videos or project results, the company has also created a podcast. The Pavement Group Podcast features guests from across the industry, but what is notable in the world of recruitment is the podcast’s inclusion of current employees. Instead of simply telling the company’s followers about their culture, Hess invites current employees to share their insight and first-hand experience with The Pavement Group.

“We recently did an episode with one of our stellar employees and when I asked him how he heard about The Pavement Group, his response surprised me,” says Hess. “He noted that he had been following our Facebook and Instagram accounts for quite a while and was intrigued. By posting about our sheer passion in running The Pavement Group and our transparency in how we conduct business operations, we were able to organically attract a great addition to our team.”

The New Age Job Board

With the success The Pavement Group’s social media accounts have had in grabbing the attention of prospective employees, the company is now posting available positions directly on their platforms. Hess and his team create videos detailing job responsibilities, company culture, and more. 

As recruitment strategies shift over the next few years, it’s anticipated that social media will start to play a larger role in attracting potential employees. Not only does leveraging social media make companies more approachable, but having a CEO, such as Hess, actively involved in the development of the content, positively impacts the company image.

Nicola Smith Jackson Shares Secrets that Make Financial Success Happen

People might have heard the nickname “Pink Millionaire” at some point. There has been a lot of valuable content attached to that alias. And while there’s a lot of focus on empty clout and flexing on social media today, the person behind that name has the substance and track record to back up her lessons and teachings. Her name is Nicola Smith Jackson, and she’s transforming lives daily by helping people make financial success and freedom an attainable reality. 

Dame Nicola Smith Jackson is the founder of the Pink Millionaire Club, an organization that has created an army of financially free go-getters living life to the full. Her programs have not only been inspiring but results-driven. People have gone from “financial wrecks” to “financially savvy” in record time through the club’s programs. 

Jackson holds many celebrated certifications, including some with the John Maxwell Team, Wainwright Global Institute of Professional Coaching, and Tony Robbins Platinum Partner Program. With these, she has guided and taught thousands of goal-setters, growth seekers, aspiring and existing entrepreneurs, and so many more. In addition, she places much importance on basic financial literacy principles that many education systems fail to download into today’s society.

The only reason why the Pink Millionaire Club has such stellar results for its members is that Nicola spent years building the framework. With over 25 years of finance and entrepreneurship experience, the Pink Millionaire has laid the foundation for many others to build upon. Nicola has founded nine-figure financial service businesses and created seven-figure sales portfolios many times over. She is also a member of the Most Powerful Women in Network Marketing Hall of Fame. The speaker and coach hopes her ceiling will become other people’s floors as she gives all she knows through digital content. 

Nicola is many things rolled in one. But what she isn’t is someone born into privilege. For a long time, the entrepreneur knew the meaning of struggle and had to work hard to get to where Jackson is today. Life wasn’t easy for her and her family, but she chose to shift her mindset and dream big. Now, Dame Nicola Smith Jackson speaks to many self-starters, immigrants, employees, college dropouts, single parents, and starting entrepreneurs. In addition, she has trained over 450,000 sales representatives from over thirty different countries. 

Nicola Smith Jackson’s signature program is one called the PINKPrint™. This wealth and mental wellness system has the woman in mind. It’s no secret that there’s a significant pay gap between genders today. Nicola hopes that the PINKPrint™system will help modern women build the right thinking and action plan for success and growth. Her other high-demand program is the Money Mansion Blueprint, which focuses on personality development and principles and strategies that the 1% uses to build generational prosperity that’s rarely taught to the masses. Her mission is to connect the dots between the have and have-nots.

What sets Nicola’s program apart is its focus on a balanced life. For the entrepreneur and certified life coach, having all the money in the world means nothing if key relationships fall apart. She emphasizes the importance of family and teaches people how to balance a thriving business or career with a healthy home. Moreover, she sets an example as an ordained minister and preacher of the good news.

To learn more about Nicola Smith Jackson, visit her website, Facebook page, and Instagram profile.

How to Make It in Real Estate, According to Aleksandr Pritsker

Working in real estate opens the doors to many incredible opportunities, but those opportunities don’t typically appear overnight. Instead, professionals must put everything they have into what they’re doing to gain a positive reputation within the industry before climbing the ladder, reaching new goals, and officially making it as a real estate professional.

Even the most knowledgeable professionals will experience their fair share of obstacles while working in the real estate industry, such as Aleksandr Pritsker, who has become a real estate leader as the CEO of Team Blackstar. However, knowing how to overcome those obstacles helps you improve your status, accomplish more incredible things, and become an inspiration to others who’d like to get involved in the industry.

Aleksandr Pritsker has earned numerous awards and received recognition for his excellence over the past seven years. While others have worked in the industry longer than him, he’s managed to surpass expectations for several reasons. “I don’t let any obstacle get in my way. Some people see challenges, and they get nervous or stressed over them. However, I get excited about challenges because I like to think creatively and develop solutions that work. I’m a top producer for my real estate office because of my quick thinking and problem-solving skills,” shared Pritsker. “In addition to working hard to provide solutions and resolve problems, I also believe in the importance of working closely with the clients. Clients expect to be in good hands when they choose to hire you for their real estate needs. I put my clients’ minds at ease and make sure I’m meeting their needs.”

The strategic approach taken by Aleksandr Pritsker has allowed him to experience tremendous success in less than ten years while running his business since 2014. How exactly did his career in real estate get started? While working as a professional tennis player, Aleksandr thought more about what he wanted to do in life. He’d always had a passion for real estate and decided that he wanted to go for it. So he began studying to learn more about the industry, eventually earning a real estate license while working for an established New Jersey brokerage.

His career in real estate blossomed from there. He has had his name displayed on many important lists over the years, including Top 30 Under 30 and Top 10 Ranked NJ Realtor. The ratings and reviews speak volumes for the service he provides to his clients while working with them to handle their real estate needs. “I love what I do, and it shows. My clients leave positive reviews and feedback because they’ve enjoyed the time spent working with me. My goal is to make their lives easier while helping them get through different processes, such as selling a home or buying one,” said Pritsker. “In addition to helping my residential clients, I’m moving forward into the commercial real estate industry. I want to continue to excel within my career.”

Despite his significant success in the real estate industry, Aleksandr Prisker continues to strive for more. He isn’t afraid of taking on challenges within the industry, mainly when those challenges help him reach goals and accomplish new things.