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How To Build Your Dreams with Entrepreneur and African Filmmaker Onome Odometa

Onome Odometa
Photo Credited to: Onome Odometa

If there is one thing that Onome Odometa knows, it is hard work and sacrifice to chase dreams. She has been in the investment management industry for years where she helped clients preserve and grow their wealth towards financial freedom through financial planning and investment opportunities. After years of working in the financial industry, she has made it a goal to share her expertise and education with women in Africa to reach financial literacy and values. Now, Onome Odometa is internationally known as a leader in wealth management and the entertainment industry. 

Odometa built her wealth for the purpose of achieving her dreams in the film industry. She has now become the Founder and the CEO of Hedge Productions, an independent film and television production company that seeks to promote African stories. After years of working in finance, she found her true aspiration in the film industry. The problem is funding. 

“You have to have a lot of good investors to get funding for a project. When these platforms like Netflix or Amazon come to Africa, they don’t place too much pricing value on African produced movies,” Odometa said. 

This means Odometa had to spend a lot of her own money to execute the production of her movies. Sacrifice of her funds to reach her goals was vital for her success. 

Launching her film company, Hedge Productions, was a formidable undertaking that required an immense amount of determination and resilience. Onome Odometa’s journey to this pivotal moment was marked by years of unwavering dedication and personal sacrifices. Her vision for Hedge Productions was not merely about creating movies; it was a passionate endeavor to share the rich tapestry of African stories with the world and elevate the representation of African culture in the global entertainment landscape. 

The challenges she faced along the way were numerous, including the daunting task of securing funding in an industry where African productions often faced pricing disparities and underappreciation from global platforms. However, Odometa’s unyielding commitment to her mission saw her through these obstacles. Her tenacity fueled the realization of her dreams, resulting in the successful completion of two productions under the Hedge Productions banner, with two more projects currently in progress.

Through all the sacrifice and production, Odometa has always had the same goal. She has wanted to serve women and the African community through philanthropy. Her productions focus around African culture and provide an insight to what African culture is like. Through her drive for philanthropy, Odometa established the Onome Aid Foundation which focuses on innovation, human development, and empowerment to combat different things such as unemployment, abuse, poverty, and lack of education. She seeks to empower women and youth by providing opportunities to be self-sufficient through wealth management. The children’s foundation has helped thousands since its launch in 2020. 

Onome Odometa’s goals have never changed. She seeks to provide financial help through wealth management, representation in the entertainment industry, and overall better lives for African women. Her drive and experience have led her to become an internationally known speaker, entertainment industry leader, and empowerer of many women across Africa. To find out more about her story and passions, visit her website and follow her on Instagram

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