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So You Want to Get a Six Figure Cloud Architect Job

A cloud architect position is a hybrid role that brings together the skills of a business executive and a technology professional. Because of the unique mix of skills that the position demands, cloud architect jobs pay well. In fact, the average cloud architect salary is approximately $130,000 per year, which makes it a position that many people would love to have.

If you are among those in the hunt for a cloud architect job, experts will advise you to be prepared to show a prospective employer that you bring much more than IT skills, although IT skills are important.

“A cloud architect is much more than an IT professional,” explains Michael Gibbs, CEO of Go Cloud Careers. “He or she is a system designer who solves a customer’s business problems through the use of technology. In fact, the cloud architect’s job can be summarized in three words: design, present, and sell.”

Go Cloud Careers is a career development company that focuses on training students in the technical competencies and soft skills necessary for securing cloud computing jobs. Go Cloud’s cloud architect and cloud engineering programs, which leverage Micheal’s 25 years of industry experience and 20 years as a technology career coach, have an incredible success rate at getting six-figure jobs for graduates that complete all program requirements

The design skills needed by a cloud architect

A cloud architect will be expected to guide its clients in migrating from the network and data center to the cloud. Architecting an effective design requires a thorough understanding of all of the technology that makes up the data center.

“What are the technologies that cloud architects must know? It’s a long list,” says Michael. “It includes Border Gateway Protocols, Interior Gateway Protocols, IP addressing, subnetting and supernetting, Network Address Translation, servers and server virtualization, containers and container orchestration, block storage, object storage, file storage, switching technologies such as VLANs, VLAN tagging, and VLAN trunking, and WAN technology such as IPsec tunnels, private lines, and software defined networking.”

Michael also highlights the importance of understanding database technology, including when to use a NoSQL database and how to tune database performance, and security technology such as firewalls, IDS/IPS systems, and VPN concentrators. Understanding how all of these technologies perform and interact is a critical part of the job that the cloud architect performs.

The business skills needed by a cloud architect

While technology skills will inform a cloud architect on how to design the cloud, business skills will be required to know what to build. This is where business acumen comes into play.

“The cloud architect needs business acumen because he or she will be meeting with executives to gather information about their business needs,” explains Michael. “Only after effectively communicating with their clients can they translate their clients’ business requirements into a technology solution.”

In developing and obtaining approval for designs, the cloud architect will constantly be presenting. This includes presenting proof of concept designs to teams of engineers and design proposals to C-level executives. Selling skills are closely related to this. When a cloud architect needs to show a client that the value of the solution is greater than the solution’s costs, providing ROI modeling will help to sell the solution.

Michael also highlights the role that writing skills play in the cloud architects career.

“Cloud architects write lots of documents, from project proposals to thought leadership papers,” Michael says. “This demands much more than basic writing skills. Cloud architects need executive writing skills that allow them to take large amounts of content and reduce it down to a form that is easy to read and easy to understand.”

While technology certifications may get you an interview for a cloud architect job, they won’t guarantee you a six figure position. Earning those positions demands that you have the business skills to determine what your clients need and the tech skills to engineer the solution to those needs. Cloud architects must be willing to add soft skills to their technical competencies if they hope to obtain the career of their dreams.

Apple Headset Rumors Strengthen After WWDC 2022

With the metaverse being all the rage, it’s no wonder that Apple plans on preparing for its inevitable arrival.

Tim Cook, Apple CEO, has been hinting towards the company’s involvement in an augmented reality future for years, often teasing people with the company’s progress in developing the right technology.

Cook spoke with China Daily after the Worldwide Developers Conference this year and revealed that they are working on augmented reality technology.

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The CEO’s hints have been more frequent lately, leading people to believe that Apple is working on a mixed reality and AR headset.

“I am incredibly excited about AR, as you might know, and the critical thing to any technology, including AR, is putting humanity at the center of it,” said the Apple CEO. “And that is what we focus on every day. Right now, as an example, we have over 14,000 ARKit apps in the App Store, which provide AR experiences for millions of people around the world.”

“I think despite that, we’re still in the very early innings of how this technology will evolve,” Cook added. “I couldn’t be more excited about the opportunities we’ve seen in this space and sort of stay tuned and you’ll see what we have to offer.”

Apple has not confirmed that it’s been working on AR/VR wearable devices, but rumors have run abound for years.

The speculated headset offers mixed reality technology with a curved visor that fits the face.

The rumored Apple headset is said to have a strap like the one on their watch, which will keep it in place.

The headset is said to be the next big thing in VR, with 15 camera modules and two 4K micro-OLED displays. It is said to be powered by an M-series processor that makes it comparable if not superior to some high end smartphones.

The release of Apple’s new headset is expected next year with demos sent to board members, possibly signaling that it’s close to being finished.

The speculation is that the headset will be priced around $3,000 once it launches.

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How REAP Inc.’s Intuitive Programs Level the Playing Field for the Underprivileged Youth

Even though most people dream of a society with a level playing field, the reality remains that not everyone has equal opportunities. Statistics show that many of those who come from poverty will accomplish significantly less than those who are born into affluent families. Aware of this, one inspiring venture based in Portland has been dedicated to helping the youth from low-income communities find success.

Since its inception in 2001, REAP Inc. has offered services designed to mold resilient and empowered leaders who are not afraid to go after their dreams. Most recently, the enterprise has shifted its focus on helping school communities wherein a significant number of families are in challenging economic circumstances and non-English speakers.

What motivated the brand to pursue such noble advocacy is its realization that children of these families often face the most challenging experience in navigating school and life. As such, REAP Inc. has developed intuitive subjects and modules that are rooted in five key facets: Leadership, Student Voice, Cooperative Management (Conflict Resolution), and Entrepreneurship. 

The organization thoroughly explained, “The REAP Solution program is a 10-month leadership curriculum open to students from all backgrounds and cultures. The curriculum provides an extensive series of interactive leadership modules focused on civics, education, health, business, and entrepreneurship. In addition, program offerings are focused on specialized, applied learning approaches emphasizing writing, speaking, reading, and inquiry.”

Because of its incredible courses, its students learn leadership skills both in school and the community. Specifically, it helps them cultivate a strong set of skills, including communication, problem-solving, negotiation, and teamwork. On top of that, REAP has a Young Entrepreneurs Program or YEP, which “creates opportunities for students to unleash their innovation and explore ways to create their own wealth to become self-sufficient.”

Aside from its well-thought-out programs, what makes the organization stand out is its flexibility and versatility. It had demonstrated an incredible commitment to innovation, especially during the pandemic when it had to adapt to various changes quickly. Looking back on the experience, the venture proudly shared, ” Transitioning REAP programs to a virtual setting has been costly, but 100% worth it for our students. Donations play an integral role in helping us to maintain, develop, and strengthen the quality of our online offerings.”

Given this, REAP Inc. is hoping to connect with more groups or individuals, including federal funders, CEOs, philanthropists, social change agents and organizations, NGOs, and donors who share the same vision of guiding the youth towards success. 

Moving forward, the company intends to broaden its horizons and reach a wider audience so it can help change more lives. In line with this goal, the organization is already planning on expanding to new districts and states. In addition, it is working on creating world-class eLearning and afterschool programs. Above all, it hopes to continue its advocacy of building strong youth leaders who can create a more progressive future. 

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