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How Evan the Card Guy Fulfilled His Dream to Become a Social Media Sensation

Evan Alberto, best known on social media as Evan the Card Guy, was an ordinary person with big dreams when he set out to conquer online digital platforms. The magician and creative content creator started posting his videos featuring his magic skills back in 2019, not knowing that his fifth post would become sensational and life-changing content. Going viral was the only motivation Evan needed to pursue doing social media full-time, and the Internet sensation has not looked back since then. 

Despite the lack of guidance and background when it comes to creating online content that has the potential to go viral, Evan the Card Guy managed to capture a phenomenal following of 16.3 million people on TikTok alone. He did all this in just a span of two years. What usually takes the majority of social media users a longer period of time to achieve, Evan did in a blink of an eye. His creativity, keen eye for what entertains the public, and hard work were instrumental in meeting his goal to generate a remarkable number of followers. 

“I really pursued my dreams on my own and was a pioneer in bringing magic to social media. I had no direction or advice from anyone, so I had to make lots of trials and errors to get to where I am today. I’ve posted over 3,000 unique videos total in the last two years,” Evan reveals. 

During the time that Evan the Card Guy was eyeing to become an online celebrity, he was a normal college student who worked as a janitor to make ends meet. Alongside his tight schedule, he would always make a way to come up with engaging videos. Apart from his magic, he also posts entertaining trivia that people from different parts of the world look out for. 

Evan’s love for magic emerged when he was 12 years old after he was prohibited from playing video games. He searched for something that would keep him busy, and magic captured his heart right away. He would practice endlessly until he mastered the skills necessary. By the time he was 13, Evan had become the youngest member of The Magic Castle in Hollywood, a private club for magicians and magic enthusiasts. It was during that time that he witnessed the joy of being able to share the wonders of magic with other people. Seeing how many magicians have perfected their craft and elevated their game, Evan found himself desiring the same things for himself. 

The promising magician hopes to one day become the David Blaine of this generation, someone bold, daring, and completely phenomenal. Becoming the face of magic for his generation is something that he wants to earn and be able to live up to someday—understanding that it takes time and more hard work, Evan the Card Guy is more than willing to do what it takes to get there. 

At present, Evan the Card Guy is focused on growing his new project hosting the It’s Tricky Podcast. He invites emerging talents on his podcast to talk about their upcoming projects and careers. Some of the promising personalities he has featured so far include music artist Clinton Kane, and influencer Sean Does Magic. 

Learn more about Evan the Card Guy by following him on Instagram and TikTok

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