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Stirling Cooper Solving Intimacy Problems One Couple at a Time

In the world today, there are many reasons why men can lose their sex drive and sexual prowess. Simple factors such as depression, stress, tiredness, and low-self esteem are among the most common factors. Other proven factors include excessive alcohol consumption, illicit drug use, smoking, certain medications (antidepressants and hypertensive drugs). Sexual problems in men have become a huge social issue because it is the bedrock on which many failed relationships and marriages find themselves. Therefore, men who find themselves in these situations of inactivity are desperately in search of solutions. As a result of this, there is a generation of men who are lost boys and are searching for some glint of truth in a world filled with lies. Most of these men are coming into their prime and are frustrated because they have not accomplished all they want in their life. Many are frustrated that their bedroom skills, prowess, and stamina are fading; it has become a source of their pain. Stirling Cooper understands these men’s plight perfectly because, according to him, he was once in their shoes. Now he wants people to know that there is a solution to their problems. 

Stirling Cooper is an award-winning and best-selling intimacy coach who teaches men young and old how to achieve mastery in the bedroom, overcome their insecurities, reclaim their masculinity, and improve their relationships. He has been referred to by many of his clients as a “surrogate big brother” because many of them did not have a strong male role model growing up. This, Cooper believes, is responsible for some of their shortcomings. 

According to Cooper, his service ranges from teaching men everything they need to know about being better lovers and how to leave a lasting impression with their partners. He described himself as a man who has studied this for the last decade and knows all the shortcuts, hacks, tips, and techniques that will transform a man into the wild stallion every woman dreams of being with. He can also break his techniques down step by step into a science and help guys overcome the most common bedroom issues naturally without surgery or drugs. 

On what separates him from his competition, Cooper says, “I’m the only man in the world with this level of knowledge which is accessible to anyone, who is intelligent/self-aware enough to break down my industry techniques and share my knowledge with other men. Men won’t find a more honest and experience-based approach to intimacy advice anywhere on the internet; they’ll also find a direct path to follow from there; once those problems are solved, they can lead a more enjoyable and fulfilling life.”

In five years, Cooper hopes to be organizing live seminars and workshops all over the world, helping men and couples eliminate their bedroom issues for good.

The clients’ testimony continues to trail Cooper and his services. While some clients have called his book “criminally underpriced considering the message it contains,” others have tagged it as “the best product on the internet.” Some others attribute the sudden improvement in their sexual life to implementing the knowledge contained in Cooper’s books or videos. One thing is clear from all these: Stirling Cooper has carved a niche for himself in his industry and can only get better with time.

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How Evan the Card Guy Fulfilled His Dream to Become a Social Media Sensation

Evan Alberto, best known on social media as Evan the Card Guy, was an ordinary person with big dreams when he set out to conquer online digital platforms. The magician and creative content creator started posting his videos featuring his magic skills back in 2019, not knowing that his fifth post would become sensational and life-changing content. Going viral was the only motivation Evan needed to pursue doing social media full-time, and the Internet sensation has not looked back since then. 

Despite the lack of guidance and background when it comes to creating online content that has the potential to go viral, Evan the Card Guy managed to capture a phenomenal following of 16.3 million people on TikTok alone. He did all this in just a span of two years. What usually takes the majority of social media users a longer period of time to achieve, Evan did in a blink of an eye. His creativity, keen eye for what entertains the public, and hard work were instrumental in meeting his goal to generate a remarkable number of followers. 

“I really pursued my dreams on my own and was a pioneer in bringing magic to social media. I had no direction or advice from anyone, so I had to make lots of trials and errors to get to where I am today. I’ve posted over 3,000 unique videos total in the last two years,” Evan reveals. 

During the time that Evan the Card Guy was eyeing to become an online celebrity, he was a normal college student who worked as a janitor to make ends meet. Alongside his tight schedule, he would always make a way to come up with engaging videos. Apart from his magic, he also posts entertaining trivia that people from different parts of the world look out for. 

Evan’s love for magic emerged when he was 12 years old after he was prohibited from playing video games. He searched for something that would keep him busy, and magic captured his heart right away. He would practice endlessly until he mastered the skills necessary. By the time he was 13, Evan had become the youngest member of The Magic Castle in Hollywood, a private club for magicians and magic enthusiasts. It was during that time that he witnessed the joy of being able to share the wonders of magic with other people. Seeing how many magicians have perfected their craft and elevated their game, Evan found himself desiring the same things for himself. 

The promising magician hopes to one day become the David Blaine of this generation, someone bold, daring, and completely phenomenal. Becoming the face of magic for his generation is something that he wants to earn and be able to live up to someday—understanding that it takes time and more hard work, Evan the Card Guy is more than willing to do what it takes to get there. 

At present, Evan the Card Guy is focused on growing his new project hosting the It’s Tricky Podcast. He invites emerging talents on his podcast to talk about their upcoming projects and careers. Some of the promising personalities he has featured so far include music artist Clinton Kane, and influencer Sean Does Magic. 

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Yessenia Cossio: the Steep Climb to the Top as a Stuntwoman

In today’s world, many people are unwilling to let go of their comfortable but unfulfilling life to seek out their passion. However, some individuals dare to undertake the arduous journey required in making their dreams a reality against all odds. One such individual is Miami-born Yessenia Cossio, who quit her nine-to-five job and risked financial instability to pursue her dreams.

Born Yessenia Cossio-Alonso to Cuban immigrants as the second child on December 31, 1988, Yessenia was a nine-year-old girl when she found her interest in singing. She was encouraged and enrolled in singing classes, where she performed in the school chorus and local church. Even at that young age, Yessenia had an unshakable feeling that a piece of herself was missing.

In 2006, Yessenia Cossio played her first dialogue script about women’s rights in her English class. Her performance was so good that her teacher and classmates encouraged her to join the drama class to finesse her acting skills. To fund her dream of becoming an actor, Yessenia took a full-time job as a computer technical support specialist at Sears Telemarketing Center and was promoted within a year. Despite her success in her career, Yessenia had a gnawing feeling to pursue her passion, and she quit her job for a part-time job. After seven years, Yessenia Cossio took a leap of faith, left the corporate world, became unemployed, and gave full attention to her dreams.

In January 2013, Yessenia multitasked as she joined The Miami Acting Studio, had a part-time job as a brand ambassador, and took acting and parkour classes. By August of the same year, Yessenia began her training to compete in the bikini division for the National Physique Committee (NPC). Her hard work and commitment to the fitness industry were rewarding, but Yessenia still had the pervasive feeling that something was lacking.

Always one to take charge, Yessenia became a member of the Acting Table Meeting in Davie, FL, and research into the industry birthed a new interest in her, Stunts. In January 2014, her hard work, determination, and perseverance paid off, and Yessenia performed her first shootout stunt in a classy ballroom dress, getting shot and impacted by a squib. Her success in playing the character only opened doors to more possibilities of finally making her dreams a reality. She further cemented her role as a professional and received training in martial arts, wirework, parkour, and stunt driving, among others. She performed on the competitive TV

show Ultimate Tag as the character Dynamite. She later added the movie Dune, Queen

of the South, MacGyver, and Exalton Season 2 to her portfolio.

Today, Yessenia Cossio is a renowned actor, stuntwoman, and philanthropist. She is giving back to society and heavily donates and invests in different causes for cancer, epidermolysis bullosa, autism, homeless shelters, and others. In 2019, her selflessness and donations were awarded the Humanitarian Award from World Freerunning and Parkour Federation (WFPF).

Yessenia Cossio takes great pride in her profession and soon hopes to act for a Marvel, DC, or Disney movie while also doing her stunts. She wants to encourage others to leap of faith when pursuing their dreams.

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