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How Cookies N’ Kicks Become the Heart of the Sneaker Industry

The modern sneaker era began 50 years ago. Since then, many different shoe brands have risen to claim that they produce the best sneakers. At present, people can find sneakers at every price point, but people still want to invest in high-quality ones. On a mission to dominate the shoe industry for the right reasons, Cookies N’ Kicks launched last April 13, 2019, carrying the most in-demand brands like Nike Air Jordan, Adidas, and Vans. 

Being new in the shoe industry, CEO Eli Hayman has his mind clouded with a series of mixed thoughts. Despite this, he continued to open his doors to the complexities and competition that goes hand in hand with opening a shoe store. This physical store is located on Melrose Avenue. 

Cookies N’ Kicks is popular for buying and reselling carefully chosen sneakers. This growing popularity accompanies an instant escalation of its followers in different social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram. Now, the shoe industry recognizes Cookies N’ Kicks as one of the biggest stores and the most popular one on the internet. What makes Cookies N’ Kicks even more impressive is the delicious cookies they offer free of charge with every purchase. This marketing strategy is why they are making a noise in the shoe industry and the media.

A year after its inception, Cookies N’ Kicks has flourished in ways that Eli Hayman did not expect. At first, he was overwhelmed. But then he began to accept how the sneaker culture has become the heart and soul of people’s lifestyle and realized that Cookies N’ Kicks is where it needs to be. 

Although the COVID-19 outbreak has compelled many businesses to shut down, the crisis has only driven Cookies N’ Kicks to step up its game. Having tripled its previous years’ revenues in the past few months, the company has shown everyone that it is a force to be reckoned with. “Customer experience is what we prioritize above all else. I think our focus on creating a community for our customers, and social media growth is the reason why we’ve been so successful during a time where most businesses were failing,” said partner Luca Schnetzler. 

Indeed, Cookies N’ Kicks also knows how to value their people, which is one of its most vital points. The company treats every staff member like family, and gatherings are always present to strengthen the bond these people have. Businesses still thrive and expand when working together to achieve the same goals, which is evident in Cookies N’ Kicks and its management. The way Cookies N’ Kicks operates reflects the way people see it.

Cookies N’ Kicks will not only make shopping convenient in its physical store, since it also has an online store where people can choose from the available brands for sale. The online store is accessible 24/7. This method of selling helped Cookies N’ Kicks reach a global presence. People from different countries will still be able to catch a glimpse of what this merch has in store for them. 

Years from now, Eli Hayman wants Cookies N’ Kicks to revolutionize and dominate the shoe industry by making a global footprint in the media or business. He sees himself expanding Cookies N’ Kicks to cater to more people and gain more patrons. With a mindset like this, Cookies N’ Cookies will bring another era of the shoe industry to become an integral part of people’s lives and stay there for many more years. 

“Ever since I was young, I’ve always loved creating things on my own. Whether it was for art or class get-togethers, my main objective was affecting the environment that surrounded my life in a positive way,” shares Eli as he recalled his beginnings. 

To catch a glimpse of Cookies N’ Kicks, you may visit this official website. 

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