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Gifted Singer-Songwriter Lucas Muñoz Lends His Voice to the Misunderstood

Music has a magical way of bringing people together. Cognizant of this, rising star and singer-songwriter Lucas Muñoz has made it his mission to create songs that many can resonate with.

The talented musician from Central Florida was exposed to the music industry at an early age because of his father, a professional jazz guitarist. So it did not come as a surprise when the young man also developed a strong passion for music.

His musical roots involve playing the guitar and jazz, thanks to his dad. Some of his biggest musical influences were also famous guitarists like Joe Bonamassa, Slash, Gary Moore, Eric Johnson, and Eric Johnson. 

On the other hand, the creative individual has also successfully forged his own career path. In fact, what makes the multi-talented artist stand out is his flexibility, as he firmly believes that the music industry is headed toward a more fluid sound. On top of that, he has seen artists with great potential slowly lose their audience because they were unwilling to explore and elevate their craft. As a result, he makes it a point to experiment with several musical styles and not stick to one genre.

But aside from his incredible artistry, perhaps what separates Lucas Muñoz from the competition is his intent to connect with his listeners. As he perfectly explained, “I strive to have my music resonate within my generation and speak about the struggles or problems. My music also addresses topics previously taboo in preceding generations, such as mental health.” 

Guided by this impressive perspective, his debut EP Mutasis features inspiring tracks like “As I Suffer in Silence (1-800-950-6264),” “Hope for the Underrated Youth,” and “True Grit.” The record consists of the musician’s influences and the music he currently enjoys, such as dark pop, hip-hop, alternative, blues, and rock. It is available in digital stores and can be streamed on various platforms online.

As he rises to the top of the music scene, Lucas Muñoz remains steadfast in his commitment to making evocative music that people can relate to. As an independent artist, he writes, records, and produces songs at his home studio. Furthermore, he is also a session guitarist for fellow artists in the Tampa Bay area. 

In the future, the gifted singer-songwriter hopes to work and collaborate with like-minded people within the industry. In addition, he wants to continue his passion and perform on the biggest stages all over the world.

However, his biggest goal as an artist is to make an impact on the lives of his fans and listeners. He hopes that his songs can provide them with inspiration and hope to persevere and go after their dreams just like what he did. 

As the insightful man profoundly said, “Music helped me embrace my individuality and my weirdness to express myself without fear of judgment. Music helped me improve myself and try to get healthy. I wanted to build my brand to help others that feel misunderstood, shunned, or ignored.”You can check out Lucas Muñoz’s LinkTree to listen and stream his music or visit his social media accounts.

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