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Watkins-Conti Products, Inc. (WCP) Presents Revolutionary Medical Solution for Women

Pictured is Allison Conti, Founder and CEO of Watkins-Conti Products, while she was initiating clinical trials at Stanford University Medical Center.  Image provided by Vince David Photos

Clinical innovations today are driven by science and technology. Pharmaceutical companies globally have invested billions of dollars into the creation and invention of medications and medical devices that would prevent or cure health challenges in the world. Allison Watkins-Conti is a problem solver and innovator whose decision to venture into the women’s healthcare realm was inspired by her desire to help and improve lives. Through her company, Watkins-Conti Products Inc.; she is leading the charge towards creating a lasting medical solution for pelvic health problems that women face in today’s environment. 

According to statistics, an estimated one in three women suffers from involuntary urine leakage, a problem Ms. Conti herself has experience with. Through the company she founded, Watkins-Conti Products, Inc.; this mom-turned-CEO, inventor, serial entrepreneur, business leader, and advisor is dedicated to developing affordable, effective solutions to millions of women around the world. The aim of the company is the creation and manufacturing of direct to consumer devices  that are accessible, affordable and effective in solving the major health challenges that millions of  women currently face.  WCP has been described as an innovative and technologically savvy company and is on the verge of delivering its flagship product YoniFit to market in a truly disruptive manner,  once the FDA approval process is complete.

Currently, the company is conducting a randomized, comparator-controlled, single-blinded, multicenter study that will evaluate the efficacy and safety of Yōni.Fit in women with stress urinary incontinence. The study, which began enrolling participants in July, is being led by Erik Sokol, MD, associate professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the Stanford University School of Medicine. This multi-site trial is also being conducted at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia.  “We are excited to reach this pivotal stage in the development of Yoni.Fit® and address this debilitating problem that affects millions of women worldwide with an easy-to-use, everyday solution,” Founder Allison Conti said. “Our hope is that it will improve millions of women’s lives. I’m so thankful to collaborate with these amazing institutions, and the many participants in our clinical trials around the country, who will be among the first to experience the benefits of this device that has changed my own life.”

You can learn more at 

Watkins-Conti Products is leading the change for innovative ways of fixing health issues without patients having to break the bank. At the core of the company’s production policies are quality, safety, affordability, and accessibility. The CEO has been recognized for her contributions to innovation in Women’s Healthcare. For instance, she has gained the attention of Dr. Donnica Moore, a highly regarded physician, educator, and media commentator who has had over 850 television interviews including “The Dr. Oz Show”, “Good Morning America Health”, and “The Oprah Winfrey Show.” Dr. Donnica has more than 180 published articles in medical journals and consumer magazines and over 30 awards for her achievements in medicine and business. She was honored as one of the “Top 25 Women Entrepreneurs” by Leading Women Entrepreneurs in 2017 and she earned her medical degree from the State University of New York School of Medicine at Buffalo. Her work has been featured in Business Week, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal. Dr. Donnica Moore said:  

“Yoni.Fit will be a great solution for the tens of millions of women not getting therapy for SUI as it allows for at-home use which gives women more privacy about an issue that has such a negative stigma. Additionally, doctors look for treatments like Yoni.Fit which have the lowest risk of side effects and the highest potential reward. Women shouldn’t need a diaper bag after their children turn three years old, for themselves! This new therapy offers relief and hope to women who suffer from SUI.”

Allison has patents all over the world and was recently named among the top 20 under 40 in Business Times Magazine. She has also been recognized as part of the 20th-Century Women in Innovation and made the list of the Top Ten Inspirational Women by Disrupt Magazine. In addition, Allison was most recently conferred on the list of Top 50 women leaders making a difference. 

The project has yielded an immense amount of support, including almost $5 million in funding, bringing on the first venture capital partner, Cortado Ventures. “Watkins-Conti’s Yoni.Fit® is uniquely poised to address a common yet serious issue that a sizable portion of our female population faces,” Cortado Ventures Managing Partner Nathaniel Harding said. “The team brings the expertise and drive to successfully carry their invention through clinical trials and to a household brand name.”

Watkins-Conti Products Inc. has been recognized for its contribution to healthcare and scientific advancement in the field. Some of these recognition includes the “Most Promising New Venture” award in the Oklahoma Venture Forum for 2021 as well as being named in the Top Ten Nephrology and Urology Companies by MedTech Outlook, among several others. Learn more about WCP flagship products by visiting its website or following the Instagram page.

Gifted Singer-Songwriter Lucas Muñoz Lends His Voice to the Misunderstood

Music has a magical way of bringing people together. Cognizant of this, rising star and singer-songwriter Lucas Muñoz has made it his mission to create songs that many can resonate with.

The talented musician from Central Florida was exposed to the music industry at an early age because of his father, a professional jazz guitarist. So it did not come as a surprise when the young man also developed a strong passion for music.

His musical roots involve playing the guitar and jazz, thanks to his dad. Some of his biggest musical influences were also famous guitarists like Joe Bonamassa, Slash, Gary Moore, Eric Johnson, and Eric Johnson. 

On the other hand, the creative individual has also successfully forged his own career path. In fact, what makes the multi-talented artist stand out is his flexibility, as he firmly believes that the music industry is headed toward a more fluid sound. On top of that, he has seen artists with great potential slowly lose their audience because they were unwilling to explore and elevate their craft. As a result, he makes it a point to experiment with several musical styles and not stick to one genre.

But aside from his incredible artistry, perhaps what separates Lucas Muñoz from the competition is his intent to connect with his listeners. As he perfectly explained, “I strive to have my music resonate within my generation and speak about the struggles or problems. My music also addresses topics previously taboo in preceding generations, such as mental health.” 

Guided by this impressive perspective, his debut EP Mutasis features inspiring tracks like “As I Suffer in Silence (1-800-950-6264),” “Hope for the Underrated Youth,” and “True Grit.” The record consists of the musician’s influences and the music he currently enjoys, such as dark pop, hip-hop, alternative, blues, and rock. It is available in digital stores and can be streamed on various platforms online.

As he rises to the top of the music scene, Lucas Muñoz remains steadfast in his commitment to making evocative music that people can relate to. As an independent artist, he writes, records, and produces songs at his home studio. Furthermore, he is also a session guitarist for fellow artists in the Tampa Bay area. 

In the future, the gifted singer-songwriter hopes to work and collaborate with like-minded people within the industry. In addition, he wants to continue his passion and perform on the biggest stages all over the world.

However, his biggest goal as an artist is to make an impact on the lives of his fans and listeners. He hopes that his songs can provide them with inspiration and hope to persevere and go after their dreams just like what he did. 

As the insightful man profoundly said, “Music helped me embrace my individuality and my weirdness to express myself without fear of judgment. Music helped me improve myself and try to get healthy. I wanted to build my brand to help others that feel misunderstood, shunned, or ignored.”You can check out Lucas Muñoz’s LinkTree to listen and stream his music or visit his social media accounts.

Zodiac NFT, the Narrative-Driven Project Set to Deliver a Memorable 3D Experience to All Holders

Given the inundation of projects in the current NFT space, it has become imperative for newcomers to make sure that they can bring to the table something of value. Additionally, with the ever-increasing number of artists and companies that have launched and are planning to drop their collections, it’s not enough for an artwork’s quality to serve as the only selling point. This growing reality lies as the impetus behind numerous companies’ efforts to stand out, a feat that Zodiac NFT has managed to accomplish from the get-go.

The first-ever NFT project that not only features amazing art but also includes narratives and effects, this new astrology-themed collection intends to deliver an experience that leaves the spectators breathless. Hosted on the Ethereum blockchain, the tokens play an integral role in lore that revolves around 12 Zodiac Kings who were sent forth to bring calm to a world that had rapidly fallen into chaos because of five pandemic plagues.

Tasked to hunt with men the scrolls that contain the key to humankind’s deliverance from darkness, the Zodiac Kings and Zodiac Soldiers are inviting all NFT enthusiasts to join them as warriors of the light this coming December during the launch of the Zodiac NFTs. 12 Doorkeepers, around 25 handcrafted Super Rares, and 9,324 computer randomized tokens will be up for grabs for those who are interested in a project that promises long-term benefits.

While there are also a handful of narrative-driven collections in today’s blockchains, Zodiac NFT has succeeded in distinguishing itself for its immaculately designed roadmap and the incredible direction that it will take in the future. In essence, a big chunk of the plans involved will be based around the MetaMuseum, a museum built on the Metaverse that will allow people to view and experience 3D art virtually. 

On minting day, Zodiac NFT owners will co-own the MetaMuseum and Auction House, both of which are intended to bring long-term revenue shares to the community. On top of this benefit, holders can also expect to be given early access to drops and collections.

Currently, Zodiac NFT is preparing for its explosive entry into the scene. At its helm is a dedicated team composed of go-getters who have worked on multiple successful launches. Together, they boast a long list of accomplishments outside the NFT space and an impressive arsenal of skills in art, technology, marketing, partnerships, customer service, storytelling, and more. Passionate about the craft, these purpose-driven individuals are excited to see their visions materialize in the months to come. 

Zodiac NFT, which is in its initial phase right now, takes pride in all it has in store for digital asset lovers. Its future plans include the opening of the Zodiac 3D Experience, partnerships with other projects, and the drop of a second collection. More notably, the team is also setting its eyes on opening a gallery in Las Vegas.

Learn more about Zodiac NFT by visiting its website, Twitter, and Instagram. More information about the project can also be found on its Discord server.

Eternal Utopia, a Quality-Driven Collection Set to Hit the NFT Space

Non-fungible tokens first made a buzz a few years ago, but it wasn’t until the first quarter of 2021 that they exploded into the scene. Growing in prominence, these interchangeable units of data have offered immense value to celebrities, musicians, artists, and ventures, serving as a new way to make money by digitizing works of art and other collectibles. However, the appeal of NFTs doesn’t only lie in their financial perks, as these blockchain-hosted assets can also be wielded to raise awareness about specific advocacies and send across much-needed social messages. In the case of Eternal Utopia, a collection of 10,000 randomly generated human-like characters, its emergence is in line with its creators’ mission to build a community for collectors and make a difference in the lives of others by donating to a charity organization. 

Eternal Utopia is not the first — and neither will it be the last — collection to enter a space that has become more competitive and saturated in recent months. But amid the current flood of individuals and companies that are launching their own NFTs, H & J Innovations has managed to offer a standout line of must-have figures, an achievement that not everyone can claim in the face of the cut-throat nature of the digital asset industry. 

Established on a 3,500 sq. ft. facility in Fort Lauderdale, H & J Innovations is the brainchild of passion-fueled founding members dedicated to more than just creating valuable and unique NFT art collections like the Eternal Utopia. In essence, the company, which is composed of an experienced intellectual property attorney and twelve blockchain programmers, software engineers, and highly skilled artists, was born to design and develop on-chain branded experiences for fans and give them an avenue to buy, collect, and re-sell NFTs. Moreover, it hopes to alter the general perception surrounding non-fungible tokens by proving that they could have a long-term value.

Since the news of its upcoming release, Eternal Utopia has captured the interest of countless enthusiasts and crypto investors because of the unique artwork of every item in its roster and the lore behind the 11 different Utopian races. This collection, which marries high standards, real artistic value, and the desire to give back to the community, is set to hog the spotlight during its pre-sale on December 8, at 6:00 PM EST. 

Currently, H & J Innovations is religiously adhering to a roadmap designed to ensure success for Eternal Utopia. Once 10% of the available figures get to find their home, four customized original designer brand apparel valued at $24,000 will be awarded to giveaway winners. Additionally, ten pre-sale buyers will get their hands on one free piece. At 60%, one holder will win a trip to H & J Innovation’s headquarters in Florida. Not only will the collector receive the opportunity to bring one guest, but the lucky winner will also be given access to a long string of amazing activities. 

When the Eternal Utopia collection fully sells out, the team at its helm hopes to create a positive social impact by donating 5% of the gross profits to a charity organization voted for by the community. This milestone is also expected to mark the start of numerous giveaways, whose rewards include a piece of art valued at $72,000, a customized Louis Vuitton jacket by Etai Drori, and more. 

With just over a week until Eternal Utopia hits the NFT scene, anticipation is already at an all-time high. On minting day, it is bound to set an example for future quality-driven collections.

Find out more information about Eternal Utopia™ by visiting its website, Twitter, and Discord. More information about the collection can also be found here

Refined Apes Block Party (RABP) NFT Gets into the NFT Rave to Bring Some Fun and Earning Potential to Investors

Non-fungible tokens have continued to sweep the digital landscape and make a grandstand as the next big thing that everyone should be a part of. It has given creators and artists the push they need to get creative and put out appealing works of art with the potential to appreciate over time. RABP NFT is one of those projects, and the creators have mapped out an exciting roadmap and evolution plan for it.

RABP NFT is designed to tap into the gaming universe to attract people passionate about art, gaming, and NFTs. The project presents an opportunity for people to be a part of a metaverse that incorporates different concepts and products. The ultimate goal with the RABP NFT project is to create a virtual experience that can be monetized while delivering a fun experience to all.

In the background, the team of creators championing this project are core art and gaming enthusiasts. They are passionate about creating a project in the virtual world that stimulates the imagination and gets people to participate. NFTs gave them the perfect opportunity to implement their plans, and now they have engaged digital artists to create a metaverse that everyday and advanced users can use and enjoy. Presently, the creators are drumming up support for the project and putting in work to attract key players to the project. “The current plan is to market RABP NFTS, and grow the population of our Metaverse and start enjoying its use,” the creators said.

The collection has an interactive, colorful website that showcases the refined apes engaged in various activities in an urban city filled with modern infrastructure. The city depicts a thriving community, and enthusiasts can look forward to a successful project in the collection once it goes on sale. The project has partnered with ClosedSea, an NFT marketplace where the NFT will be listed and sold to potential holders. Groundwork has also begun to kickstart a collaboration with two major projects (yet to be announced officially), and once finalized, the RABP holders are guaranteed some monetary gains and dividends. “Our plans for the future are to develop the metaverse further and secure partnerships with more event management companies,” the creators revealed.

Refined Apes Block Party is heavily tilted towards building a community that loves to have fun and engage with one another. This reflects in the name of the collection, making a “Refined Apes Block Party.” Over the next few months, the creators hope to see the NFT project achieving everything for its roadmap and milestones. The collection will go live on pre-sale this coming Black Friday and usher in a new crop of NFT investors and collection.

Learn more about Refined Apes Block Party on the official website. Also, follow the collection on Twitter and Instagram, and join the Discord server for updates.