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Georgia Ribeiro Reveals One of the Secrets that has Made her One of the Leaders in South Carolina Real Estate for Over a Decade

Georgia Ribeiro
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It is not new that the eyes of the real estate market and investors from different parts of the world are fixed on Georgia Ribeiro.

Realtor for over 17 years, market leader in the region where she operates in South Carolina, Georgia  stands out because, as she says…

I don’t sell houses, I sell lifestyles.

Expressions and insights like these were developed throughout her career because of her vision and daring spirit.

Selling  lifestyle is not something that is taught in traditional training, discovering and developing strategies like this is only possible if:

The Realtor decides not to be just another one on the market

The professional has real “hunger” for growth and life change

The person himself is proactive and carries in his essence the passion for knowing that his work makes other people’s dreams come true

And here you will find just one of the secrets of this great professional.

Looking at your results, your customer list and the queue for your service, validates your method and everything you will see here.

It is no wonder that Georgia chose EXP Realty for the new phase of expansion of its business in the south of the USA. A born visionary who always seeks to better serve her clients and associates, she found in EXP Realty what she calls the “perfect business model for growth.”

Georgia Ribeiro achieved what few Realtors achieve in their entire career.

Make the customer want to to do business with her as much as to acquire the much-dreamed property.

That’s right you read. She managed to turn her service into an object of desire.

It’s unbelievable for many of her competitors to look at everything she’s been building in authority. To this day, many seek to understand why their customers feel so fulfilled not only by buying the house, but being able to say loud and clear:

Do you know who sold us our house? Georgia Ribeiro.


Therefore, much of what you will read, see and hear about this professional will be linked to her vision and courage.

See in practice how she applied one of her techniques in a negotiation that seemed impossible to be carried out by other Realtors in the same region.

During our conversation she recalled an episode in which a beautiful waterfront property that was on the market for more than 16 months, even though it was in the hands of at least four other  Realtors, had not yet been sold.

All she had to do was see the development and analyze the profile of the investors to immediately put her lifestyle sales strategy into practice.

How come they haven’t thought of taking these investors to the docks, at the time of the most beautiful sunset in this city in a boat?

It was exactly the question she asked herself, and guess what?

there she went with it, and…


There is no denying that Georgia Ribeiro has in her essence the vision and courage to execute her most innovative ideas in everything she puts her hands to.

She recently started a new Instagram channel where she shares the main pillars to become a high-end Realtor in the United States.

Even at the beginning of this journey, she knows where to go and, therefore, one of her phrases is already marking those who arrive there:

I don’t want to teach you how to be just another Realtor in the market, but how to become an ICON.

She is absolutely sure that by delivering what she has developed in her nearly 20-year career, many people who decide to become a Realtor following her guidelines will come out ahead in the market competition.

Georgia Ribeiro claims that the real estate market is booming here in America, and that opportunities for people who want to really become the best in the market are endless.

But as incredible as it may seem, many still haven’t paid attention to these real possibilities that the profession offers.

For her, the real estate market is the “bridge” to change the lives of many families in the coming decade.

From our brief conversation , I’ll leave you with advice about  this icon in the profession; Don’t take your eyes off anything this visionary woman, mother, wife and entrepreneur will do from now on, following in her footsteps is walking towards success.

By Serginho Groove

Serginho Groove is a Brazilian Writer from Rio de Janeiro Who writes for several digital publications all over the world. He enjoys sunset walks by the beach when he’s not in his “writers cave” as he calls it. 

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