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From Divorce to Financial Empowerment: Amy Colton’s Mission to Guide Women

From Divorce to Financial Empowerment: Amy Colton's Mission to Guide Women
Photo Courtesy: Amy Colton

Divorce is a stark reality faced by many women. Oftentimes, women are left to experience decades-long financial fallouts after the fact. After finally securing social and personal freedom, it seems cruelly unfair that women are often slapped into new economic chains. Amy Colton knows this well. It’s her mission to help women turn life changes like divorce into truly empowering experiences.

Amy Colton is a certified divorce financial analyst, family law mediator, and financial advisor. She is also the founder of Your Divorce Made Simple LLC, and the author of “The Top 27 Tips on Divorce.” Amy has over four decades of experience in entrepreneurship and finance but found her niche in personal empowerment. She spent much of her career in the male-dominated industries of sales and management, where she excelled despite the industry-standard resistance she encountered.

Her more recent career, however, has been heavily influenced by her own experiences. The same resilience that made her successful in her professional life also saw her through three different divorces. Amy learned first-hand what divorce can mean for women. She knows women need a stronger voice in the process, which is why she’s transitioned her career toward divorce mediation, advocacy for women going through divorce, and guidance for those struggling with the process.

Amy’s experiences, both professional and personal, and her long history as a financial expert have prepared her to help achieve financial empowerment for women through divorce. With an understanding of the personal stress that comes with divorce and the staggering complications and financial puzzles it includes, Amy knows how to help. She’s been there, so she knows what opportunities and details might pass by unseen. Her goal is to guide women carefully so that they don’t look back on the experience with frustration.

Most importantly, Amy has shown through her work, her advocacy, and her writing that divorce can lead to truly liberating outcomes. She wants women to feel hope and reach for their freedom, both in the personal and the financial sense. More than just leaving them on a good financial footing, Amy strives to help women feel heard and seen. Amy believes that women shouldn’t have to fear the outcomes of the process. As long as they have the right advocate and know how to get what they deserve, they can come out on the other side financially stable and empowered.

Besides expert financial planning during divorce—something Amy believes more women should seek sooner in the process—Amy has also made it her personal goal to ensure that women have every opportunity to be heard, understood, and supported. So often during challenging transitions like this, where legal and financial details strangle the emotional heart of the process, personal goals fall to the wayside.

Amy believes that it doesn’t have to be like that. She wants to turn the details into possibilities and use them to create fulfilling outcomes for women. Amy Colton thoroughly understands the complexity and emotional difficulties of the divorce process and how it can often lead to financial challenges for women. She believes her extensive knowledge, coupled with her supportive guidance, can transform this trying experience into an opportunity for women to move forward and achieve the fulfillment they deserve.

Published by: Aly Cinco

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