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Entertainment Powerhouse, Stryker Records Promoting Artists Such as Drew Lines to Stardom

Photo of Drew Lines taken by Quinn Wold

A famous saying goes, “Everything begins with an idea, but an idea that is not developed into action will never get bigger than the brain cells it occupies.” This saying proves true for Chris Dobry, who, in 1997, conceived the idea to bring on a battle of the bands in his hometown of Green Bay Wisconsin. With a lot of determination and not a dime to his name, Chris worked hard to bring his idea to life and founded his record label, Stryker Records, where he promotes live concerts, manages artists, and releases music world-wide.

To secure initial funds for the company’s launch, Chris had a series of press releases and secured an interview on the local CBS station the same night as the Grammy Awards. Naturally, this drew a lot of attention to the event showcasing local rock talents that Chris eventually teamed up with. 

At present, Stryker Records first Hip Hop Artist, Drew Lines is fine-tuning his debut album with multi-platinum and award-winning producers Malcolm Springer and Scott Wilson at the House of Blues Studio in Nashville. Drew Lines’ debut single “Rise” featuring Clio Cadence, is now available on all streaming platforms and will hit the airwaves soon. 

Since establishing his company, Chris has been hosting events of chart-topping versatile artists including Saving Abel, Merle Haggard, The Goo Goo Dolls, Saliva, Shedaisy, Trapt, Tantric and more. In September 2020, Chris collaborated with Holly Hutchison of AnR Girl to launch Stryker Records recording artists Jamie Fontaine & The Level to the #20 spot on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Indicator chart and #7 on the Concrete/Foundations Chart with their single “Save Your Life.” Produced by Jason Schrick of JPS Productions and platinum producer Malcolm Springer at Universal Studios in Nashville, the single challenged other releases by established artists like Seether, Marilyn Manson, Volbeat, Breaking Benjamin, to name a few. Chris also teamed up with Scott Wilson at Sunshine Studios in Colorado Springs to produce the current single “I Ain’t Breathin” for Jamie Fontaine & the Level.

Unlike many other record labels, Stryker Records also manages bands and artists of different genres, including rock, country and hip hop and puts on concerts and live events as well. In collaboration with Mainstage Media, the record label also hosts the “The Hip Hop World Series,” an annual all-live hip-hop music showcase. A one of its kind, the competition features artists from all over the midwest, judged and awarded prizes by a panel of three judges based on crowd response.

In the coming years, Chris Dobry plans to expand his company into a global brand, promoting signed artists and helping them earn gold and platinum singles. “I see expanding my roster to include more rock, country and hip hop groups. I will also continue to promote and produce live music events around the country and continue to support the people who have helped me reach these successes,” he shared. The music entrepreneur also wants to balance home, business and social life and live a fulfilled life.

To learn more about Drew Lines, Chris Dobry and Stryker Records, visit the company’s Facebook page.

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