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Eblouir Group (Switzerland) Pioneers Skin Repair

The beauty industry is a highly competitive one, but it is also one of the world’s biggest industries with an estimated $532 billion worth. And within that market, the 182 major beauty companies fall under the massive umbrellas of seven huge manufacturers: L’Oreal, Jonhson & Johnson, Shiseido, Estée Lauder, Unilever, Procter & Gamble, and Coty.

How do brands differ from one another? Eblouir Group, a Swiss dermo-cosmetics lab based in Geneva, has been pioneering Minimalist Skin Repair since 2014. Switzerland is famous for banks, luxury, and healthcare, and pharmaceuticals. Being half medical and half beauty, Eblouir Group has remained true to the “Made in Switzerland” by introducing medical-grade skincare to the beauty business. Co-Founder and Group CEO, Mr. Vu-Hoang Lê, confirms “The focus on dermatologically proven ingredients is paramount to our business. In reality, the cosmetics that really work are the ones that can prove what your skin problem is, and they have the right solution/ ingredients for your skin problems”.

Hence the “Less is More” philosophy was born: removing all potentially toxic elements (fragrance, colorants, paraben, etc.) and focusing on proven active ingredients including Copper Peptide Serum (skin cure and antioxidant), Bio-Cellulose (second skin), Idebenone (anti-Aging), and B5 (wounds healing). For this reason, being a Swiss lab with substantial investment in R&D is an important advantage to leverage in the skincare industry. 

Mr. Vu-Hoang Lê continues “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. If you compare beauty standards, they are all different around the world, but they all have one common denominator: they are supposed to be the reflection of your health. This is why we say “Beauty is Vitality” revealed. The healthier you are, the more beautiful you look, regardless of the culture.” In other words, Eblouir Group has been trying to redefine the cosmetics industry by mixing beauty and medical research. 

How successful has it been so far? Eblouir has been operating on the B2B model, meaning that they mainly focus on serving the professional clientele. Within the six years of business, their portfolio represents a network of 6,000 distributors (hospitals, medical groups, hotels, spas, retailers, among others), 140 shops, and 85% repeat business globally. Such authority in the skincare and dermatology arena does not go unnoticed, and the brand awareness is growing strong: their Instagram profile, aimed at educating the beauty consumers towards “Less is More” has now reached over half a million fans. Back in 2014, there was no such thing as minimalist or even medical grade skincare. 

Nowadays, there is no denying that most beauty consumers have now grown very savvy and care about what ingredients they put on their skin. The saying goes like “You are what you eat”. In the same way, “You are what you put on your skin”.

For more information on Eblouir Group, visit their website and follow @eblouir on Instagram.

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