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Dr. Markey Pierre on Empowering Women and Maneuvering Them in the Direction of Success

It has long been established that powerhouses are marked not only by the extent of their influence but also by the way they wield that influence to make a difference. While no rulebook guides highly accomplished personalities and dictates them toward capitalizing on their achievements to change the world for the better, those who bank on their impressive portfolios are often the ones able to create a legacy. Dr. Markey W. Pierre, a widely acknowledged change-maker and success enabler known for celebrating and elevating African American women, uses her platforms to send across powerful messages of hope.

Capitalizing on her expertise and extensive experience, Dr. Markey Pierre works with corporate and private clients to bridge the gap between common divides. Armed with a plethora of tools and an insight-rich blog called From Markey’s Heart, she goes beyond motivating women and helping them increase their courage, confidence, and competencies. Above anything else, she empowers and equips those under her wing with real-time success strategies designed to assist them to become more prepared as they pursue positions of power and influence in non-traditional settings. “I don’t sugarcoat what is to be expected when they secure the position they’re setting their eyes on. I want my fellow ladies to know that they can handle the pressure of performance so long as they are aware of what is to be expected, things to avoid, and how to gain respect from those who have chosen not to beforehand,” added the passion-fueled go-getter. 

Apart from serving as the incumbent Vice-Chancellor of External Affairs and Chief of Staff for the Louisiana State University Health Services Center, this remarkable thought leader is also a speaker, entrepreneur, executive, lobbyist, adjunct professor, and author whose contributions to various fields have earned her a long string of accolades. 

The first African-American woman chair of the Greater Shreveport Chamber of Commerce, Dr. Markey Pierre received the Lifetime Achievement Award and the Businesswoman of the Year award from the Shreveport-Bossier African American Chamber of Commerce. She was also named one of the Top Businesswomen in Shreveport Bossier by SB Magazine and had the honors of being the first African American woman to spearhead the Independence Bowl of Shreveport.

Given the number of recognition that this purpose-driven figure has managed to snag under her belt over the years, it could be easy to jump to the conclusion that she had it easy, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth as the road to success has been peppered with a wide variety of challenges that opened her eyes to the disparity of wealth, opportunities, and platforms made available to both women and people of color. “Somehow, I created a strategy that led me to overcome the hurdles so blatantly placed in my way,” she shared.

Dr. Markey Pierre has 20 years of professional background attached to her name, but she shows no sign of slowing down. Although significant strides have been made in transforming today’s industries into more inclusive and representative spaces, she plans to accelerate the advancements that have been made so far through concerted efforts. Additionally, on top of demonstrating that challenges of race and gender bias can be beaten, she aims to nurture more women across the globe and maneuver them in the right direction.Learn more about Dr. Markey Pierre by visiting her website.

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