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Dr. Kam Kamangar Bringing Smiles to Faces through Cosmetics Dentistry

Professional practice and public service are mutually exclusive. This is because as a professional who daily puts in the work in whatever sector or industry, the goal is not only to provide that service in exchange for money. Instead, the primary responsibility of every service provider is giving back to society in exchange for the service cost; because no amount of money is proportional to the quality and importance of the service provided. Dr. Kam Kamangar is a name that readily comes to mind when the provision of services is mentioned, and at the same time, his selfless contributions to society which spans decades, is also worthy of note.

Dr. Kam Kamangar is a cosmetic dentist, founder, and CEO of Agoura Advanced Dentistry with several years of experience and practice. He had his childhood and later parts of his growing up in Phoenix, Arizona. Dr. Kam holds a bachelor of science degree in biology from Arizona State University, where he graduated with honors. Having taken an interest in medical sciences, particularly dentistry, and thanks to his impressive undergraduate degree, Dr. Kam was accepted in nearly all the dental schools he applied to. After much deliberations, he decided to attend the University of South California School of Dentistry, where he was awarded Doctor of Dental Surgery. Subsequently, he pursued a postgraduate degree in dentistry. After hours of courses, he was certified.

In his private practice, Dr. Kam is dedicated to using the newest technological advancements in cosmetic dentistry while pioneering the use of the latest technologies and techniques. He is armed with several years of experience and training in the advanced use of digital imaging, which enables his patients to evaluate and preview their smiles before the commencement of treatment via advanced and sophisticated digital X-ray and intra-oral imaging. Dr. Kam is a member of several professional bodies and associations, including local, state, and national chapters. He is a member of the Los Angeles Dental Society, California Dental Association, American Dental Association, and the University of Southern California Dental Association.

Considered the King of Veneers Smile Makeover, Dr. Kam has serviced clients for local and international reputation, including private individuals such as Khloe Kardashian, Akon, Jordyn Woods, Pixee Fox, and Scott Disick, among several others. And he is essentially open to anyone and everyone who wants to enhance their smile. However, the most important thing about dentistry, according to Dr. Kam Kamangar, is that aside from being an aesthetically focused practice, “A large part of dentistry involves restoring teeth and making a smile beautiful, one that the patient is happy to show to others.”

Driven by the desire to help and bring happiness to the people, dating back to years of community service as a teenager and young adult, when asked what his motivation to build his brand was said, “To give people a confident smile and a new slate.” And for the next five years, he hopes he continues to do just that, and most importantly, expand, and grow his company exponentially.

Learn more about Dr. Kam Kamangar and his practice here.

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