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Dr. Fang Miao Celebrated as 2024 Stevie® Award Recipient in American Business Awards®

Dr. Fang Miao as 2024 Stevie® Award Recipient in American Business Awards®
Photo Courtesy: Dr. Fang Miao

Dr. Fang Miao, the esteemed President of The Association for the Protection of Asian Women in America, has been distinguished with a Stevie® Award in the Thought Leader of the Year category at the prestigious 22nd Annual American Business Awards®.

The American Business Awards are recognized as the foremost business awards in the United States. They accept nominations from a broad range of organizations, including both public and private entities, non-profits, and businesses of all sizes, from startups to major corporations.

Commonly referred to as the Stevies, named after the Greek word for “crowned,” these awards recognize excellence in the business community. This year’s winners will be honored at a grand event at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in New York City on Tuesday, June 11.

Dr. Fang Miao as 2024 Stevie® Award Recipient in American Business Awards®

Photo Courtesy: Dr. Fang Miao

This year’s competition was intense, with more than 3,700 entries spanning categories such as Startup of the Year, Executive of the Year, Marketing Campaign of the Year, Thought Leader of the Year, Best New Product or Service of the Year, and App of the Year. Dr. Fang Miao earned her Thought Leader of the Year nomination under the Government or Non-Profit category thanks to her impactful work with The Association for the Protection of Asian Women in America.

Dr. Miao is not only the president of the association but also an accomplished author, educator, philanthropist, composer, and spiritual growth mentor. Her work primarily focuses on empowering social practitioners, nurturing young leaders, and stimulating entrepreneurial spirits. Through her efforts, Dr. Miao aims to inspire creativity and leadership in various sectors, helping to transform innovative ideas into tangible realities. Her vision extends to creating influential leaders who can foster human development on an international scale, thereby contributing positively to various fields and enhancing societal welfare overall.

As President, Dr. Miao has spearheaded initiatives empowering Asian women to reconnect with their inner strengths and cultivate a strong sense of self-identity and personal fulfillment. She emphasizes the importance of self-reflection, open communication, and dialogue to better understand and address the unique challenges faced by Asian women. Dr. Miao actively promotes the creation and participation in supportive networks, including group activities, online communities, and relevant organizational involvement. Her efforts focus on sharing experiences, healing from past traumas, and providing mutual psychological support. Through these platforms, she champions the rights of Asian women, encouraging those who have achieved success to advocate for and uplift their peers.

The process of selecting this year’s Stevie Award winners involved over 300 professionals worldwide, all contributing their expertise to recognize outstanding achievements in their respective fields. The award winners, including Dr. Miao, will be celebrated at the upcoming gala in New York.

The Association for the Protection of Asian Women in America (PAWA) is a non-profit organization based in Manhattan, New York. PAWA is committed to supporting the Asian American women community by raising awareness for self-protection and increasing public awareness of the issues faced by Asian American women. The organization accomplishes these goals by offering free training sessions, organizing charity and fundraising events, and providing financial support for local and global protection initiatives. More information about PAWA can be found on their website at, or interested parties can connect via email at

The Stevie Awards span nine distinct programs, including the Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards, The American Business Awards®, the German Stevie Awards, The International Business Awards®, the Stevie Awards for Women in Business, the Middle East & North Africa Stevie Awards, the Stevie Awards for Great Employers, the Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service, and the newly introduced Stevie Awards for Technology Excellence. Each year, the Stevie Awards competitions receive over 12,000 entries from organizations in over 70 nations, celebrating remarkable performances and outstanding achievements across the global business landscape.


Published By: Aize Perez

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