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DMTS: “The shooting must stop, our youth need more mentors and guidance to help lead them to a better life”

Deivone Tanksley Sr, better known as DMTS, is a businessman, musician, author, activist and a family man who started a basketball mentoring program for the youth called New Britain Legacies. This promising program is now in the youth jails around the state. 

Dmts is also the founder of DMTS Network, an entertainment platform for artists and creators. DMTS Network exists to add value to the music industry. DMTS Network aims to empower and add value to the young, talented, and gifted artists by providing proper guidance and mentorship that can help positively save their lives and protect them from people who would take advantage and profit off of their pain and not provide them the support they need.

“Seeing our young gifted artist with no real guidance of life from these labels and companies breaks my heart. Knowing that our communities need real economic change and leadership, I want to share my learnings with the next generation. My story is their story, and where we come from is tough. But when I found out why, I discovered a higher calling to reach the community and pass the message and energy on,” says the activist.

DMTS Network is just one of the many companies elevating the culture. These companies are Rocnation, Springhill, Black Ambition, Yeezy, and United Masters. DMTS is eager to put out the idea that people can experience a change in themselves and our communities, one program and business at a time. “To my co-artists, stay woke. Think about your future and the positive change you can make by changing the energy you project. Let us start to build programs in our communities, computer rooms, sports centers, and other creative things,” says the passionate philanthropist. 

As Deivone Tanksley Sr. grows his networks and partner communities, he is looking forward to creating more record labels and reaching out and inspiring more artists and people from age 11 to 60 from all walks of life like college, kids, politicians, doctors, and more. DMTS has experienced firsthand the issues and problems many face today. Some of the issues he has faced are poverty, violence, and injustice. He has been in and out of jail from eleven, and he has managed to break the cycle of a typical young black kid coming from the bottom. That was when DMTS chose to change his life for the better and give back to his community. 

“Poverty is all in our heads, just like creativity and love,” says the visionary leader. “But it’s up to us to direct our focus and energy on the thing that can bring real change.”

Amid the violence and political divide, Deivone hopes his content will be a message of hope and unity. He launched a music video for his track, “The System,” to express those beliefs and goals.

The heart of Deivone Tanksley Sr goes out to the black or Latino mother or father who lives in fear every day as they head to work and send their kids off to a different place and not knowing if he or she will make it back home. He dreams of seeing young, blessed, and gifted artists heed his advice, starting a youth community program and a small business.

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